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09 Jun 2009


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collective (well, mainly jar ;)




<mhausenblas> hey there jar

i just tried to get an rdfs.org account

it hasn't sent me a password yet

<mhausenblas> ahem, I think not directly possible (or did you try OpenID, yet? )

<mhausenblas> but no worry, we are operating it here at DERI so I can take care of it

It says 'create user account', accepts name and email, then says it is sending password to email address.

So it pretends to be something that works.

checked my spam folder...

<mhausenblas> well, yeah, that's Neologism's default behaviour, but IIRC we set certain restrictions so that not everyone can sign up (spammers, etc.)

<mhausenblas> jar: I'll sort out and organise you an account, ok?

dialin isn't letting me in

<mhausenblas> hu?

'we're sorry your telephone is out of order at the moment'

it isn't hearing my touch-tones

let me try again

<mhausenblas> success!

<mhausenblas> trackbot, start conference

<trackbot> Date: 09 June 2009

<mhausenblas> http://esw.w3.org/topic/AwwswGenericResource

talking about generic resources


that last URI was for Norm Walsh's summary

point 2 - :date :expires :contentLocation

these are all entity headers i think?

so to buttress tim's position you need to look response headers

RFC 2616 section 6.2

<mhausenblas> see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616#section-6.2

entity-headers are representation metadata...

so resource metadata would have to be non-entity-headers...

so that leaves response-headers

"Entity-header fields define metainformation about the entity-body or,

if no body is present, about the resource identified by the request."

this doesn't make sense

httpBis should fix it...

<mhausenblas> agree to collect ambiguous or confused sentences and bring it to HTTPbis' attention

i like fixedResource, but not necessarily the philosophical model of genont as a whole

suggestion: (1) ask IRW not to talk about awwsw pre-publication; (2) review IRW actively; (3) engage in http-in-RDF more actively

<mhausenblas> +1 to all of them

practical goal: a way to say that something's not going to change. (fixedResource or similar)

I don't know any of the HTTP-in-RDF editors

I assume they will want to do another draft

are there editors' drafts? i can ask

. action jar: Find in Harry's slides, or elsewhere, where he talks about AWWSW, and respond to this with a request to consider AWWSW as he would any prepublication work (i.e. the group is not at the point where it's endorsing anything it's talking about)


<mhausenblas> looking at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-awwsw/2009Jun/0014.html

<mhausenblas> Scribe: collective (well, mainly jar ;)

"align with genont" is fine because that's Tim's... not a product of awwsw (yet)... & it's not pre-publication


<mhausenblas> talking about http://rdfs.org/ns/http-sem

<mhausenblas> please use http://code.google.com/p/neologism/issues/list for issue tracking

<mhausenblas> 22 June likely, 23 June at risk for next telecon

<mhausenblas> Stuart: true ;)

<Stuart> Aplogies...

<mhausenblas> [adjourned]

<mhausenblas> RRSAgent draft minutes

that was odd.

<mhausenblas> yeah, true

Summary of Action Items

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