Audio Working Group Teleconference

31 Oct 2011

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<trackbot> Date: 31 October 2011

Attendees: Chris, Alistair, Thierry, Olivier, Doug, Eric

Where we are and how we got there.

<tmichel> MediaStream Processing API

<tmichel> http://hg.mozilla.org/users/rocallahan_mozilla.com/specs/raw-file/tip/StreamProcessing/StreamProcessing.html#examples

Currently two proposals on the table, plus interactions with WebRTC

<tmichel> Web Audio API

<tmichel> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/audio/raw-file/tip/webaudio/specification.html

<tmichel> we have two implementations of Web Audio API

Doug: one proposal is edited by Chris (Rogers) (Google), and has mature implementations
... the other from Robert O Callahan, good ideas but the proposal is still at early stage, with not a lot of implementation yet

<tmichel> Are there implmentaion of MediaStream Processing API from Robert O'Callahan ?

<tmichel> Seems thare are early stage implementation

<tmichel> thierry: let's map the proposal

Thierry: seems to be a need for a matrix mapping the two proposals and their overlap

<tmichel> 14 uses cases from Robert O Callahan

Thierry: maybe at the use case / requirement level?

Alistair: we did collect use case in the incubator group

<tmichel> 14 uses cases at

<tmichel> http://hg.mozilla.org/users/rocallahan_mozilla.com/specs/raw-file/tip/StreamProcessing/StreamProcessing.html#scenarios

Alistair: audio has so many use cases, very large spectrum

<tmichel> Should have a requirement document including Robert's use cases.

<tmichel> May add more uses cases

<tmichel> Olivier: Is Robert O'Callahan part of the WG ?

<tmichel> No, he seems to busy to join. Other Mozilla people are part of it

Doug: there is also the WebRTC interaction - needs to be a tighter collaboration between the two groups
... also, we should look at their use cases
... suggest this meeting could start a wiki page with use cases

Chris: there is a 3rd implementation - the GTK port of webkit has an implementation of the audio API
... which is important to note since different ports of webkit can differ a lot, especially at the media level
... there is not much shared code in different versions/ports.
... thousands of lines of code on the chrome side to talk to speakers on mac, windows, linux, chromeos
... some of it could be ported to gecko
... (not necessarily trivial, could take months)

Olivier: suggest we set up a process for moving forward. How to send, address proposals

Doug: maybe inspired from the HTML group?

Thierry: would the requirements doc be a group note?

Doug: just a wiki for now. Let's keep the process light

<tmichel> or a much more formal WG document published as LC ?

RESOLUTION: no objection to moving to FPWD. There will be an e-mail call for objections to this publication

media capture API

Chris: do we need it still given there is a proposal in RTC?

Doug: no clear agreement on it yet. Microsoft just joined the DAP group and seems to think the media capture API should be specified there



live-editing of use cases document


Olivier: if we are working more on tech requirements, should we reference to the lists of use cases already done by Robert and by the Incubator group? Maybe they can be merged into one list at some point

Alistair: agree.

Eric: the goal should be to describe the things the API enables people to do before they start building anything

[discussion on level of detail / technical complexity of the doc]

Eric: list of compelling use cases - things that are impossible to do with current apis on the web, or really difficult

Chris: shows http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/webaudio/intro

Eric: we need to come up *eventually* to come up with a document readable by the layman
... looking at examples from http://chromium.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/samples/audio/index.html

Alistair: notes that there is also some work in CSS Voice


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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