11 Dec 2013


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Yves, Arle, Ankit, philr, pedro, Milan, DaveLewis
Felix, Pablo, David_Filip
Arle Lommel


outreach update

<scribe> scribe: Arle


Gary: introduction. Involved with ITS and connections to various interesting things in context of doctoral work. And also Internationalization architect at Cisco.

outreach update

Arle: provided demo of video so far.

Phil: Animation looks good.

<Ankit> liked it!

Gary: Looks a bit slow.

Arle: In editing we hope to speed it up.

business value text


Pedro: ITS 2.0 opens up ways of win-win business
... It can accelerate the adoption of multilingual web solutions for new users, and resolve certain problem to existing users:
... Reduction of time by increasing the efficiency of the process.
... Cost savings in management and translation.
... More efficient control over the content and faster fine-grain communication between localization chain actors (e.g. webmaster/project manager).
... Better web and linguistic technology machine/machine and human/machine interaction.
... Increasing fully automatic processes and localization expert systems in CMS and TMS.
... Localization platforms and format Independent.
... Opens up ways for connectors, pre- and post-editing, and CAT tools.
... Business opportunities exist in very frequently updated web sites which need efficient multilingual updates and maximum control, such as corporate and industrial information, e-Government, e-Commerce or Educational web sites.
... Also, ITS 2.0 can benefit those environments with highly distributed content creation through the CMS, the Web 2.0 and user content created (applying MT systems for immediacy) and using ITS 2.0 to contribute for multilingual SEO.

Phil: This includes the major points. Nothing seems to be missed.
... It looks like the sort of things I could stick on a slide and show a customer.

Gary: I would be useful, but to what extent, we don't know.

Arle: I think it covers the points we need. It should be edited a bit.

Christian: Could we have one or two numbers in it? Like cost and time decreases?

Pedro: We could put in a range. Of course it depends on the technology and solution in the back office. If we talk about management costs in CMS/TMS, the reduction is in the management side, but lower on the translation side, unless you use real-time MT.

Arle: Pedro, please add a range of figures we could defend.
... Pedro, when you make changes, I'll help edit.

Translate data category benefit


Jirka was supposed to handle this, but isn't on the call, so moving on.

Current needs of XLIFF 1.2 (2.0?) mapping

<Yves_> I recall we have some change to make in the wiki for the locnote reference (Nathan and I had a discussion about it)

<Yves_> too busy to do anything for now

<Yves_> ok

Arle: Let's table until Yves can do more or David is back.

AOB: issues and proposed features, general action item review





<scribe> postponed first two by one month. Third to December 20.

<pedro> Range of reductions: "Reduction of time (up to 60%) by increasing the efficiency of the process. // • Cost savings in management and translation (between 15% and 40%)."


Christian: Those numbers are impressive.

Pedro: the base-line is compared to fully manual, but 15% is realistic, even in manual processes by reducing cycles and churn. The 40% is in MT scenarios.

Dave: Action 9 postpone one week.


Dave: Covered in one meeting. Applies to domain and one other where the data value is user defined. My action for next week is to start documentation on ITS ontology. We don't have comments or a way to document it properly.
... Close the action and we'll add the results back in in the future.


<scribe> Postponed until Dec. 18.


<scribe> Postponed to Jan. 8.


Dave: Did we resolve timing of information on individual categories.

Arle: Let's reschedule them for faster roll-out.

Dave: Nobody will write a lot and it isn't a lot of work, but a timetable will help.

<scribe> ACTION: daveL to revise schedule of roll-out for info on individual data categories. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/12/11-i18nits-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-34 - Revise schedule of roll-out for info on individual data categories. [on David Lewis - due 2013-12-18].

Upcoming meetings: 18. December. After that 8 January. Then every three (e.g., January 29, Feb. 19)

<chriLi> quit

URI for regular calls: http://www.w3.org/International/its/wiki/Dial_in_info_for_regular_call

<Yves_> bye

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: daveL to revise schedule of roll-out for info on individual data categories. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/12/11-i18nits-minutes.html#action01]
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