24 Sep 2012

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Coralie, Ian, Chaals, Olivier
Virginie, Robin


<koalie_> Summary of previous meeting (2012-09-14)

General check-in

<Ian> Olivier: Rather not do it [chair interview] here yet.

<Ian> IJ: Who has signed up?

<Ian> Olivier: Everybody.

<ot> (oh dear)

<Ian> http://www.w3.org/wiki/ModernGuide

<Zakim> koalie, you wanted to report on your action

[Coralie started looking at Project Management Training TOC and content of /Guide. Ian indicates this is Virginie's action. item. Ian recharacterizes ACTION-3]


[on access level]

OT: I recall we had trouble figuring what required to stay member-only, what can be made public

IJ: for example, if it's a message somebody sent on a non-public archive, I wouldn't make that example public
... a quick scan... very little should not be public
... Olivier, when you talk to chairs, showing the toc of project management training isn't a bad idea, see what they feel is missing [Olivier indicates it was part of his plan already]
... would next week same time work for you, ot and coralie?

[works for me]

OT: wfm

chaals: possible regrets for 1-Oct


<Zakim> chaals, you wanted to suggest that "maintaining a document" should be there

<Ian> Q. Where can I publish my document?

<Ian> ...use of git hub, ok to use some system that requires external login, what other tools

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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