29 Jul 2013


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Jeanne, Tom, Alastair, Jutta, Cherie
Tim_B., Alex_L.
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

CR process update (Jeanne and Jan)

JS: reviewing exit criteria...
... Any questions, thoughts, concerns?

JT: We should clarify that what we are proposing is that we are passing them by W3M...
... So they can register and objections.

JS: My only concern is the 2nd sentence in para 3...
... It can be hard to explain the ATAG-WCAG relationship...3 levels each...but is unrealisitic to expect tools to meet every WCAG AAA SC
... We chose the number two because it is common in W3C requirements

JT: Any concerns about this proposed wording?
... And are people ok sending it to w3m

JR: +1

AC: IF my looking at an individual tool....

JS: Are we will try to choose diverse examples

<jeanne> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/ATAG2ImplementationReport.html

<AlastairC> There don't seem to be any Non-text media examples in the top row of the implementing tools?

JS: We have a couple of ideas

TB: I checked on Worklight and it won't work for us

<AlastairC> Would xcode qualify for this? Code-level editor, but I think is accessible?

TB: We are making progress on the other one

<AlastairC> I have it installed, I'll check it out. I can ask on a VoiceOver list as well.

JT: So we should repeat to Cherie....

Zaki, Jan has Jutta

JT: Can people indicate when they have read the document...
... then hopefully we can come to resolution on what to do.

EC: I've scanned through it

JT: Are people ok with this draft as it is?

<AlastairC> The exit criterial? Yep, it's good.

JT: Are people ok with this draft exit criteria as it is?

<AlastairC> \me sorry, don't trust my audio, I'll type.

JT: Does anyone object to the exit crieria?
... None heard
... Can we send to W3M?

JS: +1

<AlastairC> +1

JS: Also it is pretty informal

JR: +1 to send it along

JT: OK I think there is concensus to take that step and send it to W3M

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

<jeanne> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/draft_auwg_charter.html

JS: Some feedback received from W3M...
... Did show enough diversity of devices...
... Had to change the milestones from saying CR in May to CR in Septemebr

<AlastairC> Yep, I assume that a year is a reasonable time for comments and changes from CR?

TB: Looks good to me
... but how does it compare to other guidelines?

<AlastairC> no objection

JT: OK so are people fine with these changes to the charter (added mention of various devices and then changes to dates)?

<jeanne> +1 to the charter

JT: Objections?
... non eheard

Resolution: Go ahead with changes to the charter (added mention of various devices and then changes to dates)

3. Implementation report update (Jan)

JR: Medium sized tools make excellent examples

JS: Right, but enterprise tools are very valuable so please keep pushing for that
... I don't want to overlook enterprise wide tools

CE: OK, but the point has been made that enterprise tools out now won't be fully meeting ATAG

JT: Yes, we want variety

<AlastairC> an accessibility orgnanisation I'm involved with is using an enterprise level CRM, I offered to check it over for them in the fall (when they have it implementated)

JT: Great!
... That's the agenda
... There will be a meeting next week

<AlastairC> thanks all, bye

JR: I will send out announcement but may not be there due to CDN holiday

Summary of Action Items

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