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Automatic XML namespaces

Liam Quin

The Journey

Use Cases for Namespaces

Use Case: Copy and Paste

Use Case: Vocabulary Mingling

Use Case: Embedding

Use Case: Behavioural Needs

People: For whom?

What do namespaces do?

Problems, real and imaginary

Victorian railway engine

[note: At this point I read a quote from a 19th century book on steam engines (then cutting-edge technology). The extract described the difficulty early railway engineers had designing solutions to the the "problem" that smooth steel wheels couldn't possibly grip a smoth steel rail well enough to propel a train forwards. The first railways used rack-and-pinion, or even leather tubes filled with pressurised air, but, ultimately, it turned out that a heavy railway engine did in fact have enough friction, and wasn't a show-stopping problem.

Picture from fromoldbooks.org.

Namespace Deficiencies 1

Namespace Deficiencies 2

The Rescue: Goals

The Rescue

Is it too late?

[note: showed a video of an old silent film with a maiden tied to the tracks, and an oncoming train]

Some proposals

Social or Technical?

Fixed attributes in DTDs

Java-style names

Name search path

Pragmatic namespaces

Namespace Files 1

light bulb to represent a new idea

Namespace files 2

Imaginary Namespaces

Questions and Ending