Testimonials for: W3C Announces First Draft of Standard for Online Privacy

These testimonials are in support of the W3C Press Release "W3C Announces First Draft of Standard for Online Privacy."

Adobe · Future of Privacy Forum · Microsoft


Adobe values the W3C’s commitment to identifying a common set of definitions around online tracking, and I am pleased to be a member of the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group. Adobe is honored that Roy Fielding, principal scientist at Adobe, has been selected as editor of the DNT specification. It’s exciting to see the progress the group has made in the short time since its inception. Today’s announcement marks a significant step towards addressing online privacy concerns as well as the confusion stakeholders—including users and industry—currently face in trying to comply with various DNT mechanisms.

MeMe Jacobs Rasmussen, Chief Privacy Officer, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Adobe Systems Incorporated

Future of Privacy Forum

We are confident that this multi-stakeholder group has gathered the key participants who can ensure that a DNT standard advances individual privacy in a technical and business practical manner.

Jules Polonetsky, Director of the Future of Privacy Forum


The W3C's progress in protecting consumers from unwanted tracking is encouraging. These drafts, together with Tracking Selection Lists, are a starting point to build on our earlier work in the tracking protection space. We welcome the opportunity to continue working with the industry and governments on a web standard that will help people have better control over their online information.

Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Microsoft Internet Explorer

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