WebCrypto Public Meeting

07 May 2012




<ddahl> ddahl waves

<tl> Oh hey, Zakim remembers me this time.

<tl> I am unable to speak for several minutes at least.

<melvster> hi all, just lurking ... good luck with the group! :)

<rbarnes> how do i tell which Zakim person i am?

<ddahl> Zakim: aabb is ddahl

<tl> Zakim can't be "Zakim: thing"'d, only "Zakim, think"'d

<christopherkula> me = Chris Kula, Oakland, CA. Web Developer working on browser crypto issues for auth and publication/signature purposes: still on a techie high after IIW last week... : )

<zooko> I've joined.

<zooko> I've muted my mic to prevent others from hearing echo back from me.

<scribe> scribenick: wseltzer

<harry> scribe: wseltzer

<harry> scribenick: wseltzer

<harry> Public Meeting W3C WebCrypto convened

<rbarnes> hm, i might be misidentified

<zooko> +1.303.543.aaff is me.

<smc> +1.619.200.aaaa is me.

<w3C> Hi, this is Craig Heath, also on the voice bridge

<w3C> (I need to change my nick!)

<christopherkula> I'm on the phone but muted.

<tl> I'm Tom Lowenthal, Mozilla [but must remain silent for a few minutes]

<tl> I'm in 609.

<w3C> Craig Heath back in

<w3C> (dammit nick didn't change)

<christopherkula> 510-387-xxxx is me

<bryan> grrr

<bryan> thx

<CraigH> Aha, that's better. No idea what my area code will show as, I'm coming in from Skype.

Virginie: Welcome to the WebCrypto public meeting.
... Agenda review.
... Updates on W3C process and current status of deliverables.
... Questions.
... No decisions will be made here. No IP commitments or endorsements.
... Just brief exposure to the WG's work, use cases, questions.
... Please "q+" if you want to speak, and are on IRC.
... Please introduce yourself briefly (name, organization) when speaking.

Web Crypto WG history

Virginie: Gemalto joined W3C 6 months ago; lots of discussion about identity.

<rbarnes> likewise, rbarnes is not me, i'm rbarnes.a

Virginie: ID discussions led to discussions of crypto, what minimum crypto would help
... Charter approved last month.


<rbarnes> thanks harry

Virginie: WG's first official conference call will take place next week
... So you still have time to join.

<harry> people may also want to see the workshop report from the "Identity in the Browser" workshop: http://www.w3.org/2011/identity-ws/

<harry> that this work came from

<rbarnes> how do i get in the queue to ask a question?

<Suresh> Virginie: this is a public call and therefore no IP commitments of any type

harry: Points to Identity in the Browser workshop
... IEs, we have applications and hope for approvals by end of week.

WG Scope and deliverables

<harry> rbarnes, yes - we will announce the calls over the public list

<harry> 24 hours ahead of time at least

<harry> and the calls should be regular

<rbarnes> ok, thanks

Virginie: Use cases described in charter; authentication, integrity-checking
... on-the-fly encryption
... Editors: Arun (Mozilla), Jarred Nichols (Webkit/Sencha), Wan-Teh Chang (Google)

<virginie_galindo> http://www.w3.org/2012/webcrypto/WebCryptoAPI/

Virginie: Starting from this draft.

<harry> rough estimate is a public version for comments in a few month

Virginie: Charter gives us a year time-line

Netflix: do we still expect a FPWD in June?

Virginie: Weekly conference calls, collect comments during summer

<davidsarah> hello. just lurking

<davidsarah> where will the version for comments be published?

harry: We asked editors, and given DomCrypt and others examples, thought we could have a rough draft straw-man

<davidsarah> is there a way to sign up for notification of that?

harry: FPWD doesn't mean implemented or won't change; expect it will be just primary features

ddahl: I think we can get something rough around the edges by June

<harry> davidsarah, version for comments (First Public Working Draft) will always be linked from working group homepage

NASA: If we have to ask for secondary features to be moved to primary, how?
... using login/logout heavily, and would want that primary.

Virginie: Primary were those we had consensus and thought we could reach quickly.
... Secondary features, need use cases, talk through further.

<Suresh> Where can we find the listing of 'Primary' and 'Secondary' features?

Virginie: Second deliverable, use cases and secondary features.

<harry> in other words, join the WG, write down the use-case and email it the mailing list, and if group gets consensus then we move it into API (if time permits)

<bryan> Will the secondary features be developed in a second spec?

<Zakim> fjh, you wanted to ask about identity management use cases

<harry> but yes, we will need a use-case document to collect them, but for now email to mailing list is fine!

fjh: Is there more detail on the use cases? in particular re signing, and in particular linkage to identity management?

Virginie: At the moment, light, in charter.


<bryan> Suresh, 'Primary' and 'Secondary' features are in the charter

<davidsarah> harry: thanks, got it

Netflix: we provided a detailed use case

<harry> ah good call, we should link that to the homepage

Netflix: [on mailing list]

<harry> and we can add that to the first use-case of the use-case document if we can find an editor for that doc :)

Virginie: We should link existing discussions, better describe use cases.

ddahl: Left the symmetric crypto piece in the spec empty to talk with [Netflix]

CableLabs: Are you saying there's not much work on Secondary API features?

Virginie: Plan is to develop use-cases for 2dary features in parallel to developing API for primary
... To submit, join the group; regular item on the agenda will include secondary features, use cases

wtc: Assuming login/logout is related to TLS session, that can be specified independent of what's in the spec now; should be straightforward to propose
... Submitting use case will make it more likely to be accepted.

harry: we need an editor to collate use cases

<harry> http://www.w3.org/TR/grddl-scenarios/

<harry> http://www.w3.org/TR/xquery-use-cases/

bryan: timing Q. does FPWD indicate consensus on scope of API?

Virginie: June deliverable is primary API features, the basics.

<harry> http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Use_Cases

harry: We expect secondary features to become part of the single spec, just on a longer time-frame
... consensus in the WG, time permitting.
... Secondary features by Last Call, 2013.

<bryan> How will regional requirements such as FIPS be addressed?

<tl> +q

harry: W3C is a global body, you could use API to implement, e.g., FIPS-compliance

bryan: What about localization of capabilities, e.g. regional limitations (export controls on crypto)

harry: bring requirements to the WG

bryan: parallel to TPWG, global spec compatible with local regulatory requirements

tl: TPWG not building regulatory framework; building to users' requirements

bryan: have you considered Community Group for collection of use cases?

harry: CG opened a month ago, we will monitor it


harry: Meeting times

tl: I do not like this time

<tl> -q

<Nat> This time is not good for me as it is 4:00am

harry: take it to email

Virginie: we'll start a doodle among the WG participants

<harry> we'll make a formal decision in the WG with the participants in the meeting next week

karen: suggests 10AM Texas time as good from other WGs

<Suresh> Agreed,,,AM in US makes sense e.g. 9/10am EST

<harry> however, for next week we're keeping this time and then discussing depending on exactly who is in WG

<harry> http://www.w3.org/2005/10/Process-20051014/

Virginie: any process questions? See the process doc (or ask)

Status of participants

Public participants list: https://www.w3.org/2000/09/dbwg/details?group=54174&public=1

<harry> 24 participants

<harry> with currently 9 invited expert applications

<harry> we are going through IE applications now

harry: some companies are still in the process of IPR review

Virginie: we'll do all our work on public mailing list, so even non-members can follow

harry: only WG members can post to list; we'll also have a public comment list where anyone can post
... comments to the spec; use-cases in the CG

Virginie: Questions?

Status of deliverables

Virginie: Any editor want to discuss draft API?

ddahl: Draft on the website already has a couple tweaks not yet updated
... This is just a starting point; please read and comment.

wtc: Will be working with David on example JS and spec; make sure it's accurate, flexible enough

Virginie: Any further questions?

Virginie: Next week, same time, first WG conference call.
... Contact any of us with questions.
... Will find means to collect use cases for secondary features.

harry: Send use cases to mailing list (if you're in the WG) or CG

@@: Are use cases for primary features documented?

<harry> great sample use-case from Netflix:

<harry> http://www.w3.org/wiki/NetflixWebCryptoUseCase

Virginie: listed in the charter and draft
... Thanks all! Look forward to working with you.

<zooko> Thanks, everyone!

<Nat> Thanks!

harry: If you're a member, talk with your AC rep if you're not yet in the WG

<jmdacruz> Thanks!

harry: if you want to be an invited expert, fill out the forms.

<harry> Meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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