User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

07 Jan 2010

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Kim, Markku_H, Henni_I, Kelly_F, Greg_L, Jeanne_S, Allan_J, AllanJ
Simon_H, Jan_R
kford, AllanJ




<trackbot> Date: 07 January 2010

<kford> Scribe: kford

JA: Giving status of various group members.

<AllanJ> real world implementations of all success criteria for inclusion in guidelines, get reviews)

Logistics (Regrets, agenda requests, comments)?

JA: Possible reschedule of F2F. JA has schedule conflict.
... Anyone made reservations?

group reply of no.

JA: Could keep current date, try to reschedule.
... Seems like reschedule would be better.

group continuing to talk about meeting dates.

Group settling around 2/24-26 in Austin, TX.

JA: I'll send out more details and such soon. Hotel stuff early.

JS: Part of W3C process is to start with working draft. Next is candidate recommendation where we prove GL work in real world.
... You do this by finding two examples of each item in GL.
... Next is proposed recommendation.
... Next is recommendation.
... Candidate recommendation is the biggest part of this. Development cycles for software products are 12-18 m9onths.

JA: If we don't get something in a browser, we have to take the success criteria out?

JS: Yes.

More talk about the two instances needed for each success criteria.

JA: Concerning that we are are trying to make suggestions on what should be done but we can only suggest things that should be done?
... Correction, that are already being done.

JS: We have time, just have to start working on this.

<AllanJ> scribe: AllanJ

working draft published by End of January.

<scribe> ...new editors draft by end of week.

finalize working draft next week, requests for feed back.

scribe: can publish with format in flex

GL: do we have a list of broswers we will be attempting to get implementations

Biggest challenges are 3.1 alternative content and 4.9 control of content that need lots of work


Guideline 5

KF: set dates for items

JS: F2F in Mid Feb. 5 weeks to work on items, finish implementation at F2F

KF: close all action items by F2F...

commit to closing 2 action items by next week.

scribe: at least get to the list for discussion.

Then continue with scheduling next week.

Summary of Action Items

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