Web of Things Interest Group Teleconference

14 Apr 2015


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F2F agenda

Joerg(JH): Face-to-Face, short status of use case contributions.

JH: I made agenda proposals
... I entered into wiki.
... working modes, up coming discussions on technology landscapes need to be discussed.
... Principle sessions are planned first.
... Use cases discussion, term definitions...
... Initial definitions need to be defined.
... Breakout discussions, discussions on working mode and scope.
... Those are basic skeletons of Face to Face.
... Please comment on this part.

<jhund> draft agenda: https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting:_20-22_April_2015_in_Munich

JH: TOPIC: We should go contributions, use cases. Status of use case contributions.
... Oxford network projects from Edward.

Edward: I can also do demo.

JH: Panasonic, home automation.
... ITUT use case document from Korea.
... Presentation from IETF. Architectural documents.
... Johannes on how to continue to work on documents. Organization, etc. Should be discussed in framework session.
... Architecural contribution from Sumiya.

soumya: I will send detailed document after the call.

JH: should it be part of use case related or more architecctural related?

soumya: I will also discuss use cases.

JH: So it is bridging both discussions.
... Simple web services architectural from Jonathan_Jeon
... IOT orchestration, active development tool, should be part of framework discussion.
... dominique about data-model discussion.

TK: Fujitsu also would like to discuss a use case.

kaz: I have been discussing with Japanese participants.
... We would like to spend short time discussing home-automation related presentation.

JH: Can you send us the title of the discussion?

kaz: Yes, I will.

JH: Relation of use cases and start of the WOT framwork need to be understood.
... Organization of the framework. What is the best way to organize the work and discussion.
... Initial list of building blocks of the framework in wiki.
... Two steps.
... list of building blocks from existing ones. And what building blocks you want to contributing to.
... Is there any missing, or any other blocks? What do you want to contribute? Is it meaningful to discuss as preparation?

soumya: Management of things. OMA-like.
... Enabling management of things.

kaz: I agree with smnmyr.

kaz: In addition to talking about each use case, we might want to think about common area or technology of use cases. Basic common framework or common requirement, which may relate to management.

jhund: structural approach, with building blocks. With that, we will be clear about problem statements.

kaz: we can do it iteratively.
... who mentioned management?

soumya: me.

JH: do we need to phrase provision and maintenance separately?

soumya: both would be part of management.
... management is a main block, and those two are part of management.
... I will give a presentation.
... on first day.

JH: I foresee this is a main topic. We can discuss also as part of term-defition discussion.
... We have a list of topics in wiki.
... Dave, how can we setup questionaire? on how things should be rephrased?

Dave: by email or?
... We could send out emai with questions.

JH: Discussion on working mode.
... It took time for use cases. Any comments on working mode?

soumya: Task force on each aspect. How can I make proposals?
... now , or during face-to-face?

JH: If it is a building block, you can contribute to those in task forces.
... We will have limited number of task forces.
... You can comment explicitly (in the questionaire?)
... Break-out session list. attached to email.
... If you see points relevant to break-out, let us know.
... We plan two break outs, one tuesday and the other wednesday.

Use cases

JH: Status of use cases.
... We already discussed some.
... We discussed one from Dave, Siemens, Smart Home, Oxford network, etc.
... Souleiman, can you discuss use case?

<Souleiman> yes sure

JH: Home automation from Panasonic and Fujitsu.
... There are more than couple of home-automation use cases, which makes sense in some sense.

<Souleiman> I am not on phone though

JH: I would also encourage to use taxonomies.
... to better categorize use cases.
... Any comments on use cases list which is attached to email?

Edward: Oxford network, I can share some information tomorrow.

<Souleiman> the water management use case is derived from the EU Waternomics project we are currently involved in as Insight Centre

jhund: Document structure. We need to discuss tooling of git, format, to make inter-linked buidling blocks and technologies.
... I have XML file in github (correct?).
... If someone has some tools, please propose.

<jhund> taki, its on github

<jhund> http://h0ru5.github.io/wot/wot-ucr.html

jhund: current status of the document is at the link.
... I will write an email as well.

<Souleiman> +q

JH: We covered pretty much about f2f discussion and use cases.

Sebastian: related to water-consumption, how to expand it with WOT. sensing configurations, cloud-based. Use can configure easily, water-consumption of the month, cloud-service can notify users.
... Hopefully we can discuss in Munich.
... We can also discuss semantic aspects of the technology.

Souleiman: I would like to have it discussed during F2F.

TPAC 2015

JH: Logistics.
... F2F during TPAC 2015.

<kaz> [ Oct. 26-30 in Sapporo ]

JH: EXI working group is one. Are there any other potential conflicts?
... We would propose to mention in answering questionaire.

kaz: Some of the MMI WG members, they would like to attend WOT meetings.

<kaz> (Multimodal Interaction)

JH: Done for today. I look forward to seeing you. See you next week!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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