Web of Things IG

24 Feb 2015

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Dave_Raggett, Johannes, Hund, Joerg, Heuer, Kerry, Taylor, Daniel_Peintner, dret, fsasaki, kaz, Erik, Wilde, florian, salmhofer, Jonathan_Jeon
Joerg Heuer
Sebastien, Daniel


Welcome from Chairs

JH: Welcome words introducing also the potentials of the WoT activities
... Workshop showed one finding: It is not only the silos of things but also the silos of peoples background
... uses cases are also very different

<Alessandra_Mileo> I am following the minutes, trying to solve communication problems since I cannot connect/hear

JH: common ground is important for examples w.r.t. to atomic use cases
... Charter and wiki was already setup by Dave
... Schedule for today is seperated in 3 sections
... 1. Domain reports
... 2. Work of interest group
... 3. Logistics (e.g., upcoming F2F, telcos, tooling)
... Dave is W3C team contact

DR: Questions on how the group works... please contact me

Any changes to the agenda

JH: Any further comments/questions on agenda?

Domain report

Domain reports

JH: Summary of WoT workshop

<flosal> who is talking?

<jhund> flosal, Jörg Heuer was talking

<domguinard> we were there representing evrythng and webofthings.org

<dsr> the workshop page: http://www.w3.org/2014/02/wot/

<flosal> jhund: thx, just wanted to trigger Zakim, but forgot to address it I think

JH: Last summer WoT workshop took place in Berlin

<dsr> workshop report at http://www.w3.org/2014/02/wot/report.html

JH: idea was to understand the general discussions... and bring together people
... 1. Aspects were given about active domains
... 2. Technical details, Security, scripting, ..
... 3. About related standard activities
... Outcome: Depends on technical details (domain background) but also on the actual domains...
... in discussions it turned out the be very fast very technical
... however, there is always the use-case in the background ... but the time for sharing all use-cases was not possible
... Lot of WoT technologies available... also some white gaps
... common understanding of use-cases is important (not only about various silos)
... Further comments w.r.t. to the workshop are welcome..

<flosal> Zakim: Zakim??P24 is me

<flosal> Zakim: ??P24 is me

DR: Liked breakout sessions and also the demos
... Could add use-cases to the wiki

<Alessandra_Mileo> My SIP client is not able to connect :( I can help with use cases and I was presenting at the last WOT workshop, the breakout sessions were very good.

<LJWatson> +1 to education.

DG: Enjoyed workshop. I think it is also a bit more than just use-cases.. but also how to educate poeple building the WoT

<flosal> Alessandra_Mileo: have you tried linphone from the wiki? nothing else worked for me, but linphone connected and worked on first try

<dret> +1 to @domguinard's idea of promoting web patterns, and not just collecting use cases.

<Alessandra_Mileo> ok will try. X-Lite does not work

JH: Ask people to give some intros to various domains.... maybe in some future calls

<dsr> We won’t just be working on use cases, see the charter for detail: http://www.w3.org/blog/wotig/2015/01/20/launching-the-web-of-things-interest-group/

JH: For example we can provide some insights for SmartGrid

<Lionel_Medini> +1 on @domguinard's focus on Web part of wot & web patterns

JH: Any further ideas/contributions

<Alessandra_Mileo> in my experience with the RSP group, use cases are useful but only as a complementary activity. Setting directions and trends is priority

<jhund> dape, its LJWatson

Watson: We can provide user experience knowledge

<dsr> ack

Guinard: Can share information about marketing...

<dsr> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Use_cases_across_application_domains

<domguinard> marketing, track and trace for FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods)

<domguinard> as well as home automation (e.g., smart lighting systems)

DR: Setup structure in wiki... capture it there please
... added already smart home, smart cities, transportation, health care, ...

<JonathanJ1> Last month, we held a domestic workshop with 100 developer on "Web of Things and node.js" - http://onoffmix.com/event/39643

JH: Use-cases are for sharing domains and their requirements
... would be good to come to cross-cuting uses-cases... what is in common

<Zakim> dsr, you wanted to describe initial app domain structure in wiki

Any changes to the agenda

IG Contributions

JH: Hapy about volunteered reports....
... let us schedule some for next time

Logistics of the IG


JH: Plans for face to face
... proposals exist. time slot in about 2 months
... 20 - 24th of April looks promising
... Any conflicts?

<Alessandra_Mileo> not on my side

??: How many days for a F2F?

JH: one open starting day, 2 interest group days

<fsasaki> http://tagungen.tekom.de/f15/startseite/

<Alessandra_Mileo> normally 2 days but for first f2f you need the open starting day and maybe a wrap-up day? I'd say 3 to 4 days

<JonathanJ1> how about held an one day workshop too ?

<domguinard> beginning of the week would work better for us but I guess there will be a poll

Dave: Thirsday and Friday is conflicting for me - the (german) tecom event has some relation to industry 4.0 topic... http://tagungen.tekom.de/f15/startseite/

<dret> btw, can be maywe possible move the second call slot to not clash with the #SocialWG weekly call?

JH: Initial F2F could be hosted in Munich...

Kazuyuki: Automotive working group is meeting at 23-24 april... Stuttgart

JohH: Makes sense to setup wiki page for conflicting meetings/conferences

<dromasca> +1 for avoiding the second call clash with #SocialWG weekly call

DR: I created section "Upcoming meetings".. please add information there..

<dret> ha! any more votes to avoid clashing with #SocialWG call?


JH: alternating calls ... for one hour
... one hour seems to be very short.. assume that we need to extend to 1,5 hours
... How to best extend the current slot? Does 1,5 hour make sense?

<domguinard> I think 1h with a good focus would make sense.

<kerry> +1 for keeping to 1 hour

<dret> +1, plan meetings well and then 1h should be plenty.

Watson: 2 hours seem very problematic to me

<Edoardo> +1 to keep meeting to 1 hr

<Alessandra_Mileo> +1 for the 1h I am in telcos most of the time these days :(

JH: Looks 1 hour is good for most people

<LJWatson> +1 for 1h.

JH: What else on tooling.
... Dave is working on screen sharing tool (e.g., webex)

DR: Fallback would be post slide on wiki or via mails

<Alessandra_Mileo> gotomeeting better than webex IMH

<radimzemek> +1 for slides in advance

<Edoardo> +1 slides in advance

<dsr> +1 to having slides in advance in accessible formats

JH: Plase add infor,ation to wiki. Helps to work on telecon agenda

<dret> apart from tooling, can we move the afternoon slot to not clash with #SocialWG?

JohH: Is there a common github rep for the group?

<dsr> ACTION: dsr to create github area for Wot IG [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2015/02/24-wot-minutes.html#action01]

DR: Can setup github rep

DRET: Afternoon slot conflicts with SocialWG

JH: Maybe best to discuss during next slot or via mail

<dret> +1 for mailing list discussion

DR: Thinks mailinglist is best

JH: Will have short reporting between the 2 lots

Use cases & requirements document (JohH)

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: people come from different domains
... diverse background
... goal is to find a common language
... idea was to find atomic use cases...across various domains
... break down applications to elementary aspects... and map it to technologies

or vice versa... coming from technologies to helpful aspects

<dret> http://dret.github.io/W3C/WoTIG/WoT-UCR.html

we setup document structure.. open for updates

modify xml... xslt creates html

<dret> https://github.com/dret/W3C/tree/master/WoTIG

contributions are welcome

<jhund> Github (temporary): https://github.com/dret/W3C/tree/master/WoTIG

<jhund> HTML View: http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dret/W3C/master/WoTIG/WoT-UCR.html

JH: Good to discuss use cases... and also add use-cases

<dret> zakim won't let me in anymore...

JH: Time is running short ..
... Any comments about this call/feedback?
... Encourage everyone to use email list and wiki..

<kerry> -kerry

<kerry> bye

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: dsr to create github area for Wot IG [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2015/02/24-wot-minutes.html#action01]