Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

13 Jun 2012

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Vivienne, Shawn, Peter, Shadi, Yeliz, Christos, Giorgio, Klaus
Simon, Joshue, Yehya


Mobile Topic Update (Final Papers, Registration, Panel Questions)

Shadi is now giving mobile topic update

Shadi: we opened registrations
... Registrations was filled in 24 hours
... some people could not register
... some people traditionally dropped out, so we probably have more space
... we probably need to look for alternative

we have live captions, transcripts afterwords

Papers are now online

however there are still some papers to be updated

some email me updated versions that need updating

We should ideally get all the papers with the updates

yeliz: simon handling it through paper system
... people were saying 1000 words was not enough
... simon agreed they could go beyond that
... need to discuss this

shadi: I agree with that observation that 1000 words was not enough
... we will need to discuss that as well

shadi, I will send out the logistics to people, and it would be good to have an idea about when the papers will be ready

peter: Simon send an email to us asking about 1000 words limit

shadi: lets have this discussion later
... we shoudl have at some point a bigger debriefing session at some point

<peter> sure - sounds good shadi

vivienne: how many people we can have in the webinar?

shadi: we have 55 phone lines
... I asked them if we can have more lines
... but we already have more than 55 lines
... from our previous experiences, around 15-20 percent doesnt show up

vivienne: what kind of alternatives we have?

shadi: we can look into this, may be sponsors, etc.
... this is W3C meeting system and we cannot use all the lines
... we need to look into this, may be finding an optimal time, etc, sponsors

vivienne: if it will be that popular, then we need to look into this

shadi: despite what we have written on the call
... people who registered they think this is a tutorial, education webinar
... most people said we can publicise their names
... w3c audiance is mainly developers not researchers

scribe: I will send the call out hinglighting that this is not a tutorial
... this is a research symposium

shawn: I can help you out wording the call
... it is still welcoming but it's clear that it is not a tutorial so people do not drop out after 15 miutes

<shawn> WAI IG email, W3C home page, WAI home page, WAI RSS feed, twitter

shadi: I sent it to WAI-IG and to past participants
... I did not send it to other lists, as I did not know how advocates would see this
... we need to look into coordination of sending the call out

<vivienne> plus of course those of us who forwarded it on as well

shawn: how long did it take for the last one to fill up the available spaces?

shadi: more or less in same amount of time
... we need to look at carefully how to release the announcements
... we need to talk to Simon about this how to coordinate the promotion of the call, especially avoiding multiple calls
... questions for the panelists, discussion is going to take place
... next week is the last call we have before the actual symposium

<shawn> +1 to objectives and goals for what want to get out of the symposium

shadi: it would be good if we all go through the questions that you would like to ask to participants
... I would like to propose that the next weeks meeting dedicated to discussing the questions/goals that will be asked in the symposium

peter: this sounds good to me

<giorgio> +1

<shawn> Yeliz: already have goals & objectives from the main symposium info -- the research questions

<peter> we could talk about it offline?

shadi: given the papers, we might have different approaches, questions to ask
... I will suggest Simon to dedicate the next weeks call to discuss the questions and how you would like to approach answering these questions
... anybody have any thoughts/updates on this?

<peter> nope :-)

yeliz: no

Text Customization Topic Update (Pre-Call Announcement, Timeline)

shadi: we had the precall anouncements go out yesterday
... shawn did not want this to be confused with the mobile call

<shawn> Distribution lists: http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists

shadi: should and how can be promote it?
... we need to look into the timeline, etc

<shawn> Timeline: http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Topic_3_Timeline

and look into the relationship between this and easy to read


shadi: anything you would like to discuss?

shawn: we currently use WAI lists, twitter
... should I go ahead and send the precall to all these lists
... should we do it someway that the call is not duplicated, etc
... we could have a table in the wiki and fill in the places that we have conducted
... I am OK with either way, but I would like to get feedback from the group

shadi: question1: how heavily do we want to distribute the pre-call right now?
... pros of distrubting it widely is that people can start to plan ahead
....cons: we are going to create noise
... some poeple are OK with this as they can ignore the noise but some people hate

<shawn> [the Text Customization for Readability pre-call includes "A related upcoming symposium will address broader readability topics including easy-to-read language,..."]

vivienne: if you are working on a paper then you dont mind receiving the call from different places
... the danger is if you miss the call

<shawn> [ potential announcements per symposium: 1. pre-call, 2. call, 3. submission deadline 4. symposium registration ]

vivienne: it is better to hear it two three times rather than not seeing it at all

<shawn> yeliz: important milestones go to all the lists in the wiki page

shawn: I don't have strong opinions either way
... we don;t have to do precall
... there might be one call in between, or there might be three in between
... I am aware of the noise, but then the RDWG is new and it would be good to make it visible over those lists

shadi: branding and marketing

shawn: we would be sending this to precall and discuss it for the following seminars
... we have to be careful with the overlaps
... timing is important

<shawn> yeliz: pre-call goes to WAI IG, they get a priviledge

<shawn> ... there are a lot of lists and I would get them all

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say WAI IG is not mostly reasearchers and to say maybe some but not all

shawn: WAI IG list is not mostly researchers
... I appreciate that it is privileaged - although we don't need that for WAI IG list
... what if we look at the lists and see the overlaps

<shawn> Yeliz: privilege idea comes from W4A - we send info first to past participants

shadi: one of the key question is that are there any mailing lists in this Wiki page that are very relevant?
... Shawn have already forwarding this to other people

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists

shawn: should we send the precall to some of the mailing lists here or none?

shadi: how do we identify the right lists?


I can do this

shadi: somebody need to organise this page into tabular format?

<shawn> [/me asks for now a recommendation from folks on the call if there are a couple of lists we want to send the precall to ]

<peter> sure

<Klaus> yes, we can

<peter> though did yeliz just volunteer?

<peter> oh sorry - sure

<shadi> ACTION: peter to restructure http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists in a tabular format [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/06/13-rd-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-30 - Restructure http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists in a tabular format [on Peter Thiessen - due 2012-06-20].

<peter> sure sounds good

shadi: let shawn know if there are lists that are relevant to the upcoming seminar

vivienne: what is the purpose of the precall?
... often it is short time to put something together after you get the cal

<shawn> +1 to Vivienne, pre-call is to be an early alert so they have more time.

vivienne: we need to target the precall to researchers
... how can we target the right researchers?

shawn: it is quite important to answer this question

<vivienne> sounds good. If we all try to reach researchers, that should be good

<giorgio> giorgio suggest to invest the scientific comittee members - they should have a good network

shawn: I wonder if we can come up with an acceptable decision

shawn, you know the lists well that you are registered

<shawn> yeliz: specific lists that usually would get a full call, rather than pre-call

<shawn> shawn: you know the lists well that you are registered. some might be appropriate for pre-call and others not

<shadi> [Name - Address - Brief Description - Target Audience - Good for sending Pre-Call-for-Papers? - Good for sending Call for Papers? - RDWG Participant(s) willing to forward messages to]

<peter> sure noted

shadi, it would be useful to have a table in this format so that people can fill that out

<shawn> [ plus a column for upcoming announcements?]

and we can use it for the following symposium

shadi: I think we will need to have a general information one and one specific to each symposium


<shawn> [ /me also notes we should send it to the RDWG mialing list ;-) /me will do this]

shadi: any suggestion on how to go ahead with this
... any other lists that you would like to include, etc

shawn: nothing has changed so I haven't updated the timeline
... this timeline was developed back in 8th of March, so I am kind of guessing we need to move everything ahead

shadi: another thing we should look at timelines
... I think we need to be careful with the timelines
... we need to have much lengthier timeline
... we need to have lengthier timeline, not much!
... Klaus is going to put the details into Wiki
... Not next week but Klaus please notify the list

Other Updates

shadi: I have worked with the editors to clean up HTML, and it will out hopefully in the next week or so
... we are getting all the approvals, etc
... any other issues?

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: peter to restructure http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists in a tabular format [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/06/13-rd-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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