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01 Feb 2010

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Shepazu, ed, anthony


<trackbot> Date: 01 February 2010

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Zoom Event

DS: Spending time on DOM 3 Events
... I dropped normalised X and normalised Y
... because it relied to heavily on SVG
... might put that in Transforms
... The other thing I was looking at was resizeEvents and it turns out those are quite tricky
... right now browsers are cable of zooming in on different content - text, svg etc
... and you can't detect the event for this
... people use resize for this
... I was wondering if I should have a general Zoom event for DOM Events

ED: Not sure I've seen many people use it in SVG

AG: Use case?

DS: Level of detail
... when someone zooms in to an area, could redraw content, fetch new content
... I would have to add a new attribute for the zoom event
... because I would need the current scale factor
... nothing on the current interface that is suitable
... So are the concerns about defining about it DOM Events instead of SVG?
... and, can use cases for people zooming in on SVG content and HTML content be addressed b the same interface? or does it have to be two separate interfaces?
... there is some relevance with mobiles
... We are doing a multi-touch and gestures spec

ED: I'm guessing the requirements for zoom event would be similar for different content

DS: Right now zoom only works for the document level
... I think it should work for the element level as well
... for example if you have an SVG line in the HTML page, you should be able to zoom in on that

ED: In Opera we have two different zoom types. One for specific parts of the page and one for the whole document

AG: Would it be similar to zoom event in SVG?

DS: One thing you get out from the SVG zoom event is a current scale coefficient
... a multiplier
... I would do the same thing as SVG but not call it current scale

ED: Have you seen how widely implemented the zoom events are?
... I know we have an errata to fix some things in the zoom event and remove some things
... for SVG 1.1 Full 2nd edition

<ed> http://dev.w3.org/SVG/profiles/1.1F2/errata/errata.xml#svgzoomevent-interface

<shepazu> action-1?

<trackbot> ACTION-1 does not exist

<shepazu> action-400?

<trackbot> ACTION-400 does not exist

<shepazu> issue-200?

<trackbot> ISSUE-200 does not exist

ED: Don't think they've been completed though

<ed> http://dev.w3.org/SVG/profiles/1.1F2/errata/errata.xml#svgzoomevent-previous-new

Summary of Action Items

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