w3.org Site Redesign Breakout Meeting

13 Nov 2013

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dorian, Ian, brett, ddavis, ijongcheol, ingee_kim_, Jean-Gui, jeremie, krit, laurent, marie__marilyn, MarkS, r12a, renoirb, Ian, Liam, Doug


<ddavis> Ian: Background info first....

<ddavis> Ian: We last designed the W3C site in 2008. A lot has changed then since then.

<ddavis> Ian: New audience, new properties, new technology, etc.

<ddavis> Ian: We have 20th anniversary of W3C next year (2014) so wouldn't it be cool to have a new site/branding to go with that.

<ddavis> Ian: Some of our site will be data-powered in the future.

<ddavis> Ian: We only have part of the redesign here today.

<ddavis> Ian: We concluded the Headlights project in July.

<Ian> http://www.w3.org/wiki/Headlights2013/SiteRedesign/Proposal

<ddavis> Ian: We have a proposal for the management team asking for money to do this.

<ddavis> Ian: Management team said great - but no money available.

<ddavis> Ian: But we were given a job opening for someone based in China.

<ddavis> Ian: Things slowed down a bit and I was looking around for funding. A bit of interest but still looking.

<ddavis> Dirk: We had a site redesign only 5 years ago. If we have not enough money, why don't we just redesign e.g. the specs pages?

<ddavis> Ian: People are telling us the TR pages sucks. We also have a need to impress new industry contacts and interested companies/organisations.

<ddavis> Ian: We also did a survey and got the response that people like our content but have trouble finding it.

<ddavis> Ian: Our site is blocking our users. We may have to limit the scope but initially I'd like to try for the whole thing.

<ddavis> Ian: To get some ideas for TPAC I contact designers and got some help to create wireframes which I'm presenting today.

<scribe> scribenick: marilyn

Ian: working group home pages...we think we can do a lot better
... we have the beginnnnings of use case and requiremenets, but also want to talk to people here at TPAC
... so today the bulk of this is getting feedback on the wireframes I have
... many people in the survey said 'we want the standard'

Ian describes block on right...W3C spotlight

scribe: this will be lightweight way to give heads up
... if there is no spotlight, you won't see it

our key audience is developer community

remember, this is wireframe, not design

the Put our Standards to Work for you block

An Agenda of Innovation block

scribe: includes horizontal and vertical topics
... like Web and TV (vertical) and accessibility (horizontal)
... some of these pages will be ported from existing site, others will be purged
... there is a giant elephant in the room...who is going to do all this content strategy and maintenance...


scribe: for the first time we'll have a clear explanation of who to get involved in our work

<renoirb> will be section to describe how to get involved for the public

scribe: part will be member and part will be non-member oriented
... there will be member testimonials , too

finally, there will be a section for donations and sponsorships

scribe: so the flow is timely developer industry/social participation

Slide 2

what's different is what happens at top of page

in the future to give fast access...we will have type-ahead

scribe: search
... but exact topics will be decided

Richard Ishida asks for clarification of headings....Top 5 and See All

Richard: this is good, but it's still a lot of clicks to get to things (specs, WG)

Ian: so far there are no clicks, just typing

Richard: typing is just as onerous
... wants fast llinks to groups and topics

ddavis: +1

Ian: our privacy policy does not allow us to use Google analytics
... I sent to systeam what people are looking for
... so the next view is
... tabs link to topics you might want
... for example, we're planning a WoT workshop
... so I want people to be able to find this topic from a higher level abstraaction

Cameron: I'm not sure "Innovation Agenda" is clear for people to understand
... definition of innovation agenda

Ian: web topics or W3C topics...I didn't know if that would be enough
... innovation doesn't necessarily mean future work
... I'm conflicted if bar at top should map to block below
... because of scrolling

mark: it's behaviour will have to change when you go into subpages

ian: why?

mark: I'm against it for that reason...hard to maintain and for accessibility
... sticky inpage navigation

<ddavis> (position: sticky)

Ian: TV and Broadcasting page
... see it starts with general industry info to show W3C knows what's going on with that industry
... the next block is binding between industry and W3C's (our approach)
... the third block (scrolling) highlights some specific content or groups you can get involved in
... some parts will be more static than others (e.g. blogs)

Cameron: add point of contact to industry landing page

Ian: yes

MC: what about having another of testimonials per industry topic

Ian: we can't advertise on the website, but we can acknowledge sponsors

Doug: so thse are industry specific pages
... who is the audience specifically?
... what level of mngt?...not technical?

ian: the content will be overview content
... previews Web and TV page

Doug: I suspect that one of the users of this site will already know the tech aspects and will be coming here looking for more
... perhaps add a slide deck or other resources for them?

<marie_> +1

ian: this is a separate topic that we are addressing elsewhere

Liam: 1) analytics and 2) primary audience = developers
... what about writers?
... don't we fail them by focusing only on developers?

Doug: isn't that what WebPlatform is for?

ian: yes, WP does play a role...also I consider these pages for industry analysts too
... I don't think primers are something we should be working on

liam: I don't think so either

Ian: Tech Reports page (TR page)
... this page will make clear 1) when this was published 2) title 3) status
... we ask all the groups to provide a one sentence description so I'd like to add those here
... sorting happens through tops of columns like the rest of the world does
... filter mechanisms
... view nightly draft
... you'll see we have multiple pages, I know we need a 'view all'
... see the filters
... tags to get at things

Cameron and Ian: all these things will have a URL

I want to bookmark the page with filters already set

Richard: uses example of finding internationalization

Ian: you're the guy who leverages those categories

Richard: I would like some grouping
... HTML is simple, i18n is more complicated

Ian: I was thinking of using tags, but let me think more about this
... CSS Namespaces Modules example page
... abstract, groups, related resources
... there's a mapping maintenance question here

Cameron: this is a metadata goldmine....who maintains and where

Ian: please provide a tool for distributed editing of spec metadata
... editors don't want stuff stripped from our documents...leave it in

<ddavis> Attendees: dorian, Ian, brett, ddavis, ijongcheol, ingee_kim_, Jean-Gui, jeremie, krit, laurent, marie_ marilyn, MarkS, r12a, renoirb

Doug: you're pointing to WPDocs for a specific application
... we do not have an end point like that, but we could potentially do this...do you want this?

Ian: somebody has got to describe the binding

Doug: steps up to do binding
... will we show authors and editors?

ian: yes

Doug: link to profile page so see what else that person is working on?

ian: systeam has on their docket to do profiles

Dirk: I always liked that specs were listed on W3C homepage..didn't have to go find them

Richard: I asked for that too

DD: control, F...find a spec

Ian: today we have sort by date and title
... you get there from under Standards block

(some in group here didn't know this)

<marie_> http://www.w3.org/Mobile/mobile-web-app-state/

<krit> http://www.google.com/imgres?sa=X&noj=1&biw=1403&bih=787&tbm=isch&tbnid=JTJ34Ha6JgEDaM:&imgrefurl=http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/site-comments/2002Jun/0041.html&docid=fnp4v3l4mtTkaM&imgurl=http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/site-comments/2002Jun/att-0041/validator.w3.org_website_down.gif&w=448&h=404&ei=2j2DUrb5J6eEjAK7y4GICQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:3,s:0,

<krit> i:90&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=195&tbnw=216&start=0&ndsp=20&tx=106&ty=118

MC: search engine, custom stuff, are things we;ll need for keyword search


Ian: need to identify how to do this search of keywords and who will build/maintain

Cameron: I agree that catagories used are not helpful

Ian: the last thing to show today is a quickie view of mobile wireframe
... again, start with Standards, then Developer section, then Industry and BizDev
... not sure about the URI
... time check...10 minutes left
... two challenges, audiences...public facing and how to get the work done

two pages or one page?

what is order of the flow?

what is most friendly approach?

Cameron: we used to have two different pages, now just have single page in SVG WG

Ian: Doug said I think I know my community
... and he was right
... so we had centralized pages....grid of topics related to web design
... some examples...this is the high level page and we'll maintain it

Cameron: at least for SVG, the majority of spec writing audience is web developers

Ian: I think we did it wrong, so now what are the audience needs?

Doug: I periodically get questions from developers about SVG...
... if you at the SVG WG page, I tried to take the style of the home page, consistently give some details
... how to participate
... used as a template across several WG pages

ian: I love consistency...did they like this?
... what is the content they need?

Doug: there is a set of people who want to see what a particular WG is working on
... it should automatically update
... if I go to CSS page, I'm going to find different set of info...no consistency

Ian: I asked people in the survey if they want help in group pages...they said YES

Doug: good point that there are different audiences....
... have 2 pages

Ian: all of this input is super helpful
... I have to rush off now

<ijongcheol> Hey, can I get the wireframe PDF?

<ddavis> testing

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