Semantic Sensor Network Incubator Group Teleconference

19 Jan 2010

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<trackbot> Date: 19 January 2010

<laurent_oz> ??P6

<Danh_DERI> +90505925aabb is me

<laurent_oz> +??P6 is me

<Holger> ScribeNick: Payam

Laurent to add terminology to the wiki

<laurent_oz> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Sensor_types#Status_of_SensorML

<laurent_oz> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Sensor_types#Metrology.2C_Measurement_and_Ontology

Laurent: there is no recent progress to SensorML

<laurent_oz> +q

Laurent: there is co-relation between semantic markup and use case 2 - data discovery

Cory: with can take the same approach with data discovery use case

<laurent_oz> Technical use case for the Semantic Markup deliv.

<laurent_oz> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Review_of_semantic_annotation_proposals

Laurent: looking at semantic annotation appendix- using of URN's in OGC related standards
... there are different types of URN's- in which context it will be used for individual calsses or properties
... new possibility is adapting semantic web standard(?)


<laurent_oz> -q

Laurent: there are SW standards such as SKOS which can be used

Payam: the properties in SKOS are those such as broader, narrower, relatd; are those suffcient for what we need to annotation?

<kerryt> +q

Kerry: Laurent view is valid from OGC point of view; if we can stick to using SW standards

Laurent: we want to provide a solution that makes a corret use of W3C standards

Kerry: if we really need using URN's?

next item in the agenda: Next steps for SSN Ontology

Michael: the new version includes some changes- subsystem relation, concept sensor, sensing device are added

<krzysztof_j> +q

other changes are: adding object properites- in has been updates according the results of last couple of weeks discussions

Arthour: what is relation between sensing and process?

[correcting previous line] Arthur: what is relation between a sensing and event

Michael: sensor makes some observation

<krzysztof_j> yes

Arthur: and other is relation between - having a top level class for event and process

Holger: maybe processes we have are different

<cory> +q

<michael> +q

cory: from the wiki- observation is not a process - sensing is the process - this seem to be different from OGC's definition

<krzysztof_j> +1

<krzysztof_j> +q

Cory: we have two different terms: sensing and observation

<krzysztof_j> but then observation is not an event

<krzysztof_j> +1

<cory> +1

Michael, the observation we have got in the ontology is more the record and less the event

<krzysztof_j> (if this is interesting; i could try to make links to dolce for the next meetings)

<michael> sounds good

<Danh_DERI> +1

<krzysztof_j> +1

<michael> +q

<krzysztof_j> yes

<krp> Perhaps this would be good to have a summary mail to the list a few days before the next telcon so we can consider it

<krp> Seems like it's quite a subtle issue

<krp> +1, as this goes on, I'm less clear on what our events are!

Michael: sensing is not an event

<krzysztof_j> (see D18, page 14 for the dolce top level (event,...))

<cory> +q

<laurent_oz> +q

Michael: we may need to change our defintion of observation

<kerryt> michael: if an "event" is the same as a "record of an event" then the ontology is sound as is. is that what is wanted?

<michael> but they are different observations

<laurent_oz> The various meaning of Process (in the general sense) sourced from wikipedia are listed here

<laurent_oz> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Wikipedia_terms

<krzysztof_j> +q

<krzysztof_j> +1

<kerryt> -1

<michael> +q

<krp> +1 krzysztof

<kerryt> +1 krzystof: take to mailing list

Action for all, to consider observation as record and observation as an event and how to represent it in the ontology

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - for

to continute the discussion in the mailing list

Holger: where and how to extend the ontology

<michael> or the tracker

Action for All, to think about next extention poit for the ontology

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next item in the agenda: XG Report

<Holger> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/The_Report_in_Progress

Kerry: partial report is avaialble on the wiki
... all to look at the report and comment on it, also contact the editor of section is you like to contribute to it

<krp> +q

<krp> -q

Action for All, to have a look at the report and send your comments to one of the editors

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - for

Action for All to have a look at the report and send your comments to one of the editors

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - for

Action All to have a look at the report and send your comments to one of the editors

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - All

<krzysztof_j> bye

<michael> thanks, bye

<cory> bye

<laurent_oz> bye

<krp> bye

<kerryt> ye

Holger i have problems to create actions

<kerryt> bye

<kerryt> -kerryt

Summary of Action Items

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