Media Annotations Working Group Teleconference

17 Nov 2009

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Chris, Daniel, Joakim, Raphael, Pierre-Antoine, Werner, Wonsuk, Florian
Felix, Tobias, Florian




<wbailer> hi daniel!

<wbailer> according to W3C schedule MAWG is now at 13:00 UTC

<florian> is the meeting now?

<florian> i thought it would be one hour later ;)

<wbailer> daniel said in the agenda 12:00 UTC, which would be now, but it seems it's 13:00 UTC

<daniel> oops, isn't it a regular timetable ? I confused

<wonsuk> Hi.. all..

<wbailer> no, it seems they shifted the times when switching to winter time in the US

<florian> i?m confused

<florian> ^^

<florian> if the telecon starts now, i can join, one hour later not ;)

<wonsuk> yes.. me too..

<wonsuk> me too ;-)

<wonsuk> hahaha..

<daniel> oh..sorry I didn't check that...we should start one-hour later or any other ways ? guidel me...

<wonsuk> can we change the schedule now?

<wbailer> it says 13:00 UTC at http://www.w3.org/Guide/1998/08/teleconference-calendar.html#s_3459

<wbailer> I think we can't change without asking W3C staff to change the schedule and reservation of the telecon bridge

<wonsuk> yes. then we have to call one hour later. ;-(

<daniel> I see, but I think there are few participants today call even if we shift one hour later.

<florian> but we there will be problems with the minutes, right?

<wonsuk> yes.. how about telecon bridge ?

<wonsuk> can we use this now ?

<daniel> zamik is now restricted...so we should start 13:00 UTC (one hour later)

<wonsuk> ok... talk you later :-)

<raphael> trackbot, start telecon

<trackbot> Date: 17 November 2009

<daniel> please be volunteering for today call

I can scribe

<scribe> scribe: Joakim

<daniel> http://www.w3.org/2009/11/05-mediaann-minutes.html

<daniel> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2009Nov/0026.html

review the previous meeing

We updated our milestones

last call for Ontology and API doc in March 2010

candidate Rec may 2010

propose to write a Primer document that explain how to use the ontology and api

<daniel> http://www.w3.org/2009/11/06-mediaann-minutes.html

<daniel> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/track/actions/open

open action items

<raphael> werner, could you put the link to this wiki page on irc ?

<wbailer> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/SetOnMetamodel


leave action-124 open, discuss when felix is back

action 134 is ongoing

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - 134

Daniel will send an email to Dave and Veronique regarding action 134 - 149

close action-155

<trackbot> ACTION-155 And co-editors (wonsuk, florian, victor, werner) to come up for a proposal for a return type for all properties, i.e. structured or unstructured? closed

Should we create new concpets or should we create mappings?

Who do you come up with a list of properties to define a person

JP: EBU 15 yrs ago, defined how to describe a person

is possible to map to foaf?

possible to make a partial mapping

<Zakim> pchampin, you wanted to ask about EBU

JP: maby MAWG should have one field for the name

it depends on the requriments

PA: We should refraibn to structure to any kind of data like, name

We should focus on the attributes of the media

UIR seems to be a good idea to use, but should it be used to classes!?


the only think we can do is to map attributes

PA: we should not descrive the whole world,

<ChrisPoppe> if we do not structure the person type we lose the structured information that is available in some metadata formats

Point a description to another strucutre

JP: you pointer is only to the source!?
... do you point to the instance

PA: An identifier to the source i.e. creator

JP: you are getting different descriptions, which you are mapping back to
... don't think it is our work to point back to the original format

<ChrisPoppe> +1

JP: the problem is that we are looking at somethinkg that is structured, but MAWG will be a concatenation of the data from the original instance

PA: My idea is that the inscope usually has thir own imbedded description, we dont't want use that. More metadata will be linked metadata

and we should be able to point to that

JP. don't think it should be in our scope

JP: let's not go into linked data now
... we should contie working on the ontology

s/continue continue

close action-156

<trackbot> ACTION-156 Ask Jean-Pierre about the rationale in EBU to redefine the notion of Person rather than reuse an existing one closed

we hear you

close action-157

<trackbot> ACTION-157 Send email about representing date in WebIDL closed

close action-162

<trackbot> ACTION-162 Contact W3C staff to put the API working draft on TR closed

close action-164

<trackbot> ACTION-164 Update the wiki with the rationale for not reusing DC properties closed

close action-165

<trackbot> ACTION-165 Send a mail to the wap WG closed

<pchampin> closed as well

close action-166

<trackbot> ACTION-166 Add issues to API open issues wiki page closed

close action-170

<trackbot> ACTION-170 Update 4.1.1 of ontology doc (put text on voring etc there) closed

close action-134

<trackbot> ACTION-134 Revise e-mail on issues/updates of property description closed

close action-173

<trackbot> ACTION-173 chase mapping table editors to restructure (following summary table) and update their tables closed

<raphael> I haven't understood what I should do for action-173!

<raphael> Daniel ?


<ChrisPoppe> all formats need to be updated according to the MPEG-7 example

<ChrisPoppe> for layout purposes

<wbailer> editors of the mapping tables are listed at http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/Format_mapping_review

<ChrisPoppe> additionally, the XPATH mappings should be filled in

<daniel> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/drafts/ontology10/WD/MPEG7.html

<ChrisPoppe> according to the EBUCore, IPTC, DIG35 examples

<raphael> could we clarify that in the minutes ?

Daniel is to chase the mapping editors to:

fill in datatypes

fill in xpath when avialable

<ChrisPoppe> and change layout according to summary table

and also to upate the order of the rows according to the summary table

<raphael> So: the actions are actually for the editors of http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/Format_mapping_review, aka Joakim, David, Tobias, Chris, Felix, Victor, Wonsuk, V�ronique, Jean Pierre, Werner

<ChrisPoppe> indeed

<wbailer> graphic showing implementation options for API: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2009Nov/0006.html

close action-177

<trackbot> ACTION-177 Make schematic pictures of sample applications closed

close action-178

<trackbot> ACTION-178 Add this open issue to the wiki closed

close action-179

<trackbot> ACTION-179 Add the subtype problem as an open issue to the wiki closed

close action-180

<trackbot> ACTION-180 Add the metadata on metadata issue to the open issues on the wiki closed

close action-181

<trackbot> ACTION-181 Add the proposed solution to include URIs and strings to the wiki closed

close action-182

<trackbot> ACTION-182 Add the use of seconds to the proposed solutions closed

<ChrisPoppe> I believe wonsuk just sent an email this noon

<ChrisPoppe> regarding action - 183

close action-187

<trackbot> ACTION-187 Create a WebIDL specifiction to the generic GET Method closed

close action-183

<trackbot> ACTION-183 Update the requirements document based on the proposed updates closed


<tobiasb> bye

<ChrisPoppe> bye

<pchampin> Raphael, I confirm that s/ works even when you're not the script :)

<raphael> Yep, I just saw that

but I should use two slashes:-)

<raphael> but we are lucky, this is because no scribenick was found :-)

s/shoudld /should

ok but it didn't work in my scribe

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