11 Sep 2013


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felix, philr, Ankit, dF, pedro, chriLi, pnietoca, leroy, DaveLewis, Jirka, omstefanov, Milan
tadej, jörg, arle
fsasaki, dlewis6


roll call

<fsasaki> checking attendance ...

<Yves_> Yves present+

PR publication mail draft

<fsasaki> scribe: fsasaki


(felix going through mail)


dave: we don't include mgmt comments in mail?
... NIF question arose because we went back to RDF group

"after previous draft NIF become non-normative by directors's request"

<dF> sounds good

felix: NIF dependency is not criticial, since NIF is a non-normative reference


felix: any questions on PR mail draft?

dF: no organizations are stating relevant patents for ITS2

felix: related to localization quality issue changes - these are not critical for any implementer

<dF> +1

<philr> +1

<Ankit> +1

<pnietoca> +1

<Jirka> +1

<leroy> +1

<Yves_> +1 LQI changes do not change our implementation

<dF> for the editorial LQI changes

<daveL> +1 that changes to LQI do not influence TCD implementation of this data category

vote for PR transition

felix: people in favor of PR publication please type +1


<pnietoca> +1

<philr> +1

<dF> +1

<daveL> +1 for PR publication

<leroy> +1

<Ankit> +1 for PR pub

<Jirka> +1 for PR pub

<chriLi> +1 for PR publication

felix: anybody against PR publication?

<Yves_> +1 for PR pub

RESOLUTION: WG voted for publication as PR draft

next steps

felix: hope for transition call on friday, publication next week

<philr> who attends transition call?

felix: REC could come late octoboer

<philr> OK, thanks

felix: co-chairs and staff contact plus w3c mgmt


david: details about WG meeting next week?

felix: will provide them later this week



christian: felix at MT summit last week - any info about that?

<daveL> scribe; dlewis6

<scribe> scribe: dlewis6

<daveL> felix: at MT summit presented material on postedit with content from Pedro

<daveL> .. was well received

<daveL> .. highlighting issues around translate flags

<daveL> .. Specific feedback, how do you measure value of ITS, e.g. when deciding whether to adopt

<daveL> ... suggested measuring process/roundtrip time, e.g. like input previously from cocomore

<daveL> ... such number would be useful in convincing people to adopt ITS

<daveL> ... there were similar question about cost of MT adoption, weighed against cost of postediting

<Yves_> bye

<omstefanov> Felix, where is wednesday meeting?

<pedro> Sorry I cannot connet Gotomeeting today and I have to follow the meeting in IRC.

<omstefanov> I'll be in Berlin from Tuesday evening.

omstefanov, probably at DFKI offices, but to be confirmed

<omstefanov> will you send address to us all ? (incl me)

thanks a lot for joining, Milan - saw your mail earlier, will reply to that later today

omstefanov, yes, I will

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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