Independent User Interface Task Force Teleconference

23 Jul 2014


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janina, jasonjgw, kurosawa, Michael_Cooper, Katie_Haritos-Shea, jcraig
Andy_Heath, Rich_Schwerdtfeger
Katie Haritos-Shea


<trackbot> Date: 23 July 2014

<janina> Meeting: IndieUI Task Force Teleconference

<MichaelC> scribeNick: Ryladog

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<jasonjgw> Katie notes significant interest in IndieUI at Open Web Camp 6, a development-oriented conference.

TPAC 2014 http://www.w3.org/2014/11/TPAC/

JS: Please book rooms at the conference hotel
... we should think about agenda for

Editor's Report

<scribe> Scribe: Katie Haritos-Shea

JW: Git

MC: Done

JS: User Context is published

<MichaelC> IndieUI Sources on GitHub

MC: sources dont have a redirect, only James and I have commit access at the moment
... You can fork to suggest edits without being an editor

JS: We intend to publish
... We have a first public working daft

Prospects with Web Apps' Editing TF

JS: New TF in WebApps, with new people to the W3C
... W3C is planning another one like the San Fran meeting in Germany
... Chrome,a dn IE though they hated Content-editable
... Cynthia got into a conversation with them. And we joined a few weeks ago. Their document is called an Explainer

<jcraig> link?

JS: They are want to get accessibility right, they would like to work with us directly
... Not clear is perhaps this is a way tp put relationships back together with WebApps without having to recharter
... Simi;ar to where we started when we first started. Web event folkd pulled out at that time. This group want to explore this further with us
... James have you been able to llok at their documents yet?

JC: Not yet

JS: see links below
... I cc'd their facilitator

JC: We have been thinking about this too, Google Docs and iCloud and Outlook could use this
... I am not sure this is the best approach for IndieUI, but for an API for IndieUI would be good - becasue it is not specific t an Accessibility API

JC; It is a metter of getting the people who make Contenteditable to agree that they need to change their approach and that is hard

JC: The people who run the IE

JS: Her name is Julie, it is in the minutes

JC: Internally and exteranlly - there has been a lot of time and resources spent on it - and those people want it to be implemented
... Word does not use the same rebdering engine as WordPad
... There is evidence to show that the standrd approach is behind - and API to allow ths programmatically is absolutely necessary

JS: They talk about it the way we ytalk about and particular action that you want to envoke

JC; But what abour set value for range - that is npt possiblle now

JC: We have a special control character - other aspects of rich text editing is not possibe with ContentEditable

JS: it os a new Task Force that has started up in Web Apps just a month aho

JW: We have a synergy with them

JSL Star twith there Explainer Document

JS: Their meeting are not weekly
... There is common cause here

CJ: They have valis issues

JC: I am reviewing their issues

JS: Here were people sitting down to do this out of the community we need

JC: We may not even ned to approach it is ARIA 2,0 which i thought we might have to do

Testing Conversation

JS: Has anyone heard from Hans recently - he was going to send us some polyfills?
... Did he just move back to NZ?

JC: Does he work for Paciello Group?

MC; Yes

MC: I will see if he is active

JW: I am looking at their document called HTML editing APIs
... It was out of one of the HTML specs, it is an editors draft

<jasonjgw> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/editing/raw-file/tip/editing.html

JC: Take this range stuff - it is an expansion of the existing API
... It is not new
... There are feature in the new document that Janina linked to - there are some poeple who are willing to admit that the current ContentEditatble is not sufficient

MC: Latest Github for him Hans was last Spril

JS: James will be pinging him

JC: I just sent that email

JS: What is the IMplementation status?

JC: We have been implementing you check for UI request evet - you cant do anything with them yet
... Yes there is partial implenetation but it i mre like BETA - there is no resistant - we are just t busy with other tasks

JS: So this is new in WebKit - would they fork or copy?

JC: Becasue the implementations have forked now - it has beenmore than a year
... There is not all that much to copy anyway - and this happened after their fork

MC; the most important part is that two different implemebter took the spec and implemented it in an interoperable manner

MC: If they used two seprate code paths then we would have to convince the W3C Director that it was the same - and if they copied the code - that will NOT be good for us
... We should look for 2 more implemenations

JC: We can look at the code base

MC: That sound reasonable but we would need to convinve the diredtor of that - and Judy

JC: If we could show that it works on Android and iOS that would be sufficient

MC; Yes

MC: I am not saying we caannot convinve him but we need to be think about it

JC; It is almost liek the ARIA implemenations

JC: though the Firefox core is identical on Windows and Linux, the platform accessibility mapping to the API is very different

MC: It might depend on how the OS hands it over to the API

JC: We dont have useable implementations yet

MC: We are just setting expectation for what we need to plan for

JS: I need to find out if FF is moving forward with IndieUI

JC: If there is a WebKit implementation, and we get either Blink or Firefox to do it, the other one will follow

MC: If we can make that true then we should

JS: That is why I was excited about Chrome being part of the WebApps ContentEditable effort

JW: We havent heard any comments on our documents?

JS: Dominic

JC: Yes, we had a discussion - he has some incites into other technologies that I dont have. I think that now it is in an implmentable state. At the very least for feedback

JCL: The main thing that I was waiting on was the UItrigger and UImanipulator

JW; for slider

JC: Yes that will ahve to wait for my conversation

JW: I think folks want it for 1.0

JC: Yes I think that is critical for 1.0 - that is why I need this conversation with those folks
... I have some TBD in there

JS: I cannot think of any next steps, we should talk about Andy's request

JC: Andy's promary concern is about User Contexts
... I have seen any feedback from him recently

JS: I think that is correcct

JC: I would like to get his feedback on that and how GPII and other would fit into this API
... Maybe we can split the time
... the alternating time didnt really workout. I would liek to see feedback form him if he even thinks this will work

JS: I think the answer is going to be this hour of the day - but which day?

<jcraig> / example of taxonomy- or vendor-prefixed settings proposals, intended for standardization.

<jcraig> navigator.userSetting('-webkit-foo');

<jcraig> navigator.userSetting('-moz-foo');

<jcraig> navigator.userSetting('-moz-foo');

JC: My schedule is getting tighter and tighter

<jcraig> / Andy, we could use the same approach for gpii

<jcraig> navigator.userSetting('-gpii-foo');

<jcraig> or the other taxonomies

JW: Is going to be makinga major move - I would need to get acclimated to US and the new job

JC: Takashi made an ARIA edit to WebKit this week. Thanks for that.

TK: yes

JS: We need to stick with this hour
... so we do have some flexibility. We have these seperate events. I would only like us to change it once. Maybe some one off sof rnow

JW: I will try to make the temp meetings

JCl When is your move Jason?

JW: Early September or October

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Summary of Action Items

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