WAI-AGE task force

03 June 2009



Andrew, Helle, Shadi, Suzette, Darren, Jack
Alan, Michael, William


Andrew will send e-mail and ask for vacation plans to help plan July/August meetings

Before and After Demo

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/demos/bad/draft/2009/

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/demos/bad/draft/2009/after/home/

Shadi: look at the second link Andrew put in IRC
... we have put in some annotations

Let people have a look for a few minutes and we'll talk

Shadi: can people find the inaccessible page only using this navigation

Jack: I'm there

Darren: got it - much better than before

Suzette: got it

Helle: got it

Shadi: can you now go back to the accessible site and look at the annotations
... can you see a change there and what do you think?

Jack: very good - much better

Darren: I agree with Jack and really like the way it is now with the annotations

Suzette: I only see the annotations on the accessible homepage

Shadi: we only have the annotations on the Accessible home page
... have not done the rest yet

Suzette: I only have a small screen and can only see part of it
... problems with light blue on a blue background

Shadi: we will work on the colours and we only have 2 icons now..
... but as we get more icons it might be better to see them

Andrew: for people with small screens and/or magnifications are you going to show the number available to help people to know how many Icons they have to look for?

Shadi: Good question we will think about it
... if you look the tabs, here are 5 including the template (but template is not on in-page nav) - is this confusing?

Jack: I see it Templates are not what you would normally have here
... it is not obvious what you want with the template tab

Darren: What was the thinking of putting the templates as a tab at the top?

Shadi: part of what we want to show is how to work with the templates
... the tabs at the top is a navigation to the demo and the navigation in the pages are navigation in the demo site itself

Jack: the way it is set up is confusing as at first it looks as though the tabs are part of the demo site and not a part the whole demo..
... the annotations are much clearer now that they are separate and additions to the the demonstration site and not part of the site

Andrew: Indicating template visually will not work for screen readers, but is a partial solution
... Can we make some other distinctions between the 2 sets of tabs (navigation's)

Shadi: will take this back and see what we can do, one suggestion is to have the demonstration navigation on the right side of the screen

Andrew: one more visual, change of back ground colour for the template

SHadi: one suggestion is to separate the tabs is to change colours

Jack: some other way e.g. by name indicate that this is different from the others

Shadi: make it distinct by colour, by name, by ???

Suzette: Like it at the same place but make the distinction by colour or name, e.g. Design Template
... can you do something in the code? can one go to the template or to the source code
... if you can show the code for the table to show the difference between the inaccessible and the accessible page
... and have the annotations in the source code

Shadi: any more brainstorm

<suzette> i just tested both on WAVE 4.0

Suzette: ... one error on the accessible version. 36 accessibility errors on the bad site and one on the after site something about "skip navigation"

Shadi: any more? thank you very helpful input?

Andrew: any specific plans?

Shadi: will bring it back to the group right now working on the report
... once when it is more complete with the evaluation reports in 2 weeks we will ask some people to test and after ..
... even more testing maybe the WAI interest group..
... maybe next meeting an update

Andrew: looks really good - pass our positive feedback along to the BAD group

Business case

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/bcase/Overview.html

Andrew: has been in the EO WG and some others have looked and Shawn has some questions
... from EO missing some more clear navigation
... people don't see or use the links to the factors in the left side
... reactions to Shawn's suggestion

<andrew> clean page - http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/bcase/age/Overview.html

Andrew: change the URL to see a clean page with these changes
... any reactions?

Jack: Question about the introduction/summary heading

Andrew: we tried different names for the introduction like executive introduction to make people read it instead of skipping it

Darren: think it works like this

Jack: likes the overall flow think it works, not sure what name will work

Suzette: like the feel of it with with the links in the top. the others don't flow as well I would like them to
... having difficulties maybe the 4 little sections should be [... missed]
... having problems with the introduction, maybe change introduction then it might flow better

Andrew: any other comments for the current introduction section

Darren: If we change intro to reason for a customized bcase?
... we would have the 4 reasons and then ...

Suzette: think Darren's proposal works better

Andrew: will take it back to EO and look out for mails with changes and questions
... or any suggestions pls. send to the list

<darren> if we change introduction to "Reasons for a Business Case" then the next logical heading will be Developing a Customized Business Case and then Additional Resources with How to Use this Document and Permission to Use near the bottom as this then leads to the next four documents

WAI-AGE slides

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/WAI-AGE/Drafts/slides/overview.html

ANdrew: Shadi and I have worked on them and improved the flow in the presentation
... Any overall reactions?

<suzette> just reading through

Andrew: Specific questions:
... 1: the demographic slides.. new comprehensive UN data
... intention to start global and move to EU and then possibly to put in local data

Original reason behind the 3 slides - global, EU, then country-specific (local)

Andrew: have put in UN data and they are a longer span and other age groups
... UN data not include 50 years
... UN starts at 60

Andrew: Shadi and I talked about taking this (graph) slide out
... and just putting in a local country slide

Suzette: would like some graphics for those who prefer the visual presentation
... also maybe having one or 2 EU countries e.g. 2 that differ

Shadi: Jack was saying it is good to have a few countries in the appendices
.... and Suzette suggesting both a graph showing something across Europe

Shadi: is the comparison across EU besides the point of these slides?

Andrew: Yes - point is that globally and locally the population is ageing

Shadi: support the idea to have these slides in the appendices
... don't think this is the point but good to have, the point is the UN and the overall EU situation in the main presentation
... then one can add slides for individual countries.
... the point is not how Italy compares to Denmark, it is the overall situation that is interesting in this case.

Andrew: we previously suggested keeping the 50+ stats to show that people in the working age are getting significantly older

Jack: .... would keep it fairly clean and fairly simple

Shadi: still going back and forth on the over 50 over 60 over 80 slides
... the point we want to make is the increase and if you can make something graphical nice and clear

Shadi: look at the 2 sets of part 1 and part 2 slides about decline
... one slide aging and vision decline and the stats and just under the numbers..

Shadi: suggest separate by type of disability and not by the statistics vs impact

Suzette: agree to put the statistics with the disability

<andrew> ACTION: review vision stats to include reading glasses if possible and/or clarify measurement [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/06/03-waiage-minutes.html#action01]

andrew: thoughts on 'physical decline' vs. 'motor skill decline'?

Jack: motor decline, including ... / motor decline, often called ...

suzette: what term embraces the task effect the best?

Jack: what is the impact is the important thing

Shadi: if we separate slides by impairment, may have more room to describe
... some people have physical impairments that affect mouse and keyboard use
... follow with percentages

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: review vision stats to include reading glasses if possible and/or clarify measurement [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/06/03-waiage-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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