23 Nov 2010


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Payam, laurent_lefort_cs, cory
Oscar, Raul, Michael, Andriy, Arthur
Payam, Laurent


<laurent_lefort_cs> Previous: http://www.w3.org/2010/10/26-ssn-minutes.html

Daylight saving time changes

<laurent_lefort_cs> Scribenick: Payam

<laurent_lefort_cs> New regime is 1:00 am and 8:00 pm in Australia.

Laurent, suggested an earlier time to have more participants

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... from Australia

Laurent, another option is having two calls in a week

Laurent: a possible time could be 9:00 GMT
... suggesting another meeting in a different time on the same day

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... At 9.00 for East coast

Laurent: will send an announcement about this

CSIRO questionnaire open to SSN XG participants

this will be for a couple of weeks for wrap up

[this] new time changes and calls

<laurent_lefort_cs> Doug is running a survey on the type of sensor networks we want to develop at CSIRO. We already have a good sample of CSIRO results, with a slightly different questionnaire (which in some cases contain commercially sensitive information).

<laurent_lefort_cs> We would like to open this survey to the SSN XG community (participants and followers/partners) to collect a different range of answers. This survey should help us rejuvenate the interest of our CSIRO sponsors, to better assess the priorities of a wider community and also to plan the follow-up activities of the XG.

<laurent_lefort_cs> The survey will be open until the 5th of December but please answer as soon as you can.

<laurent_lefort_cs> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SSNXG

completion of pending tasks

Cory, will send their updates regarding the examples

Cory, will add to the conclusion sections

Laurent , to complete the semantic mark-up section

Laurent: MMI ontology and using it

Cory: there are some concepts that we need to borrow from other ontologies (the experience of creating examples)

Laurent: using ontologies such as MMI may encourage users to use the ontology

We can use concepts from other ontologies but we won't integrate or align the two ontologies (MMI and SSN)

Payam: to update conclusion sections
... to check the example - Laurent has fixed the data type mistake in the example

<laurent_lefort_cs> Laurent: working with Christian (Uni Muenster) on SensorML example using the SSN XG URIs instead of URNs

<laurent_lefort_cs> Scribenick: Laurent

<Payam> I have to leave now

<Payam> speak to you next week

<Pramod> amit at knoesis dotorg

<cory> can you also send them here: cory at knoesis dotorg

<cory> http://wiki.knoesis.org/index.php/Provenir_Ontology

Laurent's presentations at OGC meeting

<laurent_lefort_cs> Discussion with Cory and Amit on the DRAFT slides for the first presentation

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... To do: complete the provenance part (ontology, example of query, ...)

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... To do better separate the SSN ontology and the domain ontologies used for the example

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... in this case the Meteorology domain

<laurent_lefort_cs> Discussion on the second presentation objectives

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... goal is to explain differences of perspective between XG products and current OGC practice

Summary of Action Items

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