13 Aug 2015


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janina, Tzviya_Siegman, Ivan, Markus, George_Kerscher, MichaelC_late, Mia_Lipner




rich: IE may be the issue. It doesn't look like they will make updates to IE11 only to edge.
... I made the point the publishers are not likely to use polyfills

markus: correct, publishers don't want to have to rely on JS

rich: we need to find out why the browsers that did not support describedat and details are not supporting it
... Looking at the publishers' reqs, we need to assess whether the existing options support them
... we need to get at what the barriers to a solution are
... example is <details> - it helps with remote file but it does not offer specific information about what is being described, perhaps fixable with a source attribute

ivan: it sounds like details would be a long-term, not short-term solutions

rich: would a 6-month timeline be feasible?
... my understanding is that chrome and blink support details now
... is it important to have a remote address for desciption?

George: yes, so that it's possible to crowd-source, add tactiles, etc to the same URL

Janina: ultimately, we would prefer that this is supported through APIs

George: we cannot necessarily assume that AT is present. Perhaps someone wants to see this for English as a second language
... what about web components?

markus: web components also relies on run-time scripting. We should be able to do this in a declaritive way

rich: we have a lot of work to do for web components. It is not even slated until new charters are out.
... AT test tools cannot walk through web components with a specific plug-in. Much to do over next 2 years


tzviya: let's talk about which terms to add to the DPUB-ARIA vocab

markus: let's include sanders

george: in Diagrammar, it might be useful to have a term to indicate which type of enhancement is used
... i see it as a method of automatically selecting types of enhancements (3D printing, bw image, tactile graphics...)

Janina: the work from IndieUI has been put into ARIA charter - could be picked up there

Rich: there should be a TF for ARIA + CSS

Tzviya: in DPUB we keep coming back to personalization, which spans style and a11y

michael: we have scope for ARIA modules. If it's beyond that, we might have trouble
... it might be a better approach to get APA involved if this isn't ARIA-specific


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