ITS Test Suite Webinar

04 Dec 2012

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Yves_, DomJones, kfrische, Nieves, Philip_ODuffy_UL, leroy, thomas, Declan, igor_ignatyuk, Ankit, Renat, Fredrik_L, milan, mdelolmo, pnietoca
Dominic Jones


Scribe Yves

<scribe> ScribeNick: yves_

<DomJones_> We'll wait until 14.05 to start

DomJones: We will start soon
... checking that we have one each partner
... will run high level of the test suite
... then Leroy will run some example code
... we provide the gold file
... you provide your output, which must match the gold
... some data categories have many implementers, other only just enough
... we need at least TWO per data category
... otherwise the data category is dropped
... I will send links to the test suite
... you need to get the input and gold
... generate your output from the input
... and compare against the gold
... the output is in a 'standard' format
... conformance is illustrated by a proper output
... color show the stage of the tests
... we will have a test page showing the results
... we will not diff all your files
... but rely on your honesty
... end of January we hope to be at stage 2
... key dates:
... review of the test files (ongoing)
... today: webinar
... M2 before Christmas break: at least one file passes for each data category

M3 end of January: all test should run

scribe: but may not be conformant

M4, early march 2013: most test conformant

M5: march 15 for the MLW-LT review
... at 80% done
... now example from Leroy

leroy: here is an example of an input file
... we parse it, apply the rules
... and generate the test result
... in this example we use an intermediate XSL file
... and an intermediate XML
... then we convert to ITS 2.0
... the example was done based on example from 1.0
... then we do a XSL transfor to the tab-delimited file
... the gold format is described in the output guidelines
... tab-delimited
... attributes must be in alphabeticall order
... have a utility to do the sorting if you need
... the data cat info is alo in alphabetical order
... have a utility for the sort for that too
... name of info uses XML attribute names

Phil: what is the last point?

leroy: need to use XML name because we have same name regardless of the input
... whether it's XML or HTML
... will post the link to the example code
... it's on GitHub
... an example for Language information, for XML only
... uses XML parser (Saxon) but you can use another
... uses also Ant
... uses XLink in this example to link the rules with the input file
... uses several XSL template for the transforms
... java code simply triggers the XSL templates and Ant
... one function tidy up the XSL output
... sort the paths and the information
... also normalizes the information names
... and then write the output

DomJones: any question?


scribe: will circulate the slides after the webinar
... Now, what can we do to help you?
... updating input and output files
... but can't help you with your process
... send bug to test mailing list
... with a [bug] prefix in the subject
... Lucy? Tilde? Adobe? Shuan?
... will have a recording of the presentation
... any questions?

Fredrik_L: what about the filename in the Google list

leroy: will have the filename
... we will update the input from the latest draft
... as well as the output

DomJones: were waiting for the stable draft

Fredrik_L: any example of the standoff markup output?

leroy: did asked about it a while ago
... no answer so far
... so we can have an email thread for this

DomJones: thanks for attending
... will send an email with links
... keep key dates in mind

leroy: also key questions
... important to get those answer ASAP

rssagent, draft minutes

<DomJones_> Yves, can you generate minutes for me?

rssagent, draft agent

Summary of Action Items

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