Provenance Incubator Group Teleconference

08 Jan 2010


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<trackbot> Date: 08 January 2010

<Deborah> +q

<pgroth> +q

<scribe> scribe: YolandaG

Simon Miles discusses http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Use_Cases#Exemplifying_Provenance_Dimensions_with_Use_Cases

Deborah mentions that it is not clear that people look at the comments on the "discussion page" of the use cases

Deborah suggests an alternative of having comments in-line within the use case page, which can be turned off

Deborah will look into how to do this on the wiki

<pgroth> i like the names, by the way, simon

Paul Groth asks if by merging use cases we will lose valuable information

<pgroth> or identifers

Yolanda comments that having very few use cases is useful, and that as we articulate requirements we can elaborate using the use case scenario as a starting point

Yolanda: our timeline is at http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Timeline

<pgroth> +q

Yolanda: The next stage for the XG is to articulate requirements (due end of Jan)
... The way I was thinking about approaching requirements is to describe each provenance dimension in terms of the exemplar use cases, elaborating on requirements/challenges/issues in the context of the exemplar use cases

Satya: do we have to merge all the use cases for a given dimension

Simon: we don't have to merge all use cases, but we do want to merge enough so we have a small set of cases

<pgroth> +1 for keeping it

Paul Groth asks about requirements: do we include organization requirements or just technical requirements

Luc suggests to start with user requirements, then do technical requirements

Yolanda says we need a small group of editors to lead the effort on articulartion of requirements

<Deborah> +1 to luc's point about making it easy to print

<pgroth> +q

Luc requests having all the information in one page that can be printed, Simon will look into that

<paolo> +q

Yolanda: Further comments on the proposed organization of use cases should be posted to the mailing list

Paolo Missier mentions that the Mendeley collection should be used to refer to papers mentioned in the use case

Yolanda requests a report/comments on status of curation

<paolo> ack

<pgroth> what day?

<Deborah> http://www.websci10.org/home.html i need to attend this on 26-27

<paolo> reasonable for me -- but I may not attend at all. it's largely a budget issue in my case, to be resolved soon-ish

<pgroth> if I can come, then those are fine with me

<jun> i can do with Sun/Monday, although there will be an HCLS workshop on Monday

<Deborah> sunday/monday preference

<pgroth> i can do it

<paolo> I am keen to contribute

<ssahoo2> I will be happy to contribute

<jun> me too

<paolo> i.e. co-edit

<ssahoo2> me too co-edit

<paolo> editing that's what I mean

<pgroth> jun

<paolo> Jun!

<Deborah> happy to contribute (probably better than editing from a time perspective)

<pgroth> use the wiki

<paolo> yep

<jmgomezperez> yep

<jun> sounds a good plan

<Deborah> ok

<pgroth> lol

<paolo> give Paul a fancy hat :-)

<lkagal> Thanks, bye

<ivan> bye

<jmgomezperez> -jmgomezperez

Paolo: curation is going very smoothly, the discussions with use case authors converge very swiftly

Yolanda: Now on to the face to face meeting. We agreed to collocating with WWW in Raleigh NC, they are ok with this, and it looks like the best time may be April 25-26 (Sun-Mon)
... next step for the XG is to articulate requirements. This should be a self-contained document with 2-3 editors, should be done by the end of Jan

Volunteers for editors of requirements document: Paul Groth (POC), Paolo Missier, Satya Sahoo, Jun Zhao

Yolanda: Thank you! Please bring a skeleton of the document to the next telecon, with names of people that you would expect to contribute to each section

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