HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

30 Jul 2015

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Liam_Quin, David_MacDonald, Paul_Cotton, Shane_Mc, Judy_Brewer, Janina_S, Rich_S., ManuS, Ian_Pouncey, Katie_HS., Leonie_watson


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<janina> Thanks, Shane. You're near the top on the TF agenda for Web Payments

<janina> We can take up other items until you get there. No one on the call just yet

<ShaneM> uggh - what's the webex code

<ShaneM> its not in the agenda

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Agenda Edits & Additions

Web Payments Accessibility -- Shane, Manu

Janina: Manu and shane will introduce web payments update. main topic today

Shane: overview. lots of activity for years, there are two separate related activities, credential activity, web payment activity charter effort. a oot going on a11y concern from day 1 ive been involved from beginning.

Manu: thanks for the invite. there are 2 initiatives, 1)credentials, oroving who you are, drivers licences shipping address age, 2) payments both have community groups nad also a web payment working group and interest group

Payments is chartered, we know a11y is important, and looking for guidance form html5

<manu> Web Payments Interest Group

<manu> http://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/

Manu: examples. request from staff contact web paments that it is clear that a11y group establish relationship, do reviews and provide advice for adequat if not exenlt way.

paymwents, goole, bloomber, rob a bank us treasury etc... wide interest from key players

<manu> Web Payments Vision

<manu> http://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/Vision

<manu> Web Payments Roadmap

<manu> http://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/Roadmap/

The output has vbeen vision, roadmap , use cases http://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/ http://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/Vision notice access to all, have a road map for 1.0


Manu: big space, trying to be focused in v1

payment flow, unifying it, standard way to initiate, standard fromto wallet, standard response that payment has been made,

for a11y as part of the flow, want to provide hooks that people can use their own devices

concerned about commerce flow

Manu: Katie and Shane, and Leonie have all provided excellent feedback to group to date

katie: want to build off what manu said about specifoc guidance and API being, have to go further for multiple form factors, I'm concerned stuff that gets in sometimes disappears, Manu has been great and won't let it slide ... sometimes perhpas critics feel it is too generic... but I'll fight for it because

some on the groups feel a11y is fluff, but I try to ensure that banks understand thay they have accountabioity for this

<Zakim> Ryladog_, you wanted to discuss after Shane and Manu present

JS: Process, scope and procedure questions to ask
... Process manu are all of the community groups under our care ...

Manu: credentialling is at risk, trying to find a new way rather than all of the form field. a credential would have all that metadata, but browser vendors, very loud don't want credentials to get in the way of payments. f2f in NYC, this came up so we circled around and proved to w3C thqt credentially is important to web

Menu: Payments has quite a bit of steam W3C didn't want to interfere

We hope credentials will follow in 4-6 months, but no real relationship right now

JS: Scoping: do we use the same technology at the gas pump or only web sites

manu: careful about scoping ... today only about browsers, some group member hope it will become ubiqutous

but currently just the web,... for a11y it would be a huge issue.

National assoc of convenience store, nnexux, merchants advisory group, target and Wallmart... expectation is thatnpeople can bring their own divices and execute exchanges, this is the long term vision

JS: Suggestion- the media work we did specified user requiremnts for media, do we want to do something similar for web payments

<manu> Web Payments Working Group Draft Charter

<manu> http://www.w3.org/2015/06/payments-wg-charter.html

Manu: a couple places, I went through docs to find discussion of a11y ... didn't find much in vision and roadmap, in charter only one place we call it out, where we discuss this groups participation. we are looking for charter suggestions in august for the review of the charter

<Ryladog_> Great idea Shane. +1

we don't have enough exoerts to push it as a main work product, so we want you to tell us what to do the stregnthen the relationship between our groups

JB: Ian Jacobs met with me last week, ahead of Mgmt review, i concur the intent to work well. I support requiremtns doc shane mentioned, I feel that this is needed, and think it's needed in order to translate it to work items

<manu> Web Payments Use Cases

<manu> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webpayments/raw-file/default/WD/use-cases/2015-07-28/Overview.html

Manu: Use cases document https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webpayments/raw-file/default/WD/use-cases/2015-07-28/Overview.html this is where we start. the other docsare high level. Here we get more concrete

every single use case, broken out two big sections, we discuss payment flows, one general abstract flow, 4 stages, negotition of terms... i'm offereing basket for 15Us accept bit coin

2) Customer selects payment means, if there is a match it goes ahead, we expect many wallets in market, expect some to have better a11y than others

3) .... 4) machine readable. (see document for better desciption)

Manu: biometric use case, incurred biometric rather than password, ... give motivation, and add anote for a11y ... not everyone can provide fingerpring or e

or eyescanning.... therefore have mulitple modalities

ask the group to look at all use cases and take them into account

<manu> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webpayments/raw-file/default/WD/use-cases/2015-07-28/Overview.html#uc-biometric

<Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to ask about API specs

shaneM: On Web payments, API specs, there are lots of specs that come out, and will have API, and we've had trouble, that we don't know what they do...

SM: If there is feedback we can give to help articulate requirements and pecs of the API please let us know (Ian Jacobs)

JS: We've seen tons ofncode but if wendon't wse the problem stated in prose, and manyna11y don't understand it and hard to know whether it meets what it sets out to meet. If the code is understandable but without text about what it is doing then problematic.
... Spec writing with a11y in mind. We can create a document of how to lay out a11y soecs in specifications

<manu> +1 to Katie's suggestion - would love to see that.

Katie: Suggest, go to link manu gave, for the personas, if we could have this group provide a persona for each use case that could be a good starting place

<Zakim> manu, you wanted to mention implementations being the best way to understand whether solutions are accessible.

I think that the API for IAN came from conversation last week, the way APis are written is evolving, i support shane's suggewtion of us spelling outnin a document what the API shpuld spell out a11y

Manu: i get that, o don't know how to map the web IDL ... we don't really know that until we do an implementation. that's the best way to discover if the web IDL is ok, but that is moneyand time. Our org could work with this group to do this, but it's time and money and our org has shifting prioritites, so if this group could ask for implementation and ask for proof we could get some traction

of finding out if the API is accessiboe

JB: I also concerned, we don't have a lot of resources, but we can provide good input if the work areas can share that work

JS: +1 PF have agreed we will morph, not sure how but expect there will be a TF or some way to review. Exciting to me.... use case suggested by Manu is a good place to start
... on mobile, i'm struck how interface is for critical things, in mynexperience

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to talk about lack of robust a11y interfaces in mobile devices

JS: example, hard to enter digist with a screen reader on a phone, times out early, unacceptable, can't have this lack of robustness, this doesn't happen on desktop anymore

<ShaneM> Sounds like a requirement for the PAUR

<Ryladog_> yup

Manu: thanks tonshane for the invite, that's all for me, thanks to those who've

<Judy> 1) liaison w/ payments

<Judy> 2) liaison w/ credentialling

<Judy> 3) comments on charter

<Judy> 4) comments on use cases

Action item for this group 1) figure out liaison with payments group (2) comment on charter 3) comment on use cases. And roll those into the credentials as they roll out)

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JS: excited and interested to work together. I'm lookingnforward and others too

Shane: wep payments wil be a TPAC as will we

Suporo Japan 26 Oct 2015

Canvas 2D Level 1 Progress -- Rich, Mark, Janina, Paul, PLH

JS: Thanks to Shane and Manu
... Canvas 2D

<paulc> See note/summary/ask from Philippe: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2015Jul/0047.html


<paulc> First item in plh's email is https://github.com/w3c/2dcontext/issues/10

Rich: " Philippe... There's no "inform the user of the removal of the region" step, which

is odd, given the parallel for informing the user when it was added.update less of an issue, cause keep location" I don't think this is a big issue

We did report defect to google, dominique will get it fixed, which is good. athere is a feature in main html soec that says the content has to reside in fallback area

I have to look at that

JS: Philippe is checking this while on vacation can we move forward. Philippe hoping we could do that next week,

Rich: I'll go with Ohilippe

that if Google knows its a bug and acknowledges then we can move forward

<paulc> Plh gave https://github.com/cptvitamin/wpt-canvas/pulls but there are no pull requests there.

<paulc> https://github.com/cptvitamin/wpt-canvas/pulls


Rich: I'll test them...

<paulc> https://www.w3.org/wiki/HTML/Canvas_Task_Force/CR-Test contains the test results and should be usable to find the "missing" 3 tests

Paulc: Rich please reply to phillipe online


Summary of Action Items

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