Independent User Interface Task Force Teleconference

23 Jan 2013


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Michael_Cooper, Janina_Sajka, hober, Andy_Heath, Jason_White, +1.703.861.aaaa, Katie_Haritos_Shea, James_Craig


<trackbot> Date: 23 January 2013

<jcraig> Partial regrets. I'll be on the IRC channel but may not be able to join the call due to a conflicting meeting.

<andy> conference not open yet

<andy> probably me

<janina> Meeting: IndieUI Task Force Teleconference

<janina> Chair: Janina_Sajka

<MichaelC> scribe: Ryladog

Telecon Time Scheduling; Upcoming Calls

JS: We are in two time slots every other week
... We meet at 1 bostson 1100 zulu
... 5 Boston or 2200 zulu
... The problem will be ablout 6 weeks, and 1700 boston becomes 7am Melbourne time

AH: that works for me

JW: that could be a problem for Tokyo

JS: WE get back in sinq - the offset is goes away

AH: that is a time for me

TOC: I usually have 3pm meetings

JS: This will help with participation if we make it more regular
... Lets make the 5pm BOston the time for this call, I will put this out to the list, net call would be the 16th of Fen 2200 zulu

Events FPWD http://www.w3.org/TR/indie-ui-events/

JS: We have a done deal Public Working Drft. Please let your collqeagues know
... Latest version the URL above will take you two

User Module Update

JS: ANdy any update on the usrr modulespec?

AH: I will get it, I want to run it past GPII, I would like to get a draft out before the end of January, but that should be in time before the next call

JS: That would be good for it to take more of our call time
... WE need all the User Needs

AH: I did propose some intro text for the document. Janes is going to look at that, I am not sure he has

<jcraig> I don't think the User Context spec is ready for GPII review. We need Andy's proposed list of keys first.

AH: That is correct, I am not sending any IndieUI work to GPII
... I just want to be sure that that is consiistant. It os mostly the prefernence

<jcraig> I'm misreading the minutes then.

AH: He was going to look at the introductorry text is

<andy> Do you mean you are misreading the IRC James ?

AH: sorry James: Is it my minutes or Andys minutes you are misreading?

<jcraig> Re: Andy's intro text, I am planning to work on the UC draft in Feb.

JS: That is what we said and that KHS meant to minute

<jcraig> The part I misunderstood was "AH: I will get if [UC Draft], I want to run it past GPII, I would like to get a draft out before the end of January, but that should be in time before the next call"

<andy> What I was saying James was to run my informal work on how to style it past the GPII people for any comments on their stylistic approach - e.g they like camel case and have particular ways to represent prefs - I'm trying to harmonise where I can but I'm not running anything IndieUI past them - just my informal notes

JS: Works for me

<jcraig> Ok. It was the phrase "get a draft out before the end of January" that threw me.

JS: Where is your introductory text

AH: It was last month

JS: I found it, it is 32

<janina> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-indie-ui/2012Dec/0017.html

<janina> Above URI is Andy's proposed intro text from back in December

JS: This URL is for the Introductortu text. We will aim at discussing this next meeting. James will restle it into the first working draft for user needs module

AH: I dont think there is anything that we can discuss noe

Closed Issues https://www.w3.org/WAI/IndieUI/track/actions/closed

JS: Is it worthwhile for us to go through these two next itesm without James
... Anyine want us to go through open items

<jcraig> My meeting is wrapping up. I can join the call now.

Open Issues https://www.w3.org/WAI/IndieUI/track/actions/open

JS: We need someone to help this team with testing

Unassigned Responsibilities; Test Planning

JS: In PF we had a premature spec without testing
... Running the tests is really trivial
... Creating the supporting environments is the hard work

JC: I am here

JS: I went out of order becasue you werent here but that is fine

MC: We are going to need to think about what the test reqs are going to be and how we are going to execute the test

and iebifying test cases for that methodology, not necessarily do it themselves

the responsibility to be sutre it gets done in a timely fashion for a complete test swuit

MC: We need to build a culture of volunteers wrtining test case
... They would work with me
... Thee person we need is a teest editoe

JC: Hoefully all of our features will be automatable and reusedable
... The aspect should be publically avaiable

JS: That is what is cool ablout a webkit
... That will give us one of our implementation tequirmenets
... Name is we need a "Test Editor"
... We may need to do some recruiting for tthat. THat just means it takes us longer to get it done

AH: I may know someone from a small co who may be interested in it

JW: It would be good if it was someone who had done this kind of work before

JC: ARAI call, there is a need for the creation of testable statements - that can be done by anybody who has read the spec
... maybe we want to that later to last call working draft
... There is not a whole lot of shared work that can be doone with the simpler test cases
... The webkit for ARIA is one file - that may or may not be essily done
... First we need the testable statment craetion
... End to end test working examples, test cases like ARIA grids
... All of the test suite stuff is very usefull. I we want tp rrely on automation than we want those

JS: I dpnt no what other automated support we would have outside of weblit

MC: That is one thing that a test editor could be looking in to
... There is a value in creating some of the test cases now.

JS: It is slightly too soon to be writing the test cases, but it is the tinme to write the description for the test ediotr role
... Please talk to your friend about this as a candidate
... We have some people with some expertise or we need to recruit - it would be useful to be having someone help us
... Open Issues amd Closed Issues?

JC: Sure, let me look
... Everything that is there is straightforward events or it is about the user context - so too soon

Scribe for our Next Teleconference (on 6 February at 18:00Z)

W3C management wants us to vet our requirenents to the public

JS: When we think our req are fairly ready - then they want us to put those ideas out there for comment - earlier on then they have done in the past

JW: Does that mean that the Wiki page should be avaible for review, or a W3C document published

JS: I think that might be negotiable

MC: I would like to get to something that is better then a Wiki, it is easier
... It does not ahve to be a TR draft, it can be the Wiki but we have to have asssurances that it would not change out from other us
... I am not going to advocate either way for the momentt

JSL Annotated requirenents

JS: We are not going to handke 3D in this 1.0 version, and then plan for 3D in 2.0

MC: Identify wht is in this version and list of what we want in dot next

JW: Janina those changes should be in the Wiki before they go into the drafy. That make s the latest for this sometime in the Spring

staff contact; michael is going tp be replaced

MC: W3C ha sadded a 4th host organisations, now the new host in China a university and we have iopeneed a staff contact in China and they would be the staff contact for UNdie UI
... Not sure when that will be filled and there will be a transition

JC: China may bee a problem for that staff contact for the current IndieUI call

MC: A W3C employee would know tht they will have to deal with that

JC: I see action 34 is on Lachlan´s list - he had a problem with the user context using vendor specific keys
... Maybe you and michael could follow up with him about that

JS: Anythiong else?
... We can adjorna little bit early

michael I need to go

thank you!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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