eGov IG 16 November 2012

16 Nov 2012

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<bhyland> good morning all

<GwynSutherlin> I think I'm an IP caller too

<Jeanne_Holm> Um, me too.

<Jeanne_Holm> Good day all.

<bgryth> Good day all

<bhyland>  Agenda

<bhyland> • 0800-0810: Open Data Kickoff (Jeanne Holm)

<bhyland> • 0810-0830: 2012 TPAC Overview (Bernadette Hyland)

<bhyland> ◦ TPAC 2012: http://3roundstones.com/2012/11/08/tpac-2012-liberte-and-the-open-web-platform/

<bhyland> ◦ TPAC 2012: http://3roundstones.com/2012/11/08/tpac-2012-4-days-of-open-web-standards-nouvelle-cuisine/

<bhyland> • 0830-0855: OpenColorado (Brian Gryth)

<bhyland> • 0855-0920: Plans for Summarizing eGov Discussions (Daniel Bennett)

<bhyland> • 0920-0930: Call for session on open data at http://www2013.org/ (Jeanne Holm)

ISWC info at http://iswc2012.semanticweb.org/

<GannonDick> I have no idea what I'm doing

Summary of ISWC2012, ISWC, ISWC12

<Jeanne_Holm> The keynote I gave is online already at http://www.slideshare.net/jeanneholm1/iswc-2012-keynote

<Jeanne_Holm> Gannon...follow what I do...

<GannonDick> got it

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: ISWC2012 was very good, every other poster session referenced linked data, which was a change

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Previously was OWL, inferencing, and was more about big data and scaling

<GannonDick> bhyland: half from Europe

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Largely European, next Asia, next US--but clearly global impact. Perhaps 700+ at the conference

<Jeanne_Holm> :-)

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Big projects, large scale, commercial projects as well

<bgryth> yeah iTirage

<Jeanne_Holm> iTriage was started by two doctors from Colorado

Jeanne_Holm: Thanks everyone who has been participating in the last 3 months or so
... Trying to get people from different and diverse countries
... we've concluded proceedings on social media for now. Daniel is going to talk about how we're going to craft an actual W3C Note from that

Plans for topic or Open data

Jeanne_Holm: Talks coming up on aggregating and using open data
... starting with broad scale over views and we'll then get into more specifics
... we can extend the series as long as the group wants us to

Bernadette Hyland on TPAC 2012

<Jeanne_Holm> I got it Phil...

<bhyland>  TPAC 2012: http://3roundstones.com/2012/11/08/tpac-2012-liberte-and-the-open-web-platform/

<bhyland>     ◦    TPAC 2012: http://3roundstones.com/2012/11/08/tpac-2012-4-days-of-open-web-standards-nouvelle-cuisine/

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: At TPAC 2012 this year eGov and Gov Linked Data groups did not have a formal event, although they did last year

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: The technical plenary and advisory committee (TPAC) is where the 380 member organizations have a chance to impact the priorities of the W3C

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: W3C staff can also share what is going on with the overall organization. Each member company (like IBM or Oracle) gets one representative.

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: W3C put on an amazing event and the blogs posted above contain my notes

Pretty much any and all praise for the organisation of TPAC is due to the rather wonderful Alex http://www.w3.org/People/all#alex

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Jeff''s key point was that the W3C is in early phase of adoption and was grounded that there is a lot to be done

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Big project with focus is HTML5 but won't be published formally as a standard until 2014

Web Platform http://www.webplatform.org/

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Web developers of all kinds should have a place on the web where they can get access to documentation (Doug Shepherd?) which is the clearing house

<Jeanne_Holm> correction: Web Platform as noted

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: There is a Department of Education grant to the W3C for the person to help lead the accessibility group--very cool and impressive with the number of people who are producing the platform at all levels of abilities

Worth noting that our Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are cited in the legislation of several countries (as well as more in gov guidelines)

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Extraordinary experience, who's who of thought leaders, not academic like ISWC. You should definitely participate and plan to attend when able. Well honed W3C infrastructure.

Community Groups and Business Groups have replaced Incubator Groups as the quick start, lightweight process for bringing/airing work at W3C

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Community groups are new to W3C--if someone has an idea for something (like Henry Story on WebID) and gets 5 people to agree, then they can propose a community.

<Daniel_Bennett> Jenni Tennison did a great key note about linking RDF, JSON as well as HTML and XML

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: JSON developers proposed a spec for working with linked data as an example (had been initiated by a community group)

-> JSON-LD Community Group http://www.w3.org/community/json-ld/

->emerging JSON-LD syntax spec http://www.w3.org/TR/json-ld-syntax/

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Great way for companies to be able to contribute to the open web platform

<Daniel_Bennett> video by Jenni Tennison about linking RDF, JSON, HTML, and XML http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K_CAiVyqTQ

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Big emphasis was on HTML5, mobile support and devices, and the Open Web Platform

<GannonDick> jalapenos for pizza available ?

Ooh, thanks Daniel_Bennett I've not seen that

<bhyland> #1 theme from Gov't breakout was:

<bhyland> Everyone wants ROI stories for publication & consumption of Linked Data.

<bhyland> #2 - Common problem is overwhelming government officials with tech speak. Consider having a template from which internal champions can pull language:

<bhyland> • Financial benefits

<bhyland> • Social responsibility benefits

<bhyland> • Legal & regulatory benefits

<bhyland> • Technical benefits

<bhyland> #3 theme - Need to document on W3C site compelling applications using Linked Data are critical, beef up SWEO concept & bring it up to date for LD deployments in the wild.  This will help Gartner too.

<Jeanne_Holm> http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/images/d/d6/Gryth_OpenData_eGov.ppt

Jeanne_Holm: Thanks Bernadette. We're seeing real traction on data across the board - good stuff!

Brian Gryth on Open Data

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: The vision of Open Colorado is that we are looking to support transformation that is happening in goverment that will be more beautiful, simply and easy to use

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We are created to help make that happen

slide 3

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Education, tools, and partnerships are the focus

Slide 4

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Education = W3C, Code for America, OKF involvement, plus CGATE, which is open government at local levels

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: DenverCog--regional group that works with governments to free up the data

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: OpenColorado helps to host data as well

<Jeanne_Holm> Colorado Municipal League--city managers and attorneys, presentations on what open government is and touching on open data and policies that are needed

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Social media trainings, and CityCamps--last one in October and a combo conference/unconference

<Jeanne_Holm> http://opencolorado.org/citycamp-colorado/

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: The tool component is at http://data.opencolorado.org

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We look at how to make data findable and get it out. We have Denver, Arvada, Boulder, Castlerock, and counties of Denver and Boulder. A CKAN instance from OKF.

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Went with CKAN based on Data.gov.uk model of using open source platform and tools (US Data.gov was custom built at that time)

<Jeanne_Holm> (Personal note: Data.gov released open source code on Github now too ;-) https://github.com/opengovplatform

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: First city camp had a lot of CEOs and CIOs saying that data was open, but didn't know how to go to the next step with policies

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We sat down and wrote a policy based on President Obama's open government directive and created a model policy that looked at the ways to create a policy

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Cook County adopted as well as others

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Technology + policy component

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We are a small group and this is not our main jobs, so we need help to build capacity and we partner with governments

we're now on slide 6

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: A lot of gov attorneys do not know about IP, but there is a shift now and we are helping them understand about open record requests, digital material, and trademarks and open data and open gov

<bhyland> @bgryth, do you want to take questions interleaved or at end?

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: At same time as this CityCamp, there was Denver StartUp week and we ran events on civic innovation http://denverstartupweek.com/

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Had an apps challenge and got two winners: Open Bike (bike lockers, thefts, paths) lets people create and rate bike routes (overview at http://opencolorado.org/citycamp-colorado-2012-presenters/)

<GwynSutherlin> Indy needs an app like that. they are bike/car planning challenged

Apps around bicyle usage is interesting. How do you comment on a point of interest along the route? i.e. how do you represent a POI I wonder

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Second winner: Displaying and visualizing the data around crime

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Next focus is on rural communities that may not have digital literacy or technologies, they give a lot back to the big cities, so how to help each other

<GwynSutherlin> internet access in rural US is worse than in middle of amazon

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We are creating an Adopt a City program (slide 7) that over 4 years helps rural cities get up and running through training and mentorship

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Code for Communities: odeforcommunities.org

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Code for communities: http://codeforcommunities.org

<bgryth> denver-wiki.org

<Jeanne_Holm> http://denver-wiki.org

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Storify on CityCamp: http://storify.com/michelehovet/citycampco-2012.

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Host to Host a City Camp: http://www.govtech.com/govgirl/How-to-Host-a-CityCamp.html

<bhyland> whew! Does bgryth breath??

<GannonDick> don't think so

bhyland: Are you one of the oldest city open gov data efforts?

<Jeanne_Holm> (Gannon--are you up for scribing the next talk?)

bgryth: We're first to adopt CKAN in the USA

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We started using CKAN in 2010

bgryth: we're one of the older ones

<GannonDick> trying jeanne can't type fst enough

<Jeanne_Holm> bhyland: Questions: would it make sense to get a funded model? Have you surveyed or gotten seed funding?

bhyland: Huge achievements so far, but hwo about getting funding so it moves out of the willing volunteer sphere

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: We have some funding to support website

bgryth: We have some funding for the hosting (on Amazon)

<Jeanne_Holm> Thanks!

bgryth: We're going to have to look at different models. WE have a lot of partners. Denver almost doubled our catalogue. DRCOG is the largest and we're getting that by scraping their site
... need to look at improving that
... right now it's free for the gov. We'd like to change that
... need a more sustainable model
... got ideas on working with other portals. Want to integrate across not just catalogues bu catalogue platforms
... the 6 of us that do this are running at capacity. We need help

bhyland: The other comment I'd make... I work on getting federal data published. Screen scraped data is likely to back fire as it is brittle
... no thought about licences, URI persistence etc.
... feels like a bunch of enthusiastic university folk. Needs broader/state/federal level support
... I want to help make it more sustainable

bgryth: I agree... we want to make sure that we do what you're saying
... needs to become sustainable
... I don't want it to become like a box ticking exercise with no commitment
... they need to put resources behind it

<bhyland> It is *really* important that our open government data efforts are implemented in a sustainable manner, with OSI-approved Open Licenses are associated with data sets, and other key metadata about publication frequency, disclaimers, etc

<bhyland> … and well considered Web architecture

<bhyland> … and done in a scalable manner that avoid data duplication

bgryth: For the hackathon, we didn't give prize money, we got a management firm to give them their kind of help to help them be more sustainable


<Jeanne_Holm> PhilA2: Interesting to see the different perspective where there is investment in the UK and here in Colorado it's a volunteer effort for OpenColorado

<Jeanne_Holm> PhilA2: Are there standards you wish existed if people would use them?

<bhyland> RE: W3C Government Linked Data Standards …

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: There are a lot of organizations looking at the problems around this

<Jeanne_Holm> bgryth: Trying to form a CKAN association and then work with the W3C

<bhyland> @ggryth - I'd invite you to consider discussing / contributing some of the lessons learned about managing datasets to help it become codified in a W3C published Best Practices doc ...

<Jeanne_Holm> (Daniel--are you set?)

<bhyland> bgryth: License 

<bhyland> Select the license under which the data is released.OpenColorado recommends either of the following licenses:http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Daniel Bennett Plans for Summarizing eGov Discussions

<bgryth> Thanks everyone!

See wiki http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Plans

<Daniel_Bennett> http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Plans

<bhyland> @pgryth, thank you for a very comprehensive dive on Open Colorado, great work! Very interesting, thank you.

Daniel_Bennett: The idea is that for each of these, we'll have a meeting to get us towards a concrete/finsihed product. These will be separate from the monthly eGov IG meetings
... Series of Meetings

Whiteboard/Ideas session




First Draft Deadline

Executive Summary/One pager

Editorial Session for content

Editorial Session for accessibility, proofing, readability

W3C vetting

Daniel_Bennett: Delegation - volunteers often dry up so here's where we get people to commit to deliver a section
... that will tell us how real this is


<bhyland> Who is the target audience for this writeup?

We can be quick when we have to be, honestly...

<bhyland> @Daniel_Bennett … can you provide the 50,000' view of what you're aiming to achieve with this writeup please?

Daniel_Bennett: We may use the wiki or we may have a secretary (prob me) who will collect text in whatever format and add it to the wiki

<Jeanne_Holm> Target audience is for the larger community of eGov people who are not actually on the calls themselves.

Daniel_Bennett: I think having a checklist for gov workers is important
... it can be something generic enough for everyone to use and can be tailored to specific circumstances

<Jeanne_Holm> Daniel_Bennett: Have a menu for social media to broaden the possibilities

<Jeanne_Holm> http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Checklist_for_Social_Media

<bhyland> @Jeanne_Holm, so is it a summary of all the eGov meetings or a work product like a best practices doc?

Daniel_Bennett: The idea is that there is a process - rules etc. on how they do things. So first thing would be to draw a diagram of how they do things in that department

<Jeanne_Holm> Bhyland--a work product that will highlight some best practices (not to be an exhaustive research project) and the important things for gov implementers and those in the field to be aware of based on research and implementations presented from our group.

<bhyland> @jeanne_holm, thanks, understand.

Daniel_Bennett: Then any legal issues. The federal gov has a specific contract. Others might have similar things to deal with. Accessibility, privacy etc.
... May be rules on moderation
... May be rules on publishing government communications, activities etc.
... In the whiteboard session I can look at the different layers so folks can see who they'll need to talk to
... Moves on to the menu http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Menu_for_Social_Media

<Jeanne_Holm> q

Daniel_Bennett: Hoping to have a meeting every 2 weeks to make progress. Hope people are interested to lend a hand

Jeanne_Holm: I just want to mention a couple of things. You've done some of these before - I like the framework
... You didn't volunteer to do everything.

Daniel_Bennett: I volunteered to do the social media one

Jeanne_Holm: We're looking for volunteers for this but also to do the same thing for the open data series as well

Daniel_Bennett: Any questions or, better still, offers of help?

<Jeanne_Holm> Please make sure to include me on the meeting for social media write up!

Daniel_Bennett: I'll take help from outsdie the Interest Group!

bhyland: I would encourage at least quarterly attendance for some folk here in the GLD Working Group http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/

<Jeanne_Holm> These are great meetings and I enoucrage people to attend as well. I attend as able.

bhyland: The vocab discussions may not be the ones of greatest interest but the best practice meetings would be - procurement, publishing etc.

brand: In a broader perspective... all this work with government open data and linked data should have started in a different way. Should have started with most interesting data and then move other data sets to the same direction

<Jeanne_Holm> Brand: This should have started in a different way with the best data from the gov agencies in the best standards and then to move the rest of the data that way.

brand: We tried to make data.gov that way but it ended up essentially being an IT project
... I'm writing a paper for the Japanese government. They started with CKAN. I've been asked to take the statistical data they have and put that into a standardised linked data format as well as the CKAN data
... It's all about trying to take the best data a country has first and then get the open data to match

WWW2013 Brazil

Jeanne_Holm: Are we interested in organising a session on eGov/Open data?
... It could be based on the social media Note that we should have published by then, possibly the one on open data by then too
... If we can come together in the coming weeks and see who wants to be involved - it's a good opportunity for the group

General call for help with flights

<bhyland> PhilA2: The W3C staff involved in Society & Technology Activity believe the tech stack is nearly complete.

<bgryth> @bhyland - we would be happy to discuss lessons learned. Let me know how you'd like to do that.

<Jeanne_Holm> PhilA2: OKF and UK ODI event on Open Data on the Web: use, discovery, find it programmatically, vocabulary development

<bhyland> Next requirements involve: #1 - Validation; #2 - Programmatic & developer access & re-use of data; #3 - Vocabulary development (some being done in W3C GLD WG), looking to consider more 'crowd sourced' approaches ...

<Jeanne_Holm> PhilA2: This is just tentative and may happen

European data Forum 2013 http://2013.data-forum.eu/

<bhyland> European Data Forum, 9-10 April in Dublin Ireland … all about open data + Linked Data

<bhyland> Yeah!

Jeanne_Holm: Next meeting at this time is on 14th Dec
... Rufus Pollock is scheduled for the next IG meeting which is on 26th Nov 09:00GMT - bad for US folk, sorry
... Brain Handspicker has volunteered to scribe next time.

<bhyland> @jeanne-holm, perhaps a 15 debrief on GLD WG including community directory work makes sense … a brief on what we've completed in last 16 mos & plan for remaining months of our charter (7 mos).

<Daniel_Bennett> thanks Jeanne. volunteers can list their names on the Plans wiki page or email me daniel@citizencontact.com