Web & TV IG — GGIE Task Force call

14 Jan 2015

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Kaz Ashimura, François Daoust, Daniel Davis, Alex Deacon, Glenn Deen, Yosuke Funahashi, Paul Higgs, Bin Hu, Mateusz Kupczyk, Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, Nilo Mitra, Giuseppe Pascale, Cyril Rickelton-Abdi, Bill Rose, Joe Steele, Mark Vickers, Daniel Wester, Mike Wilkinson, Andrew Zamler-Carhart, Jian Zhao
Glenn Deen
Bill Rose


Roll call

Agenda Bash

<ddavis> GGIE Wiki: https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/GGIE_TF

<giuseppe> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-web-and-tv/2015Jan/0002.html

There were no additions to the agenda

Review: GGIE Mission – Scope – Deliverables – Timeline

Glenn Deen reviewed the issues captured in the GGIE RFI that was distributed

Discussed the idea of a content ID that will accompany content from end to end

Glenn noted core mission is to look at the end-2-end content ecosystem from creation through distribution to discovery and consumption using the internet for delivery for all professional and non-professional content

Ecosystem covers scopes addressed by numerous groups and SDOs, none of which individually covers the E2E ecosystem

Explore use cases as to how the content would traverse the ecosystem identifying potential gaps in the standards currently in place or under development


Rank the use cases

Document the highest priority use cases

Document the requirements based on the selected use cases

Note: GGIE will not write standards, only document the requirements and determine where the necessary standards development would best fit

Work with GGIE members to propose the work to those groups

Glenn will work with members to ensure we limit the tasks being undertaken so they can be completed in time for the TPAC face to face meeting in Japan in October.

<ddavis> TPAC 2015: 26-30 October 2015 - Sapporo, Japan

Glenn explained the timeline for the task:

- Q1/Q2: Begin with developing use cases, prioritize use cases

- June-July: begin the discussion of the Gap Analysis of high priority use cases

- Aug-Oct: Prepare recommendations for new work in SDOs based on gap analysis

- October: Deliver to TPAC

- TPAC: Achieve consensus on the work

<joesteele> seems reasonable

<giuseppe> Timeline: https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/GGIE_TF#Timeline

Focus on recommendations to SDOs should include how the work would fit into their current work/scope/standards and what is needed to ensure the results into the broader ecosystem

Will need outreach to these SDOs from GGIE members. May also need to outreach to others that are involved in these SDOs if we do not have adequate representation there.

Due to the differences between SDO “cultures” Glenn asked for patience from GGIE members with others that may have different expectations on the GGIE calls

Policy: Glenn noted we are working with the WEB TV IG public list where members can post their questions and ideas. Glen noted that everything is public on this list. All posted material is archived and publically viewable.

There is a members only list as well but this should not be used for most discussions

Drafting a Request For Input

Glenn suggested creating a request for GGIE members and other groups to describe the type of use cases we are looking for and request submissions of use cases.

Action Item: Glenn will put together a proposed draft and distribute to members

Goal for first deliverable in 1 month – review and edit on the 1/28/15 call

Action Item – All members: Review draft and comment. Comment: Post comments/hold discussions on mailing list on the draft. Will help participants who may not be able to be on calls. Can provide draft in Word format. Short discussions can use email/free text to distribute and comment.

Glenn asked if use of GitHub would be useful? Response – can try but may not be suitable for discussion/comment on draft.

Mark Vickers: Would not suggest starting a new method to comment, etc. Suggest we stay with the Wiki unless it proves to be unworkable. Suggest we also provide specific requests for input from other groups once we have some concrete items for them to comment on e.g. Use Cases.

Glenn proposed hybrid version for working with other groups – don't “beat the bushes” right now but GGIE participants could review work they are aware of in other groups they work with and informally discuss GGIE's work where appropriate with those groups. Decision: This is a good idea. Decision: Start with Wiki for circulating use cases in usual format for discussion and explore one or two examples.

Guiseppe: Does Glenn have any potential initial use cases that can be distributed as a starting point

Glenn is interested in Methods for identifying content for standardized tracking and discovering content through capture/editing/tracking/delivery

Mark Vickers: Standardizing UHD format

Glenn: Often jump into streaming use case. Capture/edit use case often gets ignored. Would like to see use cases on this subject early on.

Recurring Meeting Schedule

Every other Wednesday, 4:00 PM UTC

Next call January 28, 4:00 PM UTC

<ddavis> Might be tricky for people in Asia

Glenn asked if the group would prefer an alternating schedule to better accommodate members calling in from Asia?

<Mark_Vickers> I prefer to keep one time each meeting.

<NiloM> +1

Decision: Will keep the Wed/4:00 UTC for now. Will revisit the schedule in late February.

Future Face 2 Face discussion

Target date: TPAC, October 20, 2015, Japan

Goal is to deliver the first results of this groups work at the TPAC

Glenn noted that GGIE may benefit from periodic face to face meetings (March/April/May time frame) meetings, perhaps coexistent with other meetings that a number of GGIE members will already be attending – potentially W3C mini-TPAC, Paris in week of May 7th.

<azamlerc> Paris is good for me! ;-)

<joesteele> +1 to Paris

<cyrilra> I second Paris in May

Note: GGIE meetings will be open to W3C members and invited guests

<Mark_Vickers> here are use cases from the Media APIs Task Force: http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Media_APIs/Use_Cases

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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