ISSUE-11: Requirements Document and other deliverables

Requirements Document and other deliverables

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Giuseppe Pascale
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As discussed in different threads and described in our charter [1], the most important deliverable from this TF is a requirement document to be used by one (or more) WGs for technical work on one or more specifications.

I would like to discuss this during next telco, but I encourage people to start commenting on it over mail as well.

The first thing we should agree on is the format of the document.
The link above points to the latest draft but I have a proposal on how to move forward on that document:

* I would keep this high level structure
1.1 Abstract
1.2 Status of This Document
1.3 Introduction
1.4 Conformance
1.5 Design Goals
1.6 Requirements
1.7 Use cases
1.8 Security Considerations
1.9 References

* I would remove for now the Requirements section content and I would focus on defining a list of use cases we want to cover

* Once we close the list of usecases, we extract the list of requirements. We will probably need to split requirements in sub groups, but we can leave this discussion for a second stage

* Security Consideration discussion reported in ISSUE-3 [2] can move on in parallel and end up in this document when concluded

* Design Goals can be also discussed later once we close use cases (but I would keep the one that is already there)

About other deliverables: there are some architectural discussions going on and I personally think is still valuable for this group to provide the outcome of those discussions as deliverables from this group. But since we are not going to write a specification, I would keep them as separate informal documents.

This also imply that, while I encourage this kind of discussions for the purpose of making an analysis of the possible solutions, I would warn people to avoid going too deep into details since is out of the scope for this TF.

There will be time at a later stage (in a WG) to resume these discussions and go into more details.

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