07 Apr 2011


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Jeff Waters and Don McGarry
Jeff Waters


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Final Meeting Agenda & Summary

jeffw: At this last April 7, 2011 meeting of the Decision Incubator, we'll review the draft final report on the wiki, we'll review the current status of the proposed working group, and thank all the members and participants for their excellent support and contributions during this successful incubator activity.
... Together, the Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Activity charter, the position paper, the draft final report, the proposed Decisions Working Group charter, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and the restyled wiki wiki front page with drill-down links represent the culmination of the Decision Incubator Activity. Over the next few weeks, the W3C will consider our request to transition to a Decisions Working Group. I will keep all of you info
... Our work together over the last year has provided the W3C and all of us a unique look into what might be possible with a web enabled by a Decision format. We've considered important use cases, we applied a proven patterns-based approach, we explored ontology modeling issues, and educated ourselves on where we are and where we need to go with this work. On behalf of my co-chair Don McGarry and myself, thanks to each of you for your valuable insights
... I look forward to working with all of you in the future as we propose transitioning to a formal working group.
... Thanks to all.

Walk-thru of Draft Final Report

jeffw: Sorry, a little telecon problem that I'm trying to resolve with the kind W3C admin staff

<eblomqvi> ok, so we wait a sec before calling in?

jeffw: Yes, one moment

<eblomqvi> at least I am here on time this week :-D

jeffw: Ok. You can call in now. Thanks to the W3C admin who was so helpful!

eblomqvi: And thank you it's been fun to introduce the modeling approach.

piotr: Thank you. Also thank you for the great opportunity to discuss all the issues.

eblomqvi: The state-of -the-art section is longer if you drill-down, but I did pull the references.

<piotr_nowara> www.semanticweb.com - an interesting website run by a W3C member

jeffw: (discussion of topics proceeded informally and is summarized below)
... The Final Report is here - http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/decision/wiki/Draft_Final_Report.
... The Final Report summarizes the usage scenarios, the approach, the requirements, the use cases, the formats (XML, RDF, OWL), and ends with a recommendation to transition to a Decisions Working Group.
... The Final Report represents an appropriate overview of our Incubator Activity and contains drill-down links from many of the titles for additional information.
... Thanks Piotr for your significant contributions in particular for the OWL format and example ontology.
... Thanks Eva, also for the ontology modeling work, the addition of the important sections on state-of-the-art, diagrams for the OWL format, and many other contributions.
... Action Items remaining include (1) Add more to Issues & Challenges (jeff); (2) Consider additional format diagrams (jeff); (3) Add material to Candidate Tools (jeff); (4) add diagram for Piotr OWL example (Eva); (5) add more to Developing Ontology Patterns and Solutions (Eva); (6) Consider any revisions for impact of Recommendations and Conclusions (Jeff/Eva)
... The report is really done, the action items are primarily cleanup and addition of material from previously generated papers or wiki pages.
... Thanks to all and the final report along with the other explanatory documents (incubator charter, position paper, FAQ, draft working group charter) are all linked from our main wiki page at http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/decision/wiki/Main_Page.

Proposed Decisions Working Group Transition Status

jeffw: As you know, our Incubator Activity members expressed the significant desire and commitment to proceed to develop a Decisions Markup Language (DecisionML) as a W3C Recommendation through the formation of a Decisions Working Group.
... To develop this concept, a proposed Decisions Working Group charter was drafted (a version of which is available here: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/decision/wiki/Draft_Working_Group_Charter.
... The draft charter was approved by participants, including the Mitre, CNR and DISA Advisory Committee reps. The next step was to forward the charter along with a request to understand the next steps in the transition process to the W3C staff.
... I sent an email, with the draft Decisions Working Group charter, to Ralph Swick on March 31 informing him of our members' interest in proceeding to a working group status. I also cc'd Karen Myers and Sandro Hawke.
... I will follow-up with the W3C staff over the next few weeks to determine next steps and to advance this initiative. I'll keep our incubator members informed through email as I proceed.
... Also I would encourage all of us to reachout to interested colleagues and representatives of members and non-members alike to obtain feedback as an objective sounding board on our vision and approach, as well as to explore interest in participating as a member rep or as an invited expert.
... We believe that a Decision format would significantly advance the mission of the W3C to advance and expand the web, it would address a domain of interest to a wide audience, it would enable standardized management of a major component of web information, promote the use of tthe semantic standards, and advance the linked open data initiative by providing a significant purpose and mechanism for utilizing that data.
... We'll learn more about our opportunity to transition over the next few weeks and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the working group, if approved.
... That's the summary for our final meeting. Thanks to all!

Summary of Action Items

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