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Symposium Timeline Calculator

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The following is more a check list or todo list of how we expect a symposium to progress.

  • -12 weeks - announce call for papers - This is the brief call for papers to let the community know a symposium is happening and the important dates.
  • -10 weeks - solicit Scientific Committee - Secure the committee before the final email so you can include them on it.
  • -08 weeks - final call for papers with scientific committee - An extended call with the Scientific Committee.
  • -06 weeks - deadline for paper submissions
  • -06 weeks - call for participation - This is a call to generate interest in attending the symposium but not presenting at it.
  • -04 weeks - review feedback - This is the deadline for the committee to finish reviewing and supply comments back to authors.
  • -03 weeks - deadline for final papers - The authors need to supply HTML and Guideline compliant Camera Ready Copies, and once received the programme should be created.
  • -02 weeks - final call for participation, announcement of program, and registration opens - Email over all channels to generate more participants.
  • -01 weeks - publication of accepted papers - Papers now need to be up on the Symposium site.
  • 00 weeks - Day X - teleconference symposium.
  • + 08 weeks - Internal Iterative Review.
  • +10 weeks - Editors Draft of WG Note for review by the WG - You really need to get the note ready within 3 months.
  • +12 weeks - WG approval for publication of the WG Note - The rest of these deadlines are make a cycle of edits and requests for comments.
  • +14 weeks - Working Draft publication of the WG Note - "As above".
  • +18 weeks - WG approval for publication of the WG Note - "As above".
  • +20 weeks - Editor Draft of WG for review by the WG - "As above".
  • +22 weeks - WG approval for publication of the WG Note - "As above".
  • +24 weeks - Publication and announcement of the WG Note - "As above".

You can use the Online Google Spreadsheet to create the specific timeline for your symposium.