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Decision Meeting #26 Goal & Agenda


The dial-in information for this week's meeting is here. The Decision Incubator Activity is intended to explore the use cases and design of a Decision Representation format (e.g. in XML, RDF, OWL…) available on the wiki along with its use by participants in testbed settings for experiments and exercises. Each meeting will be an opportunity to summarize progress & contributions to the wiki, review next steps and action items, and to review the current representation format.

Summary from the Last Meeting

At our last meeting #25, the members reviewed the reorganization of the wiki front page, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), the draft final report, and the current status of the proposed Working Group charter. The good suggestion to include diagrams for easier understanding of the decision formats was noted. The importance of the usage scenarios for helping to explain the vision and need for a decision format was also mentioned. The FAQ is intended to give a quick overview and provide concise answers to a number of common questions, including how the work helps to support the W3C mission. At the time of our last meeting, the draft Working Group Charter was awaiting review by our CNR Advisory Committee representative and then we'll be ready to forward onto W3C staff for guidance as to next steps for exploring transition to a working group. The draft final report was reviewed. Together, the Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Activity charter, the position paper, the draft final report, the proposed Decisions Working Group charter, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and the restyled wiki wiki front page with drill-down links represent the culmination of the Decision Incubator Activity.

Goal for this Meeting

At this last April 7, 2011 meeting of the Decision Incubator, we'll review the draft final report on the wiki, we'll review the current status of the proposed working group, and thank all the members and participants for their excellent support and contributions during this successful incubator activity.


The following agenda items will be discussed at the next meeting. The topic, time, summary and discussion leader are provided for each agenda item.

(0) Introductions & Agenda Overview (5 min, Jeff)

We'll briefly consider our accomplishments here at our last meeting as an incubator activity.

(1) Walk-thru of Draft Final Report (15 min Jeff/Eva)

We will quickly review the Draft Final Report and any last minute changes or additions.

(2) Proposed Working Group Transition Status (10 min Jeff Waters)

Jeff will quickly update the group on latest status of the proposed working group charter and its status. (The Charter would be the guiding document and initial description of the proposed Working Group. After our internal approvals are obtained, the charter will be forwarded to the W3C staff for consideration under their normal process. References describing the process include the following: (1) The W3C Process Document. (2) Working Groups, Interest Groups and Coordination Groups which explains that every working group must have a chair, a charter, a team contact, and an archived mailing list. It also outlines participation requirements. Section 6.2.3 explains that every new charter must be submitted for review and consideration by the Advisory Committee (the primary reps from each member organization). (3) Section 5.6 Activity Proposal describes questions to consider when starting an Activity. Section 6.2.2 says the suggestions for building support around an Activity Proposal apply to charters as well.)

(3) Around the Horn and Thanks (10 min Jeff/Eva/All)

Jeff will go around the horn and thank all the members and participants for the great year and accomplishments.