Forms Working Group Teleconference

25 Jun 2014


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pfennell, Steven_, [IPcaller], ebruchez, Alain
Nick, Uli


Aenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-forms/2014Jun/0008

<trackbot> Date: 25 June 2014


Steven: We need to work out when we can have calls in the coming period as vacations are approaching
... Later this year is a TPAC in California, + W3C20
... I shall definitely be going to that

Philip: I'll try to go

@label etc




Steven: Anybody have a chance to check my work?


Shortcut function to get URL parameters.

[Joern Turner via Erik


Erik: I've had some feedback from Joern on the URI functions.
... his feedback was that they are heavier than what he really needs.
... I don't have a strong opinion though

Steven: I would love it if he would send the opinion to the group directly
... along the lines of "hey guys, this is great BUT..."

<ebruchez> xf:uri-param-values(xf:uri-location(), 'q')

Erik: That is the form we have now

<ebruchez> xf:uri-param-values(xf:uri-location(), ‘q’)[1]

<ebruchez> xf:uri-param(‘q’)

<ebruchez> xf:location-param(‘q’)

Erik: That would be the shortest version

<ebruchez> xf:param(‘q”)

Steven: That is a useful syntactic sugar
... I'm personally in favour, because from my point of view, that is the real use.
... small cost to add that one extra as a shortcut

Erik: I'll add it
... I'll pick a name

Philip: I agree, no real worry about a name

Erik: Do you have such things in marklogic?

Philip: Yes we do.

Erik: Any inspiration there for naming or the set of functions?

Steven: BetterForm doesn't have this?

Erik: Didn't sound like it.

<pfennell> xdmp:get-request-url()

Philip: Just looking at the documentation

<pfennell> xdmp:get-request-field-names()

<pfennell> xdmp:get-request-field()

Multipart submissions


@label etc (slight return)

Philip: I did have a read through.
... looked fine

Multipart submissions

Steven_ http://www.w3.org/2013/05/22-forms-minutes.html#item02

Erik: Nothing to report

Progress, and Generating Spec from the wiki


Steven: I have actually finally managed to generate the spec.
... I'm getting error messages I don't yet know how to resolve.
... by the progress is real.
... so I hope to produce a copy of the spec before going on hols.


Steven: Anything?





Summary of Action Items

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