Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

23 Jan 2012


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David_MacDonald, James_Nurthen, Marc_Johlic, Cooper, Christophe_Strobbe, Joshue_O_Connor, chris, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Léonie_Watson, jongund, +1.703.890.aaaa, Katie_Haritos-Shea, adam_solomon
Bruce_Bailey, Tim_Boland


<trackbot> Date: 23 January 2012

<scribe> scribe: Joshue

<MichaelC> scribeNick: Joshue108

JN: This is a good time for Bruce and Tim, but they just cannot make this call.

MC: Discusses scribing list credits

JN: If in PF style we should get PF credit!

DMcD: We should get both

MC: We will work it off line

JN: I don't object to chairs scribing

JOC: +1

Which members can participate

MC: You do have to a member of either WCAG or PF to contribute.
... If people who are interested are not in either, contact me and I will try to facilitate them
... So is this acceptable?

JN: The WCAG outputs are in the public space, and PF is private.
... This should be in the public space

MC: Agreed

JN: Objections?


JN: Ok, anyone not here we can discuss on list.
... We can draft a proposed resolution.

MC: I'd write a resolution.

RESOLUTION: Work to take place in WCAG space, to participate members will need to join WCAG.
... All materials will be public

MC: Minutes and pointers will be sent to both WGs.

JN: Will we send stuff to Xtech?

KHS: What about a keyword?

Times for meetings

JN: Does this time work for people on call?

<some dissent>

JN: We will propose times, length etc.
... The above is the suggested time
... Anyone else? Please let us know

< Discussion on best day and time>

<MichaelC> proposed: Mondays 16:30 to 18:00 UTC (Standard Time)

LW: When is WCAG call?

JN: Thursday at 9pm GMT
... We'll put it on the survey

MC: These times aren't great for the Antipodes.

JN: I also think, every other week we could have varied meeting times. In order to make progress etc

JOC: +1

CS: It could be risky..

JN: We need good calendaring!

JOC: In principle, is yes - I'm up for that.

JN: It could be worth experimenting

LW: Consistency would be important


JG: Its not really two sub groups but just one flexible big one with convenient times

JN: We can put it in the survey, similar to the time question.


<scribe> ACTION: Meeting logistics to be worked out offline by Josh and James [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/01/23-wai-wcag-minutes.html#action01]

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Priorities of Work

JN: Should we look at ARIA side first? Or the HTML5 side?

<Loretta> q

JG: Some low hanging fruit would be ARIA, and HTML5 forms. So not an either or scenario. Devs will need guidance.
... Form a11y is number 1 prob on the web.

<jamesn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Techniques/HTML5

L: I'm not sure if we should approach by technlogy or subject error. It's going to be a challenge. There will be scripting techniques that need to be written.

JN: In the WCAG WG, there is a list of HTML5 techniques available.
... Also ARIA techniques?

L: It would be nice to pubish ARIA techniques

JN: We need to have techqniues for content that needs to adhere to WCAG.

L: There is a desire to work on HTML5 a11y techs.
... To avoid gaping holes.

<jamesn> JOC: on 1 level the HTML processes have been tough doing the work in the lion's den

<jamesn> JOC: At this stage they may even find the work we do useful - with gap analysis etc.

<jamesn> JOC: might be good to link in to some of those with influence within the HTML5 Ally task force

MC: Some housekeeping

JOC: There are some people who I can think of to take up different HTML5 and ARIA aspects.

JN: People should work on areas of interest.

<jamesn> JOC: rather than picking on HTML5 or ARIA pick on something like forms and look at how the 2 technologies wortk together on these areas

<jamesn> JOC: developers in general don't really care whether ARIA or HTML5 etc. - they just want to do something

MC: We will have to deal with getting review from the parent working groups.
... We need a strategy for working between the WG, how items are reviewed.

JOC: Good point Michael.

JN: Will our materials be reviewed by both groups?

MC: Yes, nominally. The PF will have a light hand.

L: We will have to look at making the content fit the WCAG form.

JN: We can discuss this later.
... Most of use will need some training on how to write techs.

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to talk about WG review process

JN: A draft class, or creating templates.

<MichaelC> Techniques page on WCAG wiki, includes link to instructions and template

JN: We have been discussing whether we will want to modify existing techniques or write new ones.
... Discussion of possibilities

L: This is interesting in cases where HTML4 and 5 are identical. There are also situation where the approach is different.

JN: There are also techs that aren't valid anymore.
... We will need a mix and match IMO.

L: We need to avoid document bloat.

JN: What's feasible Michael in the Quick Ref?

MC: Stacking is harder but we have preference for that.
... We shouldn't restrict ourselves based on how it currently is.
... The EAOG are discussing this at the moment and there may be a redesign. it is timely.

<MichaelC> EO plans for update of How to Meet WCAG 2.0

JN: We need to check that.

JOC: Yup

DMcD: We should do it in a couple of passes.

DMacD: Go fo the easy stuff first, and then make a pass at the applications.

JOC: Can we have a backchannel etc?
... It could be a bin for ideas.

<jongund> I have to go to another call

JN: Is [html-techs] good for mails to list etc?

<David_> ps Joshue... its DMacD (not McD) us Scottish background Canadians are sensitive about that stuff. :)

JOC: Will we be meeting weekly or bi-weekly?

MC: Thats a question for the survey.
... We should meet weekly.

JN: Agreed

<jamesn> RESOLUTION: we will use #html-techs-tf channel and the [html-techs] prefix for mails to mailing lists

JN: Thats it, please be vocal

<MichaelC> trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Meeting logistics to be worked out offline by Josh and James [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/01/23-wai-wcag-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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