HTML Weekly Teleconference

10 Jan 2013


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rubys, krisk


<trackbot> Date: 10 January 2013

<paulc> Jay I think you are [Microsoft]

<glenn> +Present glenn (irc only)

<jaymunro> sorry paul, was waiting for you to call first.

1. ACTION items due by Thursday, January 10

<rubys> scribenick: rubys

<scribe> scribenick: krisk

rubys: no action items due today

Next item Calls for Consensus

Their are two in progress


Which has passed


Next item is the Media Source Extensions as FPWD

This call closes on Jan 16th

Next up is Task Force Reports

First up testing task force

The last time the TTF gave progress we said we were in discussion about changing the test suite organization

The group agreed to a new structure that should help tests map to the specification

The TTF has also been working on moving from Hg to Github, though this is a work in progress

The group meets next tuesday on Jan 15th

<rubys> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/Testing#Upcoming_meetings

Any questions for the testing task force?

No questions raised

Next Accessibility Task Force

Group met and plan to propose a longdesc proposal

The group triaged a number of bugs

Other than that not too much to report back to the WG

Any questions?

No questions raised

<paulc> test

next up media task force

a CFC is out for the first working draft for the media source extension spec

The agenda for the next meeting is getting a candidate document for the encrypted media spec

Both specs have a number of bug that the meetings will triage these bugs in meetings

any questions?

none raised

Next agenda item Other Business

Proposed Disposition of Tracker Items

A number of responses


Of the bugs resolved to Ian will get assigned to the editors

The request to get adaptive images without testing needs more discussion


<rubys> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/CR

A11y TF Bugzilla component

More discussion generated no major objections

paulc: I want to see how this is being used before raising more objections


Next Spring HTML WG F2F

<paulc> Paul is concerned about having a component that is based on a TF and not on a single specification.

Date: April 24-25

Location: Bay Area

Plh working on when web apps and html will meet (could be html then web apps)

<plh> HTML: 23-24 April (Tuesday-Wednesday)

<plh> WebApps: 25-26 April (Thursday-Friday)

<plh> WAI PF is likely to be April 24-25 (Wed-Thu)

Paulc: that means the accessibility work in html would need to occur on 23rd
... ..or do a join meeting on on 24th

plh: janina can you check that these dates work (sent you an email)
... Expecting about 45 people for HTML/WebApps and 15 for WAI PF
... will create a web form to track attendance, etc..like we have done in the past

paulc: earlier the better to get this up

plh: Yes tantek I'll use the wiki

paulc: will the rooms be able to do a telconf?

plh: will check

Next Upcoming Preference Polls:

3 upcoming polls, 2 ready to be sent

Ready Preference poll on Polyglot normative status


Next one in progress Preference polls on Microdata normative status

Alt Techniques -- on hold

<plh> regrets for next meeting


Scribe for next meeting?

Rik will scribe (thanks!)


no objections meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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