01 Mar 2013


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felix, Yves, Ankit, dF, tadej, mdelolmo, Pedro, daveLewis, Milan, Declan, Clemens, philr


Simple Machine Translation, Translation Package Creation, Quality Check - ENLASO

<fsasaki> yves giving presentation

<fsasaki> comment on presentation from yves - reviewers probably don't know the idea of "domain mapping" - may need to explain that briefly

<fsasaki> pedro: business part?

<fsasaki> yves: is in two slides of the presentation

<fsasaki> .. very generic business value

<Declan> agree - good to have mixture of more technical presentations together with business-focused presentations. Very reflective of the project

<fsasaki> +1 to declan

CMS implementation of ITS2.0. CMS to TMS System: Drupal to GBC Server / PLINT - Cocomore / Linguaserve

<fsasaki> clemens presenting cocomore slides

<fsasaki> I like the "saving time" slides

<fsasaki> it might make sense to have no demo in the presentation, to safe some time

<fsasaki> dave: quantification of business benefits are very good

<fsasaki> .. will you use mlw-lt template?

<fsasaki> clemens: wasn't aware of that

<fsasaki> david: need parts like like european flag

<fsasaki> http://www.w3.org/International/multilingualweb/lt/wiki/Rome-lux-prep

<fsasaki> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2013Feb/att-0156/slides-template-v1.pptx

<fsasaki> http://www.w3.org/International/multilingualweb/lt/wiki/Rome-lux-prep#Draft_agenda

<fsasaki> pedro: to discuss - we prepared a built. Doing in real time takes longer

<fsasaki> .. for luxembourg we could do this in a film

<fsasaki> cocomore and linguaserve to have a film about their technical interaction

<fsasaki> pedro: for luxembourg we have to pay attention to time

<fsasaki> film finished by friday 8 march?

Online MT System Internationalization: ATLAS PW1 / Lucy LT / MaTrEx in www.agenciatributaria.es - Linguaserve / Lucy / DCU

<fsasaki> mauricio presenting screen capture

<fsasaki> pedro: two other videos

<fsasaki> .. about pre- and postprocessing

Online MT System Internationalization:

<fsasaki> pedro showing demo

<fsasaki> connection to dcu server gives an error - needs to be fixed for demo

<fsasaki> slides for client in rome - will use http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2013Feb/att-0156/slides-template-v1.pptx for luxembourg

<fsasaki> good to emphasize: the need for the metadata was clear for the linguaserve client - case before MLW-LT

<fsasaki> need to allow time for q/a

<fsasaki> use 10 min tech demo, 10 min business

<fsasaki> emphasize also what is *not* yet finished

Text Analytics in ITS 2.0: Annotation of Named Entities - JSI

<fsasaki> tadej presenting slides

<fsasaki> use cases - would add localization workflow, e.g. usage in XLIFF as a way to inform both the human and machine agent

<fsasaki> workflow - automatic domani generation - choice of MT system

<fsasaki> dave: figure out where enrycher is or will be used

<Yves_> To Tadej: That was nice and to the point.

<Yves_> FYI: We have a mention to an Enrycher step in our sildes.

<fsasaki> support of business case

<fsasaki> quality assurance by humans and MT disambiguation usage of TA annotations

Reviewer's Workbench

<fsasaki> make clear what is prototype and what is working

<fsasaki> make business value of LOD clear, e.g. cross-silo queries, gathering statistics across data sets

ITS 2.0 Metadata and Machine Translation - DCU

<fsasaki> ankit showing slides

<fsasaki> how to present "life" an MT training system at the review?

<fsasaki> dave: focus on workplan - maybe rather focus on technical aspects?

<fsasaki> ankit: will have demo of MT service + re-training

HTML-to-TMS Roundtrip using XLIFF with CMS-LION and SOLAS TCD/UL

<fsasaki> david: we are doing xliff-roundtripp

<fsasaki> .. xliff enters platform in two ways: extractor driven by okapi

<fsasaki> .. and via cms-lion

<fsasaki> .. we will show how human consumers can see the display throught the cycle

<fsasaki> felix: can you do a screencast for that?

<fsasaki> dave, david will look at that next week

<fsasaki> felix - by friday next week

<fsasaki> future directions - point out NIF <> ITS connection and this as a way to address "multilayer" issue for text analysis

<fsasaki> also a video would be good

<fsasaki> maurico: advantage of video - you can show what happens in one step

<fsasaki> .. the time for that expected is then clear

<fsasaki> .. in a video you can delete all the steps that just take time, changing between windows etc

- where to put posters? - how to integrate other partners? - what to do in 2013 and beyond?

<fsasaki> dave: posters - put on page for presentations in the wiki

<fsasaki> discussion about circle re-do

<Declan> common to give reviewers access to dissemination materials - so we should definitely make them available

<fsasaki> thanks, declan, will send out links before the review

<fsasaki> send out = send out to reviewers

<fsasaki> - how to integrate other partners - make slides showing their use cases

<philr> Apologies I have to drop out now. I'll check the minutes for any last items

<fsasaki> at the end of demo part

<fsasaki> ok, thanks, philr

<fsasaki> make clear then things are delivered

<fsasaki> - what to do in 2013 and beyond?

<fsasaki> "beyond"

<fsasaki> pedro - how to maintain the ITS group

<fsasaki> .. to do a plan for this is important

<fsasaki> .. and how to spread the word and how to evangelize for clients, CMS people etc.

<fsasaki> .. to take into account ITS2

<fsasaki> .. so that people don't finish in 2014

<fsasaki> .. in 2014 should continue to work ITS2 as a group of work, in conferences etc.

<fsasaki> .. give support to companies

<fsasaki> ... if there is an active group it is easer to get adoption by clients

<fsasaki> .. if clients see a group of people who continue people supporting it

<fsasaki> dave: having a clear path is one part of the continuation

<fsasaki> .. list projects where we leverage MLW-lT

<fsasaki> .. e.g. mention projects we put in

<fsasaki> .. e..g how we use ITS in CNGL2

<fsasaki> .. can send a few points for the slides

<fsasaki> .. also, need to talk about events

<fsasaki> .. e.g. mlw workhsops, FEISGILT event etc.

<fsasaki> pedro: business side also - allowing 3rd parties to use ITS: group could provide support and consultancy

<fsasaki> dave: yes, best practices, making test suite more user friendly etc.

<fsasaki> .. list out best practices we are working on

one more call

<fsasaki> next week another call, again 1 p.m. UTC, with videos + missing slides

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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