Web Cryptography Working Group Teleconference

13 Jan 2014

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<trackbot> Date: 13 January 2014


<sangrae> IPcaller is sangrae

<virginie> what is the conference code?

<jimsch> zakrim, aacc is imsch

<kodonog> i can try if you can't get anyone else

virginie: welcome
... we would like to discuss TAG's feedback
... then discuss the open issues/bugs with editors
... since we can't go to Last Call till those are fixed
... yet the editors need to fix those bugs
... do we maintain the call at this time?
... much less people coming
... but it will be harder for people from Asia

maybe do separate Asia calls at a time easier for Asian folks?

TAG feedback

virginie: presented the status of the API
... 3 people very interested, Annvk from Mozilla, Alex Russell from Google, and a third @@ as well as questions from TimBL
... they will come back to us with official comments
... don't understand why there isn't explicit needs to be interop
... yet the WG decided not to mandate algorithms
... TAG might want us to change that
... so maybe we should revisit this decision, it's been a while

notes that we will have a test-suite regardless

virginie: the second topic, there was no discovery mechanism to list different supported algorithms
... in the end, our decision was kinda accepted
... there was an idea by the TAG that it could be worth having a method to add new and even proprietary algorithms
... such as when a smartcard is added, how can we sure if its available and how can a user determine if its used?
... could be part of v.Next
... there was some inconsistency in the algorithms
... but I didn't capture it, it will be in the official response
... all TAG members did look at spec
... they know what its use-cases and what its features are

<scribe> ACTION: Virginie to add presentation to TAG to our wiki [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/01/13-crypto-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-141 - Add presentation to tag to our wiki [on Virginie GALINDO - due 2014-01-20].

notes that this should have no effect on going to Last Call as long as we get their comments during the Last Call period



virginie: no editors present
... but I sent status of the different bugs

<virginie> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webcrypto/2014Jan/0000.html

virginie: no response yet
... ryan is on holiday
... just go on by mail
... suggested 27th of jan
... for last call

plan makes sense as long as editors check back in

in due time

virginie: hopefully bugs will be solved in coming days, most bugs related to richard barnes but he's out till end of january


virginie: call is at 16:00 UTC
... if we move back to 20:00 UTC
... would that be suitable?

<jimsch> =1

<kodonog> you could alternate between calls

PROPOSAL: US call and Asian calls on separate time

virginie: I would support that and try to make more decisions via mail

could asian members send out times they would like?

to the mailing list?

<karen> =1

<virginie> +1


<mete> 0

<jyates> +1

<kodonog> 0

virginie: looks like we'll switch in order to get the editors back on the call

RESOLUTION: Move Europe-US call back to 20:00 UTC

virginie: will discuss over mailing list to set up a dedicated asian call

<virginie> http://www2014.kr/


W3C staff will be there, and we can set up some meetings with Korean and other Asian members

not sure if we want a WG f2f again

or should we meet in Europe re STRINT/IETF

<virginie> https://www.w3.org/2014/strint/

viriginie: f2f next to IETF
... we could set up an informal meeting if not a WG f2f
... who will be at IETF?


<virginie> +1

<jimsch> -1

<kodonog> +1

<Axel> -1

<mete> not sure :)

<karen> -1

looks like a few

perhaps an informal meeting beforehand and then also go to JOSE WG meeting?

virginie: will have a meeting to discuss future work?

<kodonog> CFP closes the 15th

CFP for STRINT open till 15

remember paper can just be a paragraph or two

even in email :)

next call will be on 27th of Jan.

we will focus on bugs next call

and future work

workshop hardware token proposal

markw: nothing in particular to share right now
... we did have issue to operation/algorithm separation
... we need to clarify

thats the issue from Vijay

that Boneh also raised agaqin


<trackbot> ISSUE-12 -- Should the API distinguish between algorithm and operation parameters? -- open

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/2012/webcrypto/track/issues/12

right now we are waiting for input from richard and vijay

virginie: lets revivie it on the mailing list

<kodonog> Richard is on vacation

<scribe> new version on next call possible?

markw: ok
... should have some time

virginie: talk over mailing list and then back in 2 weeks at 20:00 UTC

trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Virginie to add presentation to TAG to our wiki [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/01/13-crypto-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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