Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

18 Jun 2014

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Shadi, Justin, Vivienne, Bim, Markel, Judy
Simon, Yehya, Silvia, Annika, Klaus, Giorgio, Christos, David, Peter


Future Symposium Topics http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Research_Topics#RDWG_Most_Wanted_.28Ordered_by_Priority.29

we need to start thinking about questions for these topics

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Research_Topics#RDWG_Most_Wanted_.28Ordered_by_Priority.29

Shadi: we have short list 5 main topics in web accessibility
... we also have some names possibly allocated to these topics - always happy to take suggestions of other people in the field outside the hroup
... we have some challenges and the research goals are not as well expressed yet
... does anyone have an ideas on any of these topics they would like to offer

<Vivienne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Accessibility_of_way-finding_systems#References

vivienne: i have updtaed the wiki on way finding systems and added some more, editing and a suggested rename - so there is now a start to the catalogue topic
... if peoplke would like to have a quick look and get back to me

shadi: i think the challenges section is the more elaborated topics of the 5 current topics, and is this a research or developer challenge - what is it we are trying to address

vivienne: putting the entry into the catalogue does not make it overly easy to formulate the research question as the format is not aligned

shadi: we need to aligning the two more closely

judy: what is the specific connection with the web - i see all these technologies and wonder if the description of the topic might bring out the connection with the web more clearly - and is there a web topic we want to be emphasising

vivienne: some of this topic has come from real-world work and requirements about way finding for people with disabilities, particualrly in hospital and universities campuses

judy: there are many ways the topic can be motivated, but certainly the title could have a more web oriented linkage

vivienne: the title has been reworked - but we could probably relate the title back to specifically referencing the web

shadi: suggestion vivienne is you could add web to the title and see how it fits in with the rest of the wiki - and fits together with working out the research question and what will be achieved from there - especially the relationship with the web - some systems used web based systems to pull in open source data - in other words how do all these tools fit in with the web

vivienne: thanks

shadi: but certainly other people work on the other topics need to think about their topic's alignment with the 'web'

markel: agrees with what has been said regarding the relationship between the topics and the web - with the web being the interface between the way finding systems and the various internet of things, and in an accessible way

shadi: i think it will be a challenge to keep the topics focussed but linked into the web and topic spaces

shadi: way findings system can interact with existing web systems for things like landmarks

Metrics Report

judy: question around the topic of internet of things - there is a workshop on this topic, so we can talk about it offline

shadi: we are still discussing and developing it

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2011/metrics/note/ED-metrics

shadi: metric report - has impact on all coming reports - judy do you want to take us through some of the issues

judy: there were a few copy editing issues that need to be fixed, other thoughts before going to final publication, how to position these so it is clear what these are and what they are not - in partical this topic is somewhat close to web accessibility conformance testing and this report could cause confusion as to the position of both - the abstract and the intro needs to be very clear and concise - particularly in terms of the focus and positioning of the work
... one of my concerns is how metrics is positioned in relation conformance
... my second broader concern is how to postion the reports themselves, starting with the metrics topic - are we presenting these as though they are reports on primary research or on symposia - the difference needs to be obvious - curious if the editors have thoughts as to the postioning of the topics when putting them together

markel: i have some ideas of the reports, i am happy to receive some specific guidance changes

judy: so perhaps I can give you some feedback as to clarifying the difference between metrics and conformance
... the content is good but the framing of the topic needs work, perhaps the abstract and intro aspects could be altered so that the difference between conformance and metrics is clearer and I can send you specific notes

markel: i agree - happy to receive specific changes and recommendations

judy: will do
... have you discussed this with issues with simon, or should we discuss it with him when he is back on the call.

shadi: we are a small group this week - one of the suggestions we could persue is to have sub titles on the topics - and this topic could be a good candidate to start that process - something that might indicate that this work is as a result of a symposium

judy: yes, if we make it clear this is the proceedings of a symposium, and would be very interested to hear simons views

justin: some topics could have more issues than others but i have no issues with sub heading in all topics

shadi: sought feedback from the group

bim: agrees with judy wholeheartedly - when I read the title of the metrics topic i thought it was a research report - it is a good idea to add a sub title and make the symposium link clear

markel: the title has to contain indications that this research report contains an analysis of the research as a state of the art at + how the contributions were made (ie via symposium)

judy: getting the titles correct can be hard, but often the final tweaks and naming can have a significant impact on peoples understanding of the role and focus of the report (and its positioning) with mixed messages

markel: does make sense - i understand the issues involved, but would like some complimentary interaction between conformance and metrics where possible

judy: happy to interact via email with some suggestions - and would also like to be able to tune into this rdwg meeting when possible

shadi: each topic is quite unique and the impact they have and sensitivity they may pose, and it was an interesting exercise to look back on previous reports and looking forward to future reports

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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