01 Mar 2013


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david, dave, tadej, milan, phillip, leroy, ankit



<daveL> meeting xliff roundtrip tc

<daveL> scribe: daveL

clarified that Milan m4loc service does not consume the term annotation and the internal glossary

m4loc does the look up internally return a pointer to the target ref in dbpedia (identRef only)

agreed - will try using enrycher using html sample as input

tadej will update live service with ta instead of disambig. Leroy will add this and then geenrate XLIFF through extraction and segmentation

david: what is status of namespace for its-x

present; david, dave, tadej, milan, phillip, leroy, ankit

namespace: agree to use 'itsx' rather than 'its-x'

dave will change XLIFF mapping page

to reflect this.

<dF> itsx.solas.uni.me or itsx.uni.me

<dF> the latter is preferable if available

this is atemporary solution -need to hand over namespace responsibility it W3C later in 2013

topic; mt confidence encoding

agreed: use origin and match for mt confidence in the alttrans. If the output is copied and unedited in the trans-unit.translate, that is where mt-confidence should be used.

note ankit will have to make that change also. dave will update files.

<Ankit> okay

David suggest in the origin just use 'MT' or 'TM' just to differentiate those. and then the provenance record allows recording of the actual tool infomation

milan agree to use this also, i.e. using proveance record rather than xliff tool id

note that xliff tool id is deprecated anyway and not in XLIFF 2.0

topic; status of implementations

sean: hoping to test with Ankit by the end of the day
... with milan have tested previously, so just need to retest with new annotations

Topic; name of domain(s).

agreed stick to 'domain'

dave to update in files and in mapping page

Also, 'its' namespace needs to be included as itsx namespace for domain

topic; term markup

glossary entry need to be wrapped in an internal file

then use itsx namespace for <glossary-entry>

i.e. <glossary><internal-file><itsx:glossary-entry>

plan: leroy and sean to start testing tuesday

start 10am tuesday for leroy and seam

thurday next week: 10 sean and milam, 11 for ankit