User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

30 Apr 2009


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Allan_James, Harper_Simon, Spellman_Jeanne, Richards_Jan, Patch_Kim
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<jeanne> hey jim!

<jeanne> trackbot, start meeting

<trackbot> Date: 30 April 2009

<jeanne> chair: Jim_Allan, Kelly_Ford

<scribe> scribe: Harper_Simon

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Logistics (Regrets, agenda requests, comments)?

Review comments to draft http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-uaag2-comments/2009Apr/0000.html

<scribe> meeting: User Agent Working Group Telecon - 30 April 2009

JS: Thanks to Greg Lowney, for comments on Working Draft
... Have Invited Greg to join, he is considering it.
... Read over the last few days - some we can just action - others will need more discussion.

All: Most have not had time to read this in detail

JS: these are the ones we can just implement, and will be presented to the group via the survey, mostly formatting.
... 2nd cat - those where Greg has proposed and action.
... 3rd cat - need to allocate people to write a proposal.
... 4th cat (finally), Those which need more discussion.

JA: Are we all OK for JS to action formatting?

sh: +1

RESOLUTION: JS to section Greg's comments into Categories, actioning formatting, moving proposals to a survey, and requesting allocation of resources for group members to build proposals around comments which have none.

<AllanJ> all discuss #11. (Re 3.10.8) Why limit stealing focus top level viewports?: Why

<AllanJ> ensure that the user can stop top-level viewports from stealing focus,

<AllanJ> but not do the same about other events that steal focus (e.g. popup

<AllanJ> menus)? (Priority: 3 Low) (Type: Clarify)

<AllanJ> filling in form controls and the focus moves to next item when character limit reached

<AllanJ> KP: this is a huge issue for speech users. seems the UA is thinking for itself.

KP: consistency makes interaction easier.

JR: 3.1.11 we have a guideline, we can make a work item and bring in some of these ideas.
... need a stronger control of focus in general.

<AllanJ> this should be guideline 3.11

JS: Gregs intention was that uA should be able to prevent focus steeling, categorically.

JA: point 41

<AllanJ> #41. (Re 3.6.3) Require minimum option range beyond that of the platform: The minimum range for each text characteristic is "the range offered by the conventional utility available in the operating environment", and only if there is none does a wide range become required. Thus, as user who needs to adjust these settings in order to make the system accessible is in great shape if the...

<AllanJ> ...platform has no conventions, but is "out of luck" if the platform offers a small range of options (e.g. a handheld device which normally uses just two font sizes, or does not provide any light-on-dark color schemes). It seems like the wider range should become required if the operating environment provides no default range OR if it offers a default range that is narrower than a...

<AllanJ> ...certain threshold. (Priority: 2 Medium) (Type: Expand)

JR: Greg is just saying that some operating environments have a very small range.

JA: is this the same for every platform?

JR: eg black and white screen, cannot require colour on this.

<AllanJ> JR: different platforms would have different requirements to be compliant

<AllanJ> ...e.g. device with black and white screen, can't get color.

JR: does this mean we will set absolute thresholds for devices?

JA: concerned that we already get comments that UAAG is too burdomsom - hate using this as a decission point - but is pragmatic.

JS: look to make it as good as we can - but implementations will make this explicit - shouldn't guess on this.

JR: odd if we require UA to go beyond the platform and typical apps on the platform.

<AllanJ> SH: query, different UAs have to meet UAAG, but have vastly different capabilities

<AllanJ> ...how do they conform?

KP: key is consistency - whatever is required, however it is done, make it consistent.

JA: could we get Greg to come to the meeting next week so we can have more time to digest the comments and get feedback firsthand.

JS: please write a proposal for any that don't have them - this will make things much faster.

RESOLUTION: Please write a proposal for any that don't have them - this will make things much faster.

RESOLUTION: Please send these to the list so we don't duplicate.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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