29 Jul 2011

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<Jan> Judy: For the record:


jb: we are continuing to get requested edits from FCC on the Challenge.gov description text.
... circulating the revision under discussion

jr: concerned about the policy-heavy focus

<korn1> I believe it is 'jQuery', and not 'JQuery' as it sometimes appears

jb: yes, had expressed concern that it was getting more US-centric, and it seems to be getting more so

jr: concerned that it's important to have this look fun to developers, but it is less and less so
... happy to have the wish-list included

jb: needs to check how frequently we can change the Challenge.gov content -- if not frequently, shouldn't include it

jr: shorter list

pk: the language that introduces the samples and the wishlist is a bit odd

jb: do not want the sample/source descriptions listed in a way that appears as endorsements....

jc: this is becoming so US-focused that it gives the impression that only US submissions would be welcome.
... some of our strongest contributors are from out of the US, after all.

jb: considers asking the FCC to develop their own info page about the Challenge, that details the relevant US laws *and* the FCC's goals in hosting this.

jc: agreed

pk: agreed

jr: makes sense, each gov't or host may want this.

<Jan> JB: recaps for Debbie...feedback seems to be going in a more us-centric direction...

<Jan> JB: Had really been looking for comment on rules...and we did get a little bit

<Jan> JB: Rule 9...

<Jan> PK: Seconds that this is sounding less fun....

<Jan> JR: A bit concerned as well about winning submission & chairmans award comment

<Jan> Debby: I agree, I just think it doesn't need to be said.

<Jan> JB: Later today or early next week I will write a response and then have a mtg with them

Any additional planning info on Gallery framework itself.

<Jan> Debby reports....

<Jan> talked with various folks...positive reactions

<Jan> then lots of bureaucratic reasons why it couldn't happen

<Jan> e.g. that our working group was convened by W3C rather than the govt

<Jan> Debby: But invited by White House etc.

<Jan> Debby: Responsibility for downloads etc.

<Jan> But seem to have a way forward at GSA

Summary of Action Items

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