HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

05 Jun 2014

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MarkS, Cynthia_Shelly, Adrian_Roselli, David_MacDonald, JF, [Microsoft], janina, Judy, Rich
aardiran, aardrian


<trackbot> Date: 05 June 2014

<MarkS> Meeting: HTML-A11Y Task Force Teleconference

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MS: Last week I promised to have CR draft, but I am not ready to share with TF for review just yet.
... Have a couple questions for Chaals related to 2 late comments.
... Once I hear back and make edits I can bring to TF for review.

Canvas 2D Status & Next Steps


PC: Chairs are about to issue last last call CFC for HTML 5.0.
... We need to make sure longdesc isn't slipping off schedule.

Canvas 2D Status & Next Steps

JS: There was a meeting this week, recommended course of action from chairs.

MS: We met and got updates. DrawFocus scheduled to be natively supported by FF next week...
... Hit regions supported behind a flag...
... Chrome has support for drawFocus. Samsung has submitted some patches.
... HTMLWG recommended Canvas a11y sub-group expand to a TF under WG.
... Will put together scope for TF, nominate facilitator.
... Where does canvas TF stand in migrating changes in 2D back into level 1?

PC: Level 2 coming that will have all changes from Level 1.

JS: Another good success for a11y in canvas.

Alt Call for Consensus

JS: Had CfC consensus, closed last night. Several comments of support, one comment cited lack of longdesc.
... Drafting response, noting that we don't yet have a CR spec for longdesc.
... Expecting to follow up that we accept alt along with objection and reason for rejecting objection.

Media Subteam

MS: Met this week, discussed changes to User Reqs Document for terminology changes, technology changes.
... Heard back from Web & TV interest group which was glad to hear our feedback.
... Will be incorporating feedback into second round of use cases and soliciting our feedback again.

JS: We're still expecting stabilization draft around the end of the month?

MS: Correct.
... Michael Cooper moved spec to Github from CVS, I merged the two documents so Github is current...
... Will continue to make edits on Github.

JF: Do we need URL for repository, or will standard URL work?

MS: PF working on formalizing process for rendering specs using Github pages.
... As soon as approved will have new URLs for editor draft.
... Will also redirect old URL to new URL.

<MarkS> https://rawgit.com/w3c/pfwg/master/media-accessibility-reqs/media-accessibility-reqs.html

MS: Outstanding pull request still outstanding on this document.

HTML 5.1 Next Steps

JS: Had good discussion last week to prioritize items.
... Sent email to list with priorities.

<JF> me/


JS: Action 262 needs new due date - July 10.
... First presentation June 26 to discuss WebRTC -- it may slip.
... Leonie and I will talk about it on Monday. May be July 3 that we present.
... People should check for their name/item on calendar.
... The straw poll of priorities is at the bottom of the email.
... Strong agreement for Media as number 1.
... Presentations through August. These may be in HTML.next, 5.1, or later.

Other Business

PC: Is it feasible to have a schedule on when we might expect to see vibrate work progressing?

RS: I think we've refactored everything at this point.
... Specification is coming out next week, Thursday, June 12th.
... From there, discussions. We're also working on ARIA 1.1, which may affect mappings based on new semantics.
... ARIA timeline may affect it.

PC: Original plan was that document would be smaller. Publishing next week?


PC: Does that acknowledge that some of the material came from HTMLWG draft?

JS: It says that in a different way, notes additional specifications.

RS: In the SVG spec we borrow from core spec.

PC: SVG spec is new. We already have WD. You're pulling material from WD from on WG.

JS: That may not reflect current situation.
... What is being published next week is next rev of ARIA 1 UA implemtation guide.
... No one has gone through HTML mapping guide to pull items into core a11y API mappings.

PC: That mitigates my question.

<cyns> Here is the text from CAAM This document includes general information for user agents to handle ARIA roles, states, and properties. It also includes host-language specific requirements where necessary to complete the accessibility model, in particular for HTML 4. In the future, the PFWG may split out technology-specific versions of this guide, moving some requirements out but retaining this document as the general ARIA implementation guide.

JS: For HTML mappings spec, we have facilitators, we have asked for objections to moving to Github tree...
... Steve is ok with it, have not heard from Robin.

PC: Would like to be pointed to more info about plan and future steps, how HTMLWG related to PF work.

JS: Don't know when to expect FPWD for HTML a11y mappings.
... We're trying to use heartbeats more based on experience from HTMLWG.
... Expect heartbeats of ARIA, CAAM, etc as they become ready.

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Summary of Action Items

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