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Research Topics

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We'd like to invite anyone to propose a new topic, by adding it to the bottom of the 'RAW' Topic list. But you'll need to use our template for creating new topics to do this.


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RAW Topics

Please use the Template for creating new topics and list any new ones below:

RDWG Most Wanted (Ordered by Priority)

Planned Dates from the Charter

  1. Accessible Way-Finding using Web Technologies - editors: Vivienne, Christos, Annika - slated for November 2014
  2. Internet_of_Things - Really Web-of-Things - editors: Janina Sajka (and others from PFWG), Klaus, Shadi - slated for March 2015
  3. Big Data for Accessibility (including applications of crowdsourcing for accessibility) - editors: Simon (possibly) - slated for Jul. 2015
  4. Tangible_Interfaces + Wearables - editors: W4A2015-PC (possibly) - slated for Nov. 2015 or Pre-W4A2015 Submission Date
  5. Web Inclusion (HCI4D, Inclusion, Developing Regions, Internationalisation, Low Income.) - editors: ??? Klaus (But not as the primary Editor) slated Feb. 2016

Charter Shortfall

  1. Dynamic Content Accessibility (Guidelines, Assistive Technologies, Clients) - Peter + Accessible Notifications
  2. Usability of Accessible UI Design Patterns (comparative evaluations with AT users of ease of use) - David +Dev Framework Accessibility for Applications - Peter

Will Not Complete Unless Charter Extended (or extra symposia are run)

  1. Authoring Accessibility (Simple, Authoring Language, Rapid Development.)
  2. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  3. Inclusion by Accessible Social Media


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