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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed To help collect use-cases around key isolation Mitch Zollinger 2012-07-02 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-2 (edit) closed to start a wikipage to start collecting the use-cases for secondary features Nadim Kobeissi 2012-07-02 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Update the API proposal to reflect support for short names Ryan Sleevi 2012-07-09
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Sleevi to come back with a description of naming algorithms. Ryan Sleevi 2012-07-09
ACTION-5 (edit) closed A discussion to have a proposal for mapping strings to algorithm ojbects Ryan Sleevi 2012-07-09
ACTION-6 (edit) closed to add to spec having an attribute for making private key material accessible with default being private key material being inaccessible David Dahl 2012-07-09 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-7 (edit) closed a proposal for mapping strings (JOSE IETF work) to algorithm objects Ryan Sleevi 2012-07-09 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-8 (edit) closed and sdurbha to draft a minimal set of mandatory algorithms, ideally compatible with the strawman proposal from rsleevi David Rogers 2012-07-09 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-9 (edit) closed to produce a proposal for adding some key identification/handling methods to the API David Dahl 2012-07-09 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Sleevi to propose a strong definition of what "extractable" / "non-extractable" means Ryan Sleevi 2012-07-23
ACTION-11 (edit) closed wtc to work with channy to improve the use cases document Wan-Teh Chang 2012-07-23 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-12 (edit) closed to clarify scope of API regarding key storage and smart card use Jim Davenport 2012-07-23 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-13 (edit) closed And Arun to add missing use-cases Wan-Teh Chang 2012-09-10 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Change naming scheme to use a "createX" approach rather than just "X" Ryan Sleevi 2012-09-10 ISSUE-37
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Insert in "right place" a description of high-level example David Dahl 2012-08-20
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Add the key query mechanism to editors draft, checking in with ddahl's edit Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-20
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Review key generation and propose a way for user agents to expose unique IDs as first class Mitch Zollinger 2012-08-20 Global Unique ID
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Sleevi to propose a method for key generation that fully specifies the intended algorithm usage (eg: RSA-PSS), not just the algorithm family (eg: RSA) Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-20
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Return with report on XMLSec PAG Wendy Seltzer 2012-08-27
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Write a straw-man proposal re: incorporating "recommended" table and description of test suite Harry Halpin 2012-08-01 MUST or SHOULD
ACTION-21 (edit) closed With other browser makers, to do research/outreach on contacts and public keys David Dahl 2012-08-20
ACTION-22 (edit) closed And cjkula to describe key import/export functionality Vijay Bharadwaj 2012-08-01
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Find out status of getRandomValues in HTML5 Harry Halpin 2012-08-01
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Add section to the draft on random number generation Wan-Teh Chang 2012-08-20
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Formalize that when we have a key handle, operations on the key should apply on the source of the key Wan-Teh Chang 2012-08-01
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Review state of the art on symmetric key properties Vijay Bharadwaj 2012-08-20
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Add primary use cases to the specification Arun Ranganathan 2012-08-01 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Follow up with Facebook on signed code use case Christopher Kula 2012-08-01 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Follow up on tools with Jarred and/or others Harry Halpin 2012-09-10
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Update the editor's draft regarding ISSUE-11, based on harry's suggestion to add informative suggestion Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-13 storage attribute
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Storage of key and parameters in different locations Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-27 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Propose text/API to the mailing list to address ISSUE-14 Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-20 ISSUE-14
ACTION-33 (edit) closed text proposal for key pair handling Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-27 Keypair
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Add explicit language to clarify that Key object attributes are persistent to keys. the is consistent between browsing contexts Ryan Sleevi 2012-08-27 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Talk to adrian bateman re IE implementation of getRandomValues Harry Halpin 2012-08-27
ACTION-36 (edit) closed key exchange with DH Mark Watson 2012-08-28 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Rename SHA-2-* to just SHA-* Wan-Teh Chang 2012-08-29 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Write some non-normative text about pre-shared keys Mark Watson 2012-09-03
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Sample code Asad Ali 2012-09-03 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Propose text for scope section about smart card Asad Ali 2012-09-04 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Propose text for key neutering Ryan Sleevi 2012-09-04 key neutering
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Normative description of the algorithm for key generation, derivation, importing, and exporting Ryan Sleevi 2012-09-14 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Write some sample code David Dahl 2012-09-13 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-44 (edit) closed addition of 'netflix use cases' in the draft API in section 2 Ryan Sleevi 2012-09-12 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-45 (edit) closed And wseltzer to move the Editors Draft to TR space and communicate to the, the Director, and Comms Team over the FPWD publication Harry Halpin 2012-09-17
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Create use-case document space for Arun Harry Halpin 2012-09-17
ACTION-47 (edit) closed [admin] Questionnaire on new time slot for conf calls Virginie GALINDO 2012-09-25
ACTION-48 (edit) closed FPWD communication - inform IETF JOSE WG about publication Michael Jones 2012-09-25
ACTION-49 (edit) closed FPWG communication - inform CFRJ Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn 2012-09-25
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Issue Structuration - reshape issue domains to include key/access control/attribute Virginie GALINDO 2012-09-25
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Building value proposition about Web Crypto API Virginie GALINDO 2012-09-26
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Add text as regards security considerations for algorithms Ryan Sleevi 2012-10-01
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Write some text around CSP and Web Security model Harry Halpin 2012-10-01
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Draft security considerations David Dahl 2012-10-15
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Write proposal for ISSUE-27 Wan-Teh Chang 2012-10-15 aes ctr
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Fix broken API link Ryan Sleevi 2012-10-29
ACTION-58 (edit) closed And Mark to work on proposal for ISSUE-12 Wan-Teh Chang 2012-11-12 usability for Web Crypto API
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Update the formats to remove PKCS#1 and add SPKI Ryan Sleevi 2012-11-08 usability for Web Crypto API
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Specify text that makes it clear we do not specify any particular Web storage mechanism, but we use a Web storage mechanism rather than an independent key storage object Ryan Sleevi 2012-11-08
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Determine if a generic algorithm procedure is necessary for his use-case Mountie Lee 2012-11-08
ACTION-62 (edit) closed (and others) to bring back functions and a draft WebIDL for the higher-level API David Dahl 2012-12-03
ACTION-63 (edit) closed And tlr to handle any concerns from public and communications about WG's work Virginie GALINDO 2012-11-09
ACTION-65 (edit) closed JOSE liaison about the possibility of new format to be defined Michael Jones 2012-11-19
ACTION-66 (edit) closed define use cases for wrap/unwrap feature Mark Watson 2012-11-19 wrapping
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Legal aspects with respect to national directives Virginie GALINDO 2012-12-19 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Public Key discovery on website David Dahl 2012-11-19 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Alignment of API and Use case specifications Arun Ranganathan 2012-11-19 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Propose language on relation between WebCryptoAPI and use cases Virginie GALINDO 2012-12-17
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Update Use Cases to conform to Pub Rules Arun Ranganathan 2012-12-24
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Update ED to Pub Rules for next WD Ryan Sleevi 2012-12-24
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Contact PING over privacy Harry Halpin 2013-01-28
ACTION-75 (edit) closed And wseltzer to prepare extension request for 6 months Harry Halpin 2013-02-11
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Make sure Microsoft can make Wednesday morning Harry Halpin 2013-04-22
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Write informative text recommending CSP Ryan Sleevi 2013-04-30 ISSUE-21
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Write up a use case for the origin sharing Mountie Lee 2013-04-30
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Write up use case for the pre-provisioned key discovery use case Karen Lu 2013-04-30
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Describe we're not storing key material itself in IDB Ryan Sleevi 2013-04-30
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Vgb and jimsch to discuss key generation/derivation/agreement Richard Barnes 2013-05-21 derivation
ACTION-85 (edit) closed And vgb to propose a means for auto-generating IVs in 3 weeks Richard Barnes 2013-05-21
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Update result to be ArrayBuffer than ArrayBufferView Ryan Sleevi 2013-04-30
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Review syntactic sugar overloads for taking (ArrayBuffer and ArrayBufferView) Ryan Sleevi 2013-04-30
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Add in wrap/unwrap as "feature at risk" to low-level Ryan Sleevi 2013-05-01
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Add JOSE use case Arun Ranganathan 2013-05-01
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Add caveats showing that web crypto WG is only addressing a subset of some use cases Arun Ranganathan 2013-05-01
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Add BrowserID use case to use cases document Arun Ranganathan 2013-05-01
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Document a cross-origin use case for webcrypto Arun Ranganathan 2013-05-01
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Get review of dictionary/WebIDL problem from TAG and/or WebApps Ryan Sleevi 2013-05-20 usability for Web Crypto API
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Get review of ArrayBuffer/ArrayBufferView problem from TAG and/or WebApps Ryan Sleevi 2013-05-20 usability for Web Crypto API
ACTION-100 (edit) closed creation of a wiki section dedicated to test activity Virginie GALINDO 2013-07-14
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Publish new editor's draft due June 3 Ryan Sleevi 2013-06-03 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-102 (edit) closed And wendy/harry to get clarity on status of futures Virginie GALINDO 2013-06-03
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Ping Privacy Interest Group to put Key Discovery in radar before we go to next publication Harry Halpin 2013-06-03
ACTION-107 (edit) closed With markw to make sure it goes through WD via W3C TR Harry Halpin 2013-07-29
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Clarify that use case document will be a note from the Web Crypto WG Arun Ranganathan 2013-07-29 Web Cryptography Use-cases
ACTION-113 (edit) closed And wseltzer to ping systeam to push Use-cases and Key Discovery out Harry Halpin 2013-08-12
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Clarify the editorship of Web Crypto API spec Virginie GALINDO 2013-12-23 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Strawman proposal prioritizing bugs to address for the next version of Web Crypto API Virginie GALINDO 2013-12-23

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