Provenance Incubator Group Teleconference

04 Jun 2010


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Yolanda Gil


<trackbot> Date: 04 June 2010

<YolandaGil> @ Dave: Hi, did you take a look at the pointer to joining the group?

<SamCoppens> presentation is available on: http://multimedialab.elis.ugent.be/users/samcoppe/W3C_ProvXG_PREMIS.pdf

yes, i can try

<pgroth> can you paste it into irc?

<YolandaGil> http://multimedialab.elis.ugent.be/users/samcoppe/W3C_ProvXG_PREMIS.pdf

Presentation of Sam Coppens together with Rebecca Guenther

<pgroth> breaking up

<ivan> breaking up again:-(

<Paolo> breaking up again

<pgroth> please talk slow

<ivan> very difficult to follow

Presentation finished

Rebecca: Emphasizes that PREMIS is a data dictionary, more a strategy, not everything has to be implemented

More information about intellectual entities is needed that seemed to be out of scope earlier

LoC published several vocabularies related to PREMIS

Paulo: What kind of technologies are used for workflows?

Sam: Loose binding between workflows and PREMIS events, no specific ontology for the workflows
... We use an event based workflow engine

Paolo: How do you define granularity of an object entitiy? File, Collection of file, ... depends on the access rights?

<pgroth> maybe rebecca can respond?

Rebecca: Objects can be everything, structure is needed to organize them.

Paul: Use cases for software generated intellectual entities?

Rebecca: It is more important to know, which Software and version was used, not so much how to exactly use the object

<Luc> To follow on from Paul, is reproducibility of interest?

Rebecca: Invitation to send further questions via email

Next topic: Update News Aggregator Scenario

<YolandaGil> Paul Groth is updating us on: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Analysis_of_News_Aggregator_Scenario

Paul asks for feedback from the community regarding the technical requirements

Paul: There should be some time for everyone to read through it

<YolandaGil> Scribe: Kai

Paul: Two approaches, one top down, one bottom up.
... Is looking for existing solutions for the technical requirements

The images are great :-)

Nect topic: Provenance vocabulary mapping

<pgroth> satya?

Yolanda: Postpone to next talk?

<pgroth> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Provenance_Vocabulary_Mappings

<pgroth> mappings?

Yolanda: SWAN and PML are missing

<pgroth> +q

Paul: Three people asked for provenance vocabulary, liked the mapping page very much.
... Vocabulary Mappings are a concrete product of prov-xg

<pgroth> yolanda...what about the other scenarios?

<pgroth> who want to do that?

<YolandaGil> Thanks Kai!

You are welcome

<YolandaGil> I can take it from here and post the minutes. Thank you!

I hope that was ok. Thank you for the postprocessing :-)

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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