Gallery of Accessible Templates

04 Mar 2011

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Judy, jeanne, Jamal, Jan, Peter, John, Cynthia_Shelly


<Judy> scribe: Jeanne

<korn> HI Judy, all. I should be on the call shortly...

updated draft landing page, descriptions & evaluation self-test

<Jan> URI?

<Judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Main_Page

Judy: John did not have a chance to complete the sample simple templates, but we will see if he attends the call today for an update.
... the logo and graphics topic, Jan and I had discussed tieing in the Fluid graphics. Jan, have you seen the email with the detailed description.

Jan: I am doing up a sketch to confirm with you as a sketch, then I will take it to the artists. We cannot do too many iterations, we don't have the time.

Judy: Is there a way that we could get a simple template - we have nothing from Prime the Pump to illustrate that example.
... there are people at the 101 level, that want a page that is simple with no dynamic options, but does provide a basis for accessible stuff.

Jamal: I agree it is worth trying to get something like that. One that comes to my mind is the Drupal content management system and has themes for WCAG and 508 compliance.

John: I haven't gotten to the templates, yet, but I want to work on it this weekend. I have to clean them up and put comments into them.

<korn> http://www.accessiblemootoolsdemo.iao.fraunhofer.de/Mootools_Widgets/index.html

Judy: David McDonald has also offered a contribution.

Peter: these are the samples I sent out last week. The style of the demo pages is very similar to the style of AOL and the jQuery widget.

jQuery is a widget set, MooTools is a different widget set. Many, like the sliders, are in both and have been made accessible in both.

scribe: it would be good if there were less overlap, we don't need 10 sliders when we don't have a lot of accessible calendar widgets. But there are visual differences between, and those who want a different visual look will have multiple choices.

Judy: I am putting in a note that we encourage different versions of examples in different tools.

Peter: it's not the same engineering team for the different examples.

John: I can do evaluations if you send the information to me again.

Jan: I should be doing the MooTools anyway, so send them to me.

<Judy> link from Jamal, for Drupal themes http://openconcept.ca/blog/mgifford/function_assessment_of_valid_drupal_6_themes

Judy: We should have a wiki presence that we can point people to at CSUN.

John: I am doing a talk at CSUN on Unconferences. I'm presenting Wednesday 9:20

Judy: does anyone have a pre-conference session?

Jamal: I am attending a preconference on ARIA.

Judy: I will get the public face stable and clean so we have something to point people to so we can talk about it, and we will still try to go for a launch before it.

<korn> Judy, we aren't hearing you at all.

Judy: My priority is to continue cleaning up the draft and once I have it updated, I will invite people to critique it and catch things I have missed

Jamal: Steve Faulkner, Jared Smith, and Hans Heilen are the presenters at the ARIA pre-conference session.

Judy: I will send them an email and ask them to let you share the information with the people sharing the session.

CSUN prep

next meeting

[all availabe next week

Contribution from David McDonald\

<Judy> http://tbs-sct.ircan.gc.ca/projects/gcwwwtemplates/wiki/Working_examples?lang=eng


jeanne: I see two WordPress examples that could be a good example of a simple template.

<cyns> could you put the landing page link in again?


<korn> http://alpha.gcwwwtemplates.tbs-sct.ircan.gc.ca/theme-clf2-nsi2/distcha-eng.html

Peter: A very interesting Captcha example - a DISTCHA Proof of Concept.


Jamal: The FCC will be doing a hearing/town hall meeting Thursday from 11:30 to ?? to be an NPRM

<Judy> peter suggests asking: "are you relying on any particular technologies..."

<Judy> http://alpha.gcwwwtemplates.tbs-sct.ircan.gc.ca/theme-terrafirma2/2col-theme-terrafirma2-eng.html

<korn> "Are you relying on any particular techniques to make your component/template accessible? If so, please describe them."

<korn> "E.g. ARIA landmarks, ..."

Jamal: Were there other web related sessions at CSUN that you think we should promote Gallery at?

Judy: I will be talking about new work at W3C that is exciting. Participatory Vigilence

Jeanne: video accessibility session - I can mention it.

Cynthia: I have an HTML5 session where I can mention it. I am also in IE9, but it would not be appropriate there.
... also an Unconference in Seattle with Wendy Chisholm.

Judy: We don't have a method for shared reviews, except to send information back to the list.
... we don't want to be vetting this publically. Should we do it teleconference based with 3 people to go through as many as they can in an hour. One person will report back the results.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]