CSV on the Web Working Group Teleconference

29 Jan 2014


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Jeni Tenison (JeniT), Andy Seaborne (AndyS+, Eric Stephan (ericstephan), Jeremy Tandy (jtandy), Gregg Kellogg (gkellogg), Ivan Herman (ivan), Ross Jones (rossjones), Dan Brickley (danbri), Davide Ceolin (dceolin), Gavin Carothers (GavinC), Adam Retter (adamretter), Alf Eaton (fresco), Raj Singh (rsingh2), Stasinos Konstantopoulos (konstant, on IRC only)
Juan Sequeda (juansequeda), Eric Cohen
Andy Seaborne



jenit: today is introductions.

intro to W3C

ivan: Staff contact for this WG
... Ivan Herman
... general helper with the running of the WG
... W3C is divided into "domain", one is info and knowledge (headed by Ralph)
... within that Data on teh Web - lead Phil Archer
... this WG is under data on the web.
... various WGs finished
... also starting Best Practices for LD publishing
... we are a member (= company) organisation
... also Invited Experts
... two chairs who do the nagging
... process is consensus based
... produce RECs ... process details later
... ptr on the wiki https://www.w3.org/2013/csvw/wiki/Main_Page

Intro to "CSV on the web"

danbri: work at Google on schema.org
... get data into the google knowledge graph
... do contact chairs/team by email
... core focus is tabular data
... and now found, interpreted
... "CSV" key for practically grounded work
... rel to RDF
... maybe as data model for metadata
... and maybe as target as data conversion
... use cases, running code drive WG
... unbounded tasks - need to here for a finite time.
... so address real work => use cases and scenarios as problems to solve


JeniT: Open Data Institute / London
... publishing data openly
... web current poor for publishing tabular data

<gavinc> AndyS: Apache Software Foundation / Bristol

<gavinc> ... I've been involved in Apache Jena for a few years, it's an RDF library.

<konstant> Having trouble connecting to the bridge

<danbri> http://jena.apache.org/ http://www.epimorphics.com/web/

<gavinc> ... converting CSV files into RDF and building applications on top of them

gregg: In California, may not make many calls

<danbri> gkellogg++ for calling in at 5am

gregg: editor of JSON-LD spec
... similar to JSON-LD

<danbri> http://www.w3.org/TR/2014/REC-json-ld-20140116/

gregg: RDF in Ruby open source toolkit author
... I believe in linked data and open publishing

<danbri> https://github.com/ruby-rdf

gregg: tools to help with data publishing

<danbri> structured data linter: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-vocabs/2014Jan/0021.html

gregg: worked on microdata in RDF

<danbri> microdata as rdf: http://www.w3.org/TR/microdata-rdf/

<gkellogg> Linter at http://linter.structured-data.org

ericStephan: work for Pacific Northwest labs
... scientific data
... bring about tech to be user friendly and collaborative friendly
... current in wind and climate data areaa
... here to help make rel to science
... in Data on the Web BP WG

<danbri> http://www.w3.org/2013/05/odbp-charter.html

<danbri> http://www.w3.org/2013/dwbp/wiki/Main_Page

<adamretter> Wooh Exeter!

jtandy: Exeter UK - Met Office UK

<konstant> "The conference is full"

<konstant> Sorry guys

jtandy: chair of expert groups in World Meteorological Organisation
... worked on discovery of metadata
... geospatial and earth sciences
... UK gov LD group - publishing reference data

<konstant> No problem, I'll just follow the IRC for today

jtandy: CSV de facto - time series data
... interested in publishing with machine readable semantics -> easier to consume the data
... used as compact RDF to join with other data
... multidimensions-> multiple CSVs -> RDF data cube

rossjones: chester UK / independent dev
... data.gov.uk

<danbri> http://datahub.io/

rossjones: core CKAN committer
... here because of data quality and improving it

<danbri> https://github.com/ckan/ckan

<danbri> http://www.juansequeda.com/

juan: Austin Tx. Phd and confounder of capcenter(?)
... ultrawrap -- R2RML

<danbri> http://ribs.csres.utexas.edu/ultrawrap/

<danbri> http://www.w3.org/TR/rdb-direct-mapping/

juan: editor of one RDB2RDF specs
... here for CSV to RDF - standard mapping

<danbri> http://challenge.semanticweb.org/2013/submissions/swc2013_submission_12.pdf

gavinc: LexMachina
... another CA coast person
... gov data sources to provide analytics for IP and patent litagation

<danbri> https://lexmachina.com/

gavinc: CSV -> RDF -> CSV

<danbri> also seen in http://www.w3.org/TR/turtle/

AndyS: Jena http://jena.apache.org/

adam: London UK The National Archives UK

<JeniT> adam: TNA developed a schema for CSV validation

adam: interested CSV in processable forms ... CSV validation

<adamretter> Sorry. The Wifi here is the worst!

<adamretter> I can here you guys, but it's not great

fresco: Alf Eaton (sp?)
... open access on journal

<danbri> Alf Eaton, see also https://peerj.com/about/

fresco: research data sets and scripts etc on the web
... distribute, recreate results, to update data.
... dynamic output eg HTML from the data

dceolin: Italian

<danbri> http://www.few.vu.nl/~dceolin/

dceolin: U of Amsterdam
... tools for spreadsheets
... converting to RDF and other formats
... open gov data

jenit: who has not spoken?

Raj Singh: Staff of OGC

<danbri> http://www.opengeospatial.org/ogc/organization/staff/rsingh

scribe: geographic data community
... just N of Boston US

Eric Cohen: XBRL - business reporting

scribe: bring to world of web

<danbri> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XBRL


danbri: shared doc creation instead of IRC scribing
... ??
... roundtable

<EricStephan> +1 Googledocs

<JeniT> anyone object to using Googledocs?

<jtandy> no objection from me

<konstant> +1 Googledocs

danbri: scribe gets to pick tech

<dceolin> +1 Googledocs

danbri: volunteer for next week?

ivan: but then no IRC? Loose other tools e.g. zakim control
... confusing?
... googledocs means multi auths for multiple places (google, W3C, github)

andys: linking of minutes to agendas etc

danbri: IRC remains

andys: experiences?

ivan: some

<EricStephan> +q

EricStephan: good for side discussions. No timeline in gdocs.

(and record of whose here in auto minutes?)

jenit: use gdocs and works well at ODI

<danbri> perhaps doc-centric collab works best for things like google docs, piratepad; but generally minuting here?

jenit: IRC anyway ... so maybe tend to use IRC.

danbri: scribe next week?

<danbri> next week's scribe; eric stephan

danbri: thanks to ericstephen
... wiki - but don't chnage agenda without letting the chairs know
... github for docs - need github id to Ivan

real work stuff

<adamretter> ivan: my github id is adamretter - but perhaps we should be sending pull-requests?

<jtandy> sorry youre breaking up[

danbri: get a sense of what's out there
... then use to drive the WG work

<JeniT> /me zakim, [IPcaller] is me

<adamretter> nope still cant hear Jeni

<adamretter> im looking forward to the impersonations!

jeniT: use case and requirements
... tools to be built - root in real things and real needs

<danbri> [audio clear now]

<adamretter> yes

jeniT: use cases for what people want to do with data on the web
... e.g. produce in Excel, load into R, validate, ...
... make as specific as possible
... narrative use case // example datasets // existing tools // existing proposals
... from good to bad "CSV"
... survey tools and limitations/assumptions they have
... so what breaks if we do XYZ
... collect info on existing work for adding info to CSVs - some in charter already

<JeniT> https://www.w3.org/2013/csvw/wiki/Main_Page

jeniT: links to 4 areas
... share on wiki
... inc put docs into github

<Zakim> danbri, you wanted to suggest wiki also good for project-oriented pages

<adamretter> I dont think I have permission to edit Wiki pages, should I be able to?

<adamretter> JeniT: yes i did

danbri: suggest ideal are real world situation, real data we can sample, tooling pref open source, add pages to wiki as needed
... messy can be cleaned

<adamretter> JeniT: face-palm - sorry i see it now

<rsingh2> my "position paper" http://www.ogcnetwork.net/webgeoformats

ivan: on tools

<adamretter> JeniT: actually no I don't - I would like to edit the Tools page - but there is no Edit link?

ivan: what granularity?

<danbri> I've been bookmarking under 'csv' here, https://pinboard.in/u:danbri/t:csv

jenit: any tools used with CSV - can be user facing, can be libraries or cmd line

jtandy: much use of CSV - now adding semantics sensor network - lack of tooling
... can fill in some areas now

jenit: please add what you have - esp use cases and concrete
... reference to data is good

jtandy: have linked CVS proposal comments for requirements

jenit: pls everyone do 1+ use case

ivan: pls send email on new UC

<EricStephan> Ivan can you direct me to a scribe tutorial/background?

<ivan> ack

<Zakim> AndyS, you wanted to ask about email list use

jenit: email for tech discussions - public archives - good for timezone issues

jtandy: F2F1?

jenit: will talk to danbri and come up with suggestions

<EricStephan> Good to meet everyone

<danbri> thanks all!

<ivan> trackbot, stop telcon

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<ivan> trackbot, end telcon

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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