11 Feb 2015


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<GlennDeen> We will be a little bit light today several people have notified me they are traveling or having a holiday today

<GlennDeen> Agenda: Feb 11, 2015 – GGIE – Glass to Glass Internet Ecosystem Call

<GlennDeen> (1) Roll Call

Glenn posted the agenda

<GlennDeen> (2) 1-28-15 minutes

<GlennDeen> (3) Agenda Bash

<GlennDeen> (4) What we have somewhat settled on so far (but it’s still open

<GlennDeen> (a) Advertising is included

<GlennDeen> (b) The network is IPv6, we won’t be putting effort into issues that are IPv4 only

<GlennDeen> (c) Network is mobile and traditional home/office

<GlennDeen> (d) Content will have a name. But is it a URI or a URN ?

<GlennDeen> (c) anything else?

<GlennDeen> (5) What do we need to understand better to proceed?

<GlennDeen> - what are suggestions for topics we need to solicit information on

<GlennDeen> (6) Face-face dates discussion

Glenn called for changes to the minutes

Glenn moved to approve the minutes without change.

Glenn called for changes to the agenda

No changes were made

Glenn: 3 topics for today

Agenda Bash

1) What has been decided

2) what do we need to gather more information on?

3) Scheduling a face to face meeting

What has been decided

Glenn reviewed what has been settled

1. Advertising is included in the scope

2. Focus on IPv6, not addressing IPv4 only issues.

3. Will include mobile; traditional home networks (WiFi, etc., including hot spot WiFi);

4. Content will have a "name" i.e. a unique ID that can be discovered/referenced

Glenn: Refer to it as a URN or URI?

Leslie: URI unless or until it is assigned a specific name.
... URN until it can be resolved to a specific URI

<ldaigle> sure

Glenn: Asked further discussion to be taken off line - post link if available
... Anything else we have settled on or propose we should settle on?

No responses.

Glenn: Examples of unique IDs/names - ISAN, EIDR

Glenn will ask for an expert to explain EIDR to the group

Glenn: Are there other specs for namespaces in use that we should examine?

<Paul_Higgs> eidr info: http://eidr.org/technology/

Ques: Do we think EIDR will meet our needs/can be extended to meet our needs?

EIDR does not address user generated content.

Glenn: Nothing precludes its use for user generated but it costs something to get an EIDR name.

<Paul_Higgs> VAST or IAB may have identifier formats

It was noted that the tools are geared to professional content.

Glenn: Which IAB? Answer: Advertising

<giuseppe> http://www.ad-id.org/

<kaz> [ Paul_Higgs, is that http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/digitalvideo/vsuite/vast ? ]

<Paul_Higgs> Yes Kaz

Glenn: Advertising uses ADID. Is anyone familiar with ADID? No response.

<giuseppe> http://www.ad-id.org/news-announcements/ad-id-announces-digital-video-ad-serving-template-integration-and-new-study

Glenn: Action Item: need to get more information on ADID

Glenn: Will need different namespaces for different types of content. Each may have different conventions for naming.
... Many naming conventions don't include format info e.g. H.264, H.265...

Paul: note that EIDR does have a means to identify formats using a cross relational list.

Ques: states he does not believe format info is part of EIDR.

Glenn: Does anyone know what is used in e.g. China?

<Paul_Higgs> RFC 4078: The TV-Anytime Content Reference Identifier (CRID)

Yosuke will post to IRC what is done in Japan.

Glenn: Would it be useful to get more info on MPEG DASH?

Ans: Yes

Glenn will get additional info on MPEG DASH

<yosuke> [Yosuke: In Japan, some IPTV service providers use CRID and others use their own content ID schemes.]

<inserted> [Yosuke: Additionally, there is a forum about the universally unique content ID scheme but the work has not been adopted by the industry so far.]

Glenn: Same question on HbbTV? Also information on issues related to deployment of HbbTV, areas where we can help.

Giuseppe: Might be helpful to pose specific questions rather than open question

Glenn: Agree

<mark_vickers> +1

Giuseppe: Might be better to wait until we have progressed further with our work and then reach out based on Use Cases.

After discussion it was agreed we will move forward and generate specific questions as they arise

<Paul_Higgs> I can answer some questions on HbbTV by e-mail

Glenn: Any other topic areas we should look at? None were given

Glenn/others: Will send out links used in the past for developing Use Case requirements. Anyone can add their use cases to the Wiki. Discuss on calls/meetings/email, edit, etc. Use template

<kaz> [ fyi, GGIE TF wiki is here: https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/GGIE_TF ]

<kaz> [ and use case template: http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/New_Ideas ]

<giuseppe> https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/GGIE_TF/UseCases

f2f planning

Glenn: Propose informal meeting at upcoming IETF meeting. Will send info to the group

Glenn: Keep meetings at 1.5 hours unless it proves to be too long.

<ldaigle> thanks — bye!

Next Call: Feb 25, 2015

<GlennDeen> thank you everyone

<kaz> [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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