Mobile Web Application Best Practices Errata

Last modified: $Date: 2010/12/02 15:58:03 $


This document records all known errors in the Mobile Web Application Best Practices specification.

The errata are numbered, classified as Substantive or Editorial, and listed in reverse chronological order of their date of publication in each category.

Each entry has the following information:

Substantive corrections are proposed by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group (part of the Mobile Web Initiative), which has consensus that they are appropriate; they are not to be considered normative until approved by a Call for Review of Proposed Corrections or a Call for Review of an Edited Recommendation.

Comments may be sent to public-bpwg-comments@w3.org mailing list (public archive).

Table of Contents

1 Substantive Errata
2 Editorial Errata

1 Substantive Errata

No substantive errata so far

2 Editorial Errata

No editorial errata so far