TPAC2015 Breakout: LBS

28 Oct 2015


Giri_Mandyam, Adam_Abramski, Paul_Boyes, QBing_An, Judy_Zhu, Kepeng_li, Yingying_Chen, Ted_Guild, Ed_Parsons, Shinjiro_Urata, Tatsuhiko_Hirabayashi
Adam Abramski


Adam: the topic is about LBS session.
... Adam and Paul are co-chairs of auto BG and WG.
... we are collecting use cases interested to auto BG and WG.
... April first meeting of WG.
... Vehicle information is very important. other features are also interesting.
... GENIVI is a huge alliance with a lot of member companies.
... all of the codes they developed are open source.
... they reuse a lot of open source components from android.
... IVI system, navigation system, head unit stacks
... Qt, C++ are also used.
... one of the group is navigation group. working on 3-5 years .
... tier1s are also involved in it.
... we look for the uses cases for it.
... Qing An is working with GENIVI to get a set of use cases on LBS.

Qing_An: I have collected some use cases and would like to listen to your comments and work together.
... go through the slides....[slide 1] introduction of LBS, typical scenarios.
... [slide 2] some specific aspects for automotive.

Siri: automotive view of location service is needed.

Qing_An: Alibaba and GENIVI are working together on LBA in Automotive.
... we collected use cases based on Alibaba Amap LBS and GENIVI.
... I would like to listen to your comments what's more needed to be added into the use case list.

Qing_An showed the use case list.

-> http://wiki.projects.genivi.org/index.php/IVI_NavigationW3CUseCasesAndGENIVIAPIs

scribe: go through the use cases.
... 1st category: map
... 2nd category: POI
... 3rd category: Geocoding
... 4th category: System interface
... Here are all the use cases. There is a column that GENIVI made some comparison about the implementation status in their system.
... Now is some open questions that need further study.
... your comments are welcome.

Ed_Parsons: some use cases such as transfer messages between phone and automotive need to take into consideration.

Adam: Some use cases is valid, e.g. hand off your LBS information from phone to automotives

Ed_Parsons: should not consider isolatedly the use cases for automotives.

Paul: consider how to define the scope of use cases of LBS for automotive.

Adam: most is the generic but spec definitely will cover some specific automotive aspect.

Qing_An: aim to make a generic API working together with map service vendor like Google.
... should we consider some more use cases, e.g. should we consider the gas station location when we make the road planning?

Ed_Parsons: some mature APIs are very generic.

...similar use cases as Mobile phone.

...do you consider in automotive specific context. e.g auto is like a drivering sensor to collect temperature information?
... share information between my car dashboard and smart device.

Ed_Parsons: it is about transfer state between devices.

Adam: could we talk about whether the switch between the devices should happen in the web level.

Ed_Parsons: the key point is to transfer the state between the devices.

...which layer implements it does not matter.

Qing_An: You talk about a lot on the handover use cases. Do you have any idea how to include this aspect when considering the LBS use cases for auto?

Adam: do you see any value of defining the API on this aspect?

Ed_Parsons: not so valuable if not connected devices. if the state could be transferred between devices it would be valuable.

....suggest to do it slightly more modular.

Judy: priority for working on the use cases?

Qing_An: 2 categories in the top list: map viewer and POI.

Adam: GENIVI wants to make the native and web interfaces at the same time.
... if we make the web point of view interface, GENIVI will adopt it.

Ed_Parsons: multi-model is very useful and valuable. considering for generic APIs in different devices.

Shinjiro_Urata: Will Geolocation API support dead reckoning? For automotive context, the dead reckoning could be used by in car browser.

Giri:for geolocation, in door location could not be known.

Summary of Action Items

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