Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

31 Jul 2013


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Vivienne, Christos, Annika, Shadi, Simon, Silvia, Justin, Yeliz
Markel, Kerstin, Andrea, Giorgio, Yehya, Luz


Next Topic Discussion

sh: looking for the next topic. We talked to Marku to do the next one but he is not yet ready
... the ones who are not yet involved in symposium and notes is the one about e-learning with justin and silvia
... Justin and Silvia ... are you ok with going next? and what does the group think?
... any comments... or suggestions?

saz: we should let the coordination group know if we change our plans...
... better run thi through the CG first

<silvia_mirri> it is ok to me

<yeliz> +1

<annika> +1

sh: there in no point in going to the CG without Justin and Silvia being ok with that

<Justin> +1

sh: so it's better to wait for your confirmation before going to the CG


<sharper> +1

sh: we 'll move forward on that
... e-learning will be a very interesting topic
... just want to make sure we make the symposium before christmas

Alternate Weekly Research - Accreditation of websites for

sh: this is about the suggestion by Vivviene abou the accreditation of websites
... this might be good to have on the 11th of September

viv: I had sime stuff on the wiki
... there is a lot of discussion about acceditation of who is accessible and who is going to decide what is accessible and what not
... organisations would be interested in that discussion for many reasons
... maybe we can prepare a list of questions to discuss

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Advice_for_Organisers_of_Catalogue_Topic_Discussions

<shadi> +1 to structured discussion

sh: this is the wiki page for the topics
... structured discussion will be good
... initially for people in the group
... and then maybe exted it to other people outside the group
... my question is if we can diicde that this will be the topic and we do it on the 11th

<yeliz> +1

<Justin> +1

<Vivienne> +1

<annika> +1

<sharper> +1


<silvia_mirri> +1

saz: I don't object to that... I am not that clear about how this is going to be
... I don't want this to be a one off thing without any other discussion and followup

sh: we will publish some catalogue issues based onthem
... and then we might see any additional interest

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Advice_for_Organisers_of_Catalogue_Topic_Discussions

sh: if there is other things we need to discuss please alter the wiki page...

viv: i think we can also post some papers on accreditation so that we have a better idea
... and a better discussion

Symposia Timeline http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Symposium_Timeline_Calculator

sh: next thing I'd like to discuss is the timeline calculator
... I have added what we expect on each point
... any comments?

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to say need to review more closely

saz: I plan to review during august and send comments

sh: anybody else who wants to suggest changes?

<Vivienne> I had looked at it and didn't see any problems

<yeliz> I also don't see any problem with this

<silvia_mirri> I agree with Yeliz and Vivienne

<Justin> ok

PENDING - Draft Charter Update

<shadi> +1 to annika's remark

annika: it might make sense to add a point betwen 0 and 10 weeks for the internal discussion on the note with the group

sh: I added that

saz: there are many views of the timeline... one for the editors... the authors... the group...
... maybe some clarification is needed there
... there is multidimensional look and might need to look into that

<Justin> nope

<annika> +1 to shadi

PENDING - Metrics W3C Note Status

saz: the charter in general is going well... and we should maybe look at some comments we got back
... We need to have a look at the comments that are more generic
... i.e. there is a focus on testing on WAI so we might need to see the charter again there...

sh: what about the metrics note

saz: i wasn't able to get to it... we receved some comments but i believe we are close to publication
... I think the next publications will not take that long..

PENDING - Mobile W3C Note Public Release this Week

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2012/mobile/note/ED-mobile.html

sh: shadi you are going to review the content we made changes last week so we can go public next week

saz: I just need to look at some issues with teh links closer... i do need to look at the changes to make sure you addressed my comments

<yeliz> I will be happy to release it soon

<yeliz> :)

<yeliz> I am worried that the discussion might be outdated by the time it is released

<yeliz> :)

PENDING - Easy to Read W3C Note Status

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2013Jul/0047.html

<sharper> We are in ongoing work and try in the moment to consolidate all

<sharper> comments received so far, especially Shadi┬┤s hints on what should (or

<sharper> should not) be part of this research report (e.g a description of what

<sharper> easy to read or plain language IS and is able to facilitate - even if

<sharper> this issue was a clear prerequisite for all contributions and audience

<sharper> before we started with the symposium) and whether the papers should take

<sharper> space within the final report (even if they are linked and available as

<sharper> full text online) or not - just to put some examples.

<sharper> So we keep you updated and work is going on but we will clearly need

<sharper> some more time to have the next stable version ready to present.

sh: the comments from andrea and kerstin are pasted...

PENDING - User Modelling W3C Note Status

Christos: just back from vacation
... working on cleaning up transcript
... hope to be done by today then send to Yehya for further reveiw
... hope to have ready later this week
... will also discuss with Yehya when we can have the draft ready

PENDING - Close the Loop on the symposium L&F

saz: I think there were a few minor bugs needed fixing...
... i hope we can have it ready as soon as possible to start using it...

REPEATING - Issues and Actions (Standing Item): https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/tracker/

sh: any other business?

saz: we do expect people that will be away but the list is still alive and keep track of our discussion on the list
... so that we can take up on september

<yeliz> Looking forward to research meetings

<annika> Have a nice summer!

<yeliz> I wish great holidays in August

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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